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Problem with GWEN flying around

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Polish_Samurai, Jan 26, 2021.

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  1. So I have noticed that GWEN works pretty annoying on SSM.
    Well the situation looks that I do butterfly click which means I use 2 fingers to increase my cps amount and stuff. I have noticed that I have huge problems on SSM with GWEN ghost that literally appears in front of me when I attack some people and now I am very scared of getting false banned due to the fact I hit this ghost most of the time cuz I just can't stop clicking when it suddenly appears.

    Its mostly caused by the possibility to double jump in SSM and I have to really move my head around a lot of times when someone jumps above me, simply to attack. And I cant just start attacking when I literally look at the player I just click all the time to increase the chance to get a combo. But then I attack the ghost which can't keep behind me it needs to damn appear in front of my face to make sure I attack it.
    It never happens on other games like sky wars/champions etc. I mostly dont attack the ghost but on SSM there is no game that I dont attack it.

    Is my frustration and fear of getting banned right?

    I will add I mostly click around 15 cps but when I focus on getting the highest value I can do around 20 maybe a bit above.
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
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  2. I agree with you. I am not sure how GWEN works and how it will / won't decide if someone is hacking but I always see that damn ghost and nametag appearing. My CPS is not quite as high as yours but I still find it slightly annoying. I'm sure Mineplex know what they're doing and it's not that easy to get a ban when you're legit but it is something I too have noticed.
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
  3. Don't worry too much about getting falsely banned, from what I have learned, GWEN's tests for auto-clickers have been fixed so that it targets players who get a certain amount of CPS very very consistently. Even with butterfly clicking you can still slightly fluctuate.

    The guardian flying around is moreso testing for kill-aura and headsnapping - if you hit it a couple of times, nothing should happen. once again it's aiming for consistency. However I do agree. Sometimes I get freaked out when it starts harassing my sight in the middle of pvp. It needs to receive more updates. Unfortunately there is no dedicated GWEN developer now anymore. Hopefully that will change
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
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  4. You can crit it out while using kill aura and not get banned you don’t have much to worry about lol
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
  5. The floating player entity is just one of the many checks GWEN has and it does its best to stay out of your FOV in combat and in general. However, when you may sometimes make a quick head jerk prior to or during combat which may make the entity "freak out" and get in your way. It should only be there for a very brief second until it is automatically reoriented and you should continue to fight your opponent as normal. It is very easy to tell the difference between Killaura and just hitting the entity a couple of times. I can guarantee it was even designed to handle situations like these. Think about it from an anticheat developer's perspective, with the addition of a Killaura entity, they must take into account that by design player's will inevitably end up hitting it a couple of times here and there.

    Watchdog, as I'm sure you're aware, is a similar anticheat system that additionally uses player bots as one of its many combat checks which have a similar function. When you're watchdog reported, the system will (try to wait until you get into combat &) spawn the infamous bot rotating around the player while it simultaneously performs a heuristic analysis of the player's combat. Hitting the "player" a few times also would not be sufficient evidence for Killaura either, as since the bot is rotating around you in combat, it is actually expected that you hit it at least once for probability sake. In fact, it's speculated that there's an antibot check on Hypixel, which checks the opposite of what hackers would expect - if you do not hit the bot in combat at all. I'm not sure if this is true or not but it would make sense for an anticheat. By trying to get around the system, hackers would end up getting themselves caught even quicker by never hitting it, which is a tale-tale sign of trying to avoid detection.

    TLDR: Mineplex & other anticheat developers are already aware that fake player entities may end up occasionally getting in your view, and won't hold you accountable for your normal pvp behaviors. Besides the brief inconvenience or distraction, try not to worry about it! If you haven't been banned already, there's probably no need to be concerned. It should go without saying though, it is lenient to a certain point, don't go out of your way to hit or fight the entity lol, you'll get bonked.
    Posted Jan 26, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 26, 2021
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  6. I understand the frustration here, but as long as you are not intentionally hitting the entities, or obviously hacking, you should be fine. In the case that you do happen to get falsely by our Anti-Cheat feel free to appeal. You can appeal @ www.mineplex.com/gwen-appeal if your Anti-Cheat ban is false (depending on if it contains [Gwen Anti-Cheat Detection] in the ban message). I also would encourage you to read over the appeal guide as it will help you appeal. Again, however, there is no need to worry as getting falsely banned is generally a pretty rare thing to happen. Since your question has been answered this thread will be locked. Feel free to message me with any more concerns!

    Thread Locked; Concern Addressed
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
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