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Prevent Pub Stomping in Champions

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Paladise, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. I am not trying to get anybody "in trouble" just because I disagree with you, doesn't mean I hate you, or anybody in the pub-stomping, sub-community of Champions. I wasn't referring to anybody specifically when I talked about insulting Paladise, more the Champions community as a whole, which seems to like insulting him. The ideas which I'm guessing you are referring to are the tutorials, which you stated on the previous thread. I'm not in opposition of these ideas, but I don't understand how Paladise's ideas only cater to certain people in the Champions community.

    I believe the reason Paladise posted his ideas here additionally to the GI discord, is so more people can see it. Not everybody is in the GI discord, so he simply wants to share his ideas with more people, even if it was met with opposition elsewhere. I of course can't confirm this, you will need to ask Paladise yourself, for his answer, but knowing him this seems like the most logical explanation for why he would have done this.

    The reason I told Rammen to not advertise his MPS in CTF1 isn't as black and white as you make it out to be. The reason I didn't want Rammen advertising his MPS in CTF1 was that I don't want to get into the habit of using MPS's a our main way of playing CTF. The reason for this is that, I think CTF has a worse chance at being revived, if the players mainly play in MPS's as new players won't look there to play, meaning that CTF will likely get few new players, which will of course hurt the game. We came to an agreement that Rammen could advertise in the CTF1 chat, as long as this wasn't something that would be done often. I don't really see how playing in an MPS is an "excellent way to bring people to the game or to learn more about the game" as you put it, its seems counter-productive of CTF1's goal.

    As both me and Paladise have stated many times, we don't like pub-stomping because we believe it scares away newcomers, preventing the game from having a sizable playerbase. I don't really know much about the whole wowOK controversy, so I will let Paladise address that. As I stated earlier, nobody said anything about you, and I have seen no examples of you being slandered by anybody. You are not treated as lesser either, nobody ever said what you are doing is wrong, we just don't agree with it. And I can sure you, all staff have joined CTF1 willingly, and they have not been "lured" in. If you have more to say, I suggest you say it. As long as you are respectful and mature about how you present it, I doubt you would be muted on the forums. Unless you share this information, I have no reason to believe it even exists.

    I promise you, we don't hate you, or anybody in the Champions community. We all like the game, and are just sharing what we think is best for it. Even if we have different opinions on what the future of the game should look like, it doesn't mean we hate it. Please understand that the purpose of CTF1 is to help revive CTF, and make it a popular game mode again, we only want what's best, and we are trying to do everything we can to make it the best it can be.
    Posted Sep 24, 2020
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  2. They don't apply to everyone, Paladise's ideas have always catered to only solo players.

    That would be fine if there were any games of CTF going on at the time. This was a public MPS as well, so new players looking in the MPS menu could potentially find their way there. I was there for a while and there were some new players I had never seen before.

    Game of CTF on an MPS versus no game at all? I don't see this as counter-productive.

    I was referring to this post where you started accusing people of insulting Paladise.

    I've stated this before, it is ok to have ideas. However, these ideas (In the past now since they've been deleted) would have negatively affected the remaining playerbase. This is why I met them with a lot of opposition, because I knew they would not accomplish your goal. The revised win streak idea and Naytin's idea are fine, but I still do not agree with the Cross-Teaming idea especially if they are not doing anything to adversely affect you. I'm referring to team trolling and team killing which are already punishable offenses. What you and Paladise are missing in your quest to make Champions popular is some people do not want to win all the time and just want to be with their friends. This goes back to where you said, "I don't understand how Paladise's ideas only cater to certain people in the Champions community." How is this catering to those people in the community? I don't know your age or work experience, but you can at least somewhat relate to coming home from school and just wanting to relax, is that something wrong?
    Posted Sep 25, 2020
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  3. Idk if cross teaming can be stopped, you can do bypasses probably like leaving a lobby for to be 1 player left and just come back immediately, and just say you disconnected or afk. Win streaks, if you actually want to be with friends you cant get rewards, and whats to say if you're friend is just a bad/average player, and get no extra rewards. Joining games while spectating, ig that can work to balance out teams but it should only go to the team with less people and it should happen til teams have the same team, not too bad as it's not really punishing anyone. Naytin's idea, idk if xp from the last game played could work, as playing games like CW and Nano give very different xp counts. If it's for champs teams are usually different for every new time you log on for champs, and also in the middle of games if people leave and join, and people can help you get xp (Stopping people from caps, helping to get assists, fending off people for a fair 1v1 and other stuff). Since xp is somewhat team reliant im not sure about that.
    Win streaks are for flexing and stuff, they don't punish anyone at all. And if you don't see how it'll kill champs just hear me out: 33% or smth games are reliant on parties who can fill up the requirement for 10 players, so when they all quit champs bc they can't play with their friends it's going to get harder to start Champs games (CTF specifically), so since new players wouldn't want to take the time to start games because it's a lot harder now they'll just now play. Also if you want to have a good place to learn try to get someone to teach you in an MPS or something. And if you're afraid it may be the main way you play Champs (MPS) just know it'll lure new people (Ik COM-CTF1-1 has gotten CTF1 new players who stayed but only a little bit but still) into the game itself and no way is MPS going to become the main way of ctf because people would eventually want stats for it. Basically people would try to play CTF (The actual pub lobby) if they ended up liking the game itself.

    TLDR: Cross teaming can have bypasses and stuff,Win streaks, people shouldn't be punished for playing with a friend who happens to be good at the game or smth. Joining during games may work, and Team Distribution may not work as xp is somewhat team reliant and teams can change.
    Posted Sep 25, 2020,
    Last edited by a Moderator Sep 25, 2020
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