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In Discussion Presents, Presents, Presents! (Nano Game Idea)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by wattywatty14, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Hey, everyone!

    Today, I bring you a brand new nano game idea. As you all know, it’s winter and Christmas is coming. I was thinking of an idea for a Christmas-related nano game that could be added fairly soon. The name of the new nano game might remind you of “Ores, Ores, Ores.” This idea is similar to that game.

    How does this game work?

    Players would be spawned in a Christmas-themed map. There would be presents appearing around the map, and the player that collects the most presents after a minute or so wins the game! There would be some presents worth double, or even triple points. Players could get prizes out of the presents, such as shards or gems. Players would also be ju dressed up in full colored leather armor. For example, a player could be dressed in full blue leather armor. Or, full green leather armor. This would be portraying the players as if they're wearing "pajamas."

    What do you think?

    I'm looking forward to hearing your guys' thoughts on this. Obviously, this would be a seasonal Nano Game, so it would be gone after the Christmas season is done.​
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
  2. This sounds like a great idea! Possibly the color of the present being the difference in correlation with the different ores in "Ores, Ores, Ores." would be cool. For the rewards of shards/gems, would it be similar to the pumpkins on Halloween?
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  3. I really like this idea! I would love a little winter/holidays themed minigame for this winter. However, the one thing I am worried about is how fast development could happen. I'm worried that the development team wouldn't be able to develop this before Christmas/the Holidays have ended. Either way, I think this would be a really great addition to Nano Games for the Holiday season. I really hope this is thought about amongst LT and hopefully, our Devs are able to work on this, at least for the rest of December, and even January/February.
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  4. Hey Watty! I am not sure if this can be implemented as Christmas won't be here all year round. However, what I would love to see be implemented is this game be themed off other holidays such as Thanksgiving [All year round]. Holidays following the next holiday will keep the game running all year round. Also, as @Caameronn said, It would be hard for the development team to squeeze in a game for the holidays in a very short time. Overall, this is a great idea but it just needs some key details such as the map layout.
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  5. Hey,
    I really like your idea it sounds really interesting. However, I feel that it may be too late for this game this year. I would be interested in any suggestions that you have that could make it even more unique, as it does feel quite similar to other nano games.
    I do think that this could also be added to Easter instead, this would allow the development team more time to develop the idea and implement it into the game.
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  6. It's actually a pretty cool game. Isn't complicated and doesn't seem it would take to long. A perfect nano game for the holiday time. Only concern is that with Christmas chaos coming very soon, they won't have time to work on the game or just might not work on it at all because of Christmas chaos. But if this idea were to be around and implemented, would it just be a winter exclusive game? Or would it be year round?

    Also want to state that this idea has been placed on our trello already for further discussion.
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  7. It seems strikingly similar to King Slime, without the constant back and forth. I'd prefer something that's completely unique, without a feel to any other nano game. But it's interesting and I'd like to see it with a few tweaks.
    Posted Dec 5, 2018,
    Last edited Dec 5, 2018
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  8. No, the presents would only be in this nano game.

    It would be a winter exclusive game, and it's awesome to hear that the idea has been placed on the Trello for further discussion.

    I would be interested to hear your suggestions for tweaks.


    Thanks @everyone else who commented on this thread. I'm glad you guys like this idea.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 5, 2018
  9. Hey Watty!

    Excellent idea that you have, and because it is December, I am willing to play this new Nano games soon! Even though it fits the Christmas theme, so I do not see what the problem to this is. Like what Caameronn said that the developers might not be able to create it right before Christmas ended. Can the developers develop the new Christmas Nano game in the next few days or so? There could be a chance to release it during the Holiday season. Overall, that is a fantastic suggestion that you have! Keep up the great work!
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  10. It would involve distancing from the main idea of the game. Most likely to dumb things down I'd support just it replacing King Slime or Ores, Ores, Ores for the Christmas season instead of it being a full on separate nano game.
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  11. I feel like that is a little unrealistic. If the developers were able to completely develop a new minigame in just a few days, how come we aren’t able to get massive amounts of content as quickly? It just seems unidealistic to try and develop a minigame that quickly. For it to actually be quality, we’d want to some more time on it. Then there is map testing, bug testing, game testing, etc. I really just don’t see it coming out this Holiday season. Unless it were for January/February, but even then, the presents wouldn’t make sense.
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  12. heyoo
    This seems like a pretty cool game to add onto nano games! As much as I'd like to see this added, it seems a little too late for the devs to create this and have this added. Next year perhaps? It seems very similar to the big brian slime game, so I suggest it take the place of big brian for a month or so.
    have a great day!!
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
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  13. I honestly enjoy the thought of creating a new Christmas Game for Nano Games, and I think most of the players would enjoy it. It also really fits into the Christmas theme and it could be another cool addition to the Christmas Update coming soon. Looking at you idea I think that it fits a lot of the points of a Nano Game, and the concept is very simple as well. The points system is pretty cool in my opinion too, and I think the different color presents could definitely make the game a lot more challenging and fun to the players. However I do have some points that I’d like to talk about:

    • As stated above, it would take a little for the development team to implement this in time, and it seems a little too late for them considering we’re already in the month of December.
    • Not sure how I feel on it sticking around since it wouldn’t really make a lot of sense to play a Christmas game when the holidays are over.
    • I also agree with Vocaloid on basically the originality of the game. Overall your idea seems pretty fun but it’s definitely similar to Ores Ores Ores & King Slime. +1 from me if maybe we could just replace those current games with Presents Presents Presents just for the season.
    • This also seems really not that high of a priority, and having this game only be out until the Christmas Season is over honestly seems like a waste of time & development in my opinion. Could it possibly come back as an annual game for every Christmas?

    Although your idea is pretty well thought out and seems like a lot of fun, I do think that we could implement some sort of game like this in the future, but as of right now it just seems a little bit unrealistic with the timing. Thanks for contributing and creating a cool new idea for the network, and I hope to see many more ideas from you in the future! Have a good day watty :))
    Posted Dec 6, 2018,
    Last edited Dec 6, 2018
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