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In Discussion Potential for different game types [Java Edition]

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by ItzCqnadian, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Hello there!

    The other day I was giving some thought about Mineplex's current set up of games. They all involve either teams versus team, solo players versus solo players, or something along these lines. Now, my idea is to add some other game types that don't necessarily follow this formula. These gamemodes would be games that could be played alone or in groups, but not against each other. I have a list of different games that might be put up for consideration to add onto Mineplex.

    DISCLAMER: I know that some of these gamemodes have existed on servers before, or currently on server's now for that matter. This is just my list of what we could potentially add, and maybe even mix things up a bit. For example, cake wars and bed wars are pretty similar, but the concept, as well as game mechanics are different. We could do stuff like that for any of these ideas.

    1) Villager Defense

    Now this is a game that I've seen before, but I don't think it's on any big servers at the moment. For any of you that don't know what this is, Villager Defense is a game where hostile mobs keep coming in and trying to kill the villager. The villager has a certain amount of hit points before it dies. As the rounds progress, more and more mobs come, making it more difficult as time goes on. Realistically, you could use any non-hostile mob for this, I'm just using villager as the main example. There would be no kits for this, as you get currency throughout the rounds to by extra gear, such as armour, swords, bows, enchantments, potions, etc. You can also buy buffs for the villager to make it not die as easily. For this game, I feel like there could be two modes, a story mode and an endless mode. Story mode would be a set amount of rounds, but there are three difficulties, easy, medium, and hard. For endless, you would choose one of the three difficulties, but you keep going until you fail. Rather than wins for a leader board, story mode would have a fastest time, and endless would have a most rounds won

    Player Statistics - > Can do teams/groups, or solo as well (different leader boards for solo and teams)

    Gamemode Statistics - > Player versus Enemy

    2) Mob Arena

    This is similar to Villager Defense, with the only difference being that the hostile mobs will go for the players rather than the villager. Again, there would be no kits, you would have currency to buy things to survive easier, and there would be a story mode and endless mode too. The three difficulties would be the same as well.

    Player Statistics - > Teams/groups, and solo (different leader boards for solo and teams)

    Gamemode Statistics - > Player versus Enemy

    3) Prison

    I saw a thread about this like a day ago, and it explains everything about prison and how it works.

    Player Statistics - > No teams, you kinda do your own thing, or with friends ( I don't know much about prison, check out the thread lol)

    Gamemode Statistics - > Player versus No one (I think you can pvp in some places too but I don't know for sure)

    4) Survival

    To sum it up, it would basically just be multiplayer survival (not factions). I don't see many servers that have just vanilla survival online, and I think it might be beneficial to add. Getting on a world with someone to play with someone might be tasking at times, either setting up a realm, or setting up a server on your own, and sometimes both these options have player limits. However, I think it would be a good idea to have different worlds, similarly to clans, so that some worlds don't get so packed up with players, but I don't know how much of an issue that would be. Some things would have to be added though, to make sure that the experience is fun and enjoyable, and that there's no unneeded griefing or pvping. Once you start for the first time, you're given a certain amount of land you can claim. Within this land, people can't break, use, or access anything unless you add them to your land. You can buy more land with currency (however you want to do it), so that you can expand your claim. In my opinion, pvping should be be allowed in like pvp arenas or something, just incase anyone wants to fight. There would be a warp to the arenas too. You can still kill mobs and stuff though, just not other players. There's a lot more stuff that you could also add to this to spice it up, like shops and whatnot, this is just the main frame of how it would work.

    Player Statistics - > No teams, you just do your own thing, alone or with others

    Gamemode Statistics - > Player versus No one (unless your pvpving)

    5) Creative

    Other servers have had creative servers where you have a plot to build on, and you can rank up in order to get bigger plots, and cool tags in chat and stuff. You could add people to your plots too so that you can build with others if you wish. Similarly to survival, it would be a good way to get people together if it would be difficult otherwise. Also, having a creative server would also be fun, just like a survival.

    Player Statistics - > No teams, you do your own thing, alone or with others

    Gamemode Statistics - > Player versus No one

    So that was my list of games that I feel would be beneficial to add to Mineplex, as it could potentially bring in more players to the server. Another reason these types of gamemodes would help is because of the player base in other gamemodes. A lot of mini games on mineplex at the moment have many really good, and or competitive players. This makes it harder for newer or casual players to get into a game when every other round you lose quickly. I'm pretty decent at PvP games, but even sometimes I struggle against the large amount of competitive pvpers. Heck, even games like turf wars has competitive players in it. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not shaming people who are good at the game, I respect the amount of time that people have played and practiced different games. I just think it would be neat to add this kind of games to the server to expand on what it currently offers, not only to appeal to newer or casuals players, but everyone.

    Darn this was a long thread to make. If read all of it, thank you so much for reading! :)
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
  2. I like the villager defense, but the one thing that might be changed is the solo mode, as Mineplex is generally an arcade-like server, so it'll most likely be a team game where your team must keep the villager alive, similar to the Halloween havocs that we've seen in past years.
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
  3. Heyo!
    First off, I really like the effort and detail incorporated in this thread. Mineplex does need some games that relax off the versing side or PvP side, since a majority of their games abide by this. Here is my feedback.

    With your suggestion of "Villager Defense", whilst there is a lot of PvP games on Mineplex, the seasonal ones such as Halloween Havoc and Christmas Chaos already bring this type of feel with them. The only issue with those games is that, of course, they're seasonal. They don't last forever, which is why Villager Defense could be a good idea. In those games in case you've never played, you co-operate with your teammates to try to save Christmas and Halloween, which in the Halloween one you had to defend a type of village. It changed last year, but somewhat the same concept. Questions I have for this would be what the max capacity for the game would be and what it would be under in Mineplex at the hub. To conclude, this game mode would be an interesting twist on the Network and could attract a different player base, I just have mixed feelings about it. This is going to have to be a 0 from me.

    Onto your next idea, Mob Arena. I don't think this would be added onto Java Edition since this already exists on Bedrock, and it is very similar to Villager Defense as you said. In my opinion, this game mode doesn't seem too appealing, and if you'd like to play it you can just go on the Bedrock side of the network. If this wasn't already existing on bedrock, it would probably be a +1 from me. In the meantime, I'm going to put a -1 on this game.

    For the 3rd game Prison, this is a +1 on my part instantly. I used to play Prisons for 2 years, and they were always so much fun. With Mineplex in hand, if this were to be added I know they'd add a fun and unique twist to this game. If you could, maybe edit the thread to include the link of where you saw this thread at? If you're talking about this one, here you go: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/mineplex-prison.65493/

    As for the 4th game Survival, I do have a few issues with it. The first issue with Survival as once again, it is on Bedrock. I played Survival on there a couple of times, and a lot of players trap players and steal their loot, or just try to troll players. I am not saying that is all it is, just with clans already existing and Bedrock already hosting Survival, this is going to have to be a -1 from me. After all, I don't know how successful this game would be anyway.

    Now for the last game Creative, I always will be a big fan of this. I don't see why this would be an issue to add, and it would be very fun. I know some servers have World Edit and stuff, but I think with Mineplex and its player base it should just be flat up Creative (with it's own twist of course). One of the only issues I see with this is players having inappropriate lots as a lot of the younger audience may enjoy creative more, but this can be avoided. This game mode will have to be a +1 from me, as I really think it could be beneficial for the network.

    Overall, I have mixed feelings about a majority of the game modes, but I'd be fine with any being added. My main games I would want to see on the Network would be Prisons and Creative, but that is just my opinion. I know how it feels to just want to play a game where not everything is about fighting each other, and I'm sure some of the community does too. Good job on your thread, and I hope I helped!
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
  4. I have played a lot of games like "Villager Defense" in the past and always enjoyed them. I think it's an interesting concept that could be added. I just don't know how well it would do, because of this I am unsure. I do think it would be fun though so +0.5.
    Posted Aug 21, 2019
  5. Herro!

    I like your thread and it clearly has a lot of effort put into it, but I have a few issues with some of your ideas.

    Villager Defense:
    From what you're describing this seems kind of like a seasonal game to me such as Halloween Horror. Having a game like that could take away from the seasonal games being special, and this idea also seems like it could get boring after playing it for a bit.

    Mob Arena:
    This may be fun to grind for some, but seems to niche to warrant the dev time. I personally wouldn't play this most likely, especially without the introduction of kits. I think it may be fun to add champions kits to this gamemode, but even then I feel it may die out pretty quickly.

    I already shared my opinions on that idea on the thread that you can find here. I would like to see this implemented, so I do like this one.

    Survival and Creative:
    I'm going to combine these two because I have the same issue with both. That's moderating. People will build inappropriate things, and considering it may be a large gamemode, this would be hard to moderate. Especially on games that don't mean the person who owns the house/plot was the one that built the building. Staff would have to either catch the person in the act, or just simply destroy it without taking action. Due to that reason I don't like this idea, but if refined it could be doable maybe.
    Posted Aug 21, 2019
  6. A lot of the games you suggested I enjoy, although I have a few qualms about them.
    Villager Defense the same as a game called Village defense on another server. Also as said above it is similar to a seasonal game.

    Survival, Creative, and Prison are long term gamemodes. Clans is another longterm gamemode which already give mineplex trouble. As I have stated in previous threads, I don't think mineplex should add anymore longterm gamemodes until the ones there have been stabilized.

    Mob arena would be fun, although in Clans there is an event that you fight mobs in.

    There are a lot of good ideas, but a few issues. Some of these could work if mineplex put their own twist on it.

    +0 they aren't bad ideas, but they need some uniqueness.
    Posted Aug 21, 2019

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