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Post Boosting + A quick message to aspiring trainees.

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by Heliology, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. It does contribute to the thread if no one else has stated that information. The “like” button does show agreement, but it doesn’t show there is further to be said.
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
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  2. Yes, because making a post that isn't directly towards anyone is majorly immature. If you ACTUALLY READ the thread, you'd realise that I didn't mention any names. I can give so many more examples of post boosting from so many people that I see on the forums.

    Calling this post boosting just shows that you know little about what the rule was actually about. For this to be post boosting, I would have to be posting it with the intent of increasing my post count. No, I'm posting it with the intent of starting a discussion with the end goal of having the rule reintroduced in some sort of way, pretty much the opposite of post boosting.

    I'm not going to "reflect" on anything I've said, because everything I've said is true, if you want me to be honest, I could give you so many examples of post boosting from just you alone, but to save you any hate messages, I am not going to.

    If you didn't realise, I actually do read the posts that I respond to, hence why when I respond, I respond with content that I believe can add to a thread or a discussion. If I can't add, I'll leave it alone. Appreciate you trying to call me out and call me immature for following the rules!

    You literally just defined what post boosting is, posting irrelevant content with the intention of helping out. However, if you couldn't tell by my message. Posting irrelevant content won't help, it will make you disliked throughout the community.

    Perfect, someone that actually thought about it, Unfortunately, that's exactly what all of these aspiring trainees do, they will respond to a thread with irrelevant content with the intention of helping out, but in the end they're just making themselves look bad.

    My goal is to be constructive so that a change is made. If I was rude at all points during the thread, it'd be ignored and no discussion would be started. I want the rule changed so that these post boosters can't just get away with posting irrelevant stuff on threads.

    Was a good idea, but unfortunately, all these aspiring trainees ignore that in hopes that posting irrelevant stuff will make them liked and appreciated when the content in their post was already given by someone else.

    It's really not, you think you "add" things but in reality, you're just saying the same thing in a different way. You're not the only person that does it and this message was directed to everyone, if people can't add, simply hit the like button.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 13, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 13, 2020
  3. I guess one can summarize your post by saying:

    Don't be fake

    And I tend to agree with that.

    The rule was removed as the post leaderboards were removed. As such, post boosting in its typical sense did not really do/amount to anything. At least that was the reasoning I was provided with when the rule was removed.

    I would like to think our recruitment team spots these irrelevant posts from a Trainee candidate but I take your point. It can get extremely annoying when someone post boosts with irrelevant content in an attempt to make themselves look good.

    I tell this to my Trainees when they are first accepted on the team that their community reputation has already been judged on by community and staff members alike and it is important to brand yourself in a professional and unique way. As a mentor and manager of one's trainee trial, I take how my trainees present themselves to the community seriously. If they sound robotic or make irrelevant posts on the forums, you bet that I will know about it and will help my mentees improve accordingly.

    In short, being an aspiring trainee is not a bad thing. But you can become a trainee without losing your individuality in the process.
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
  4. Heyo,

    You can report post boosters by clicking the report button. Hopefully they will get punished soon!


    No but seriously,

    The post boosting rule is one of the biggest examples of inaction and stubbornness from the staff team. I don't understand why the forums team has to take such a stubborn stance on letting the forums be completely free of any restriction on post boosting, but for some reason, despite so much convincing and opinionated feedback on this, it has not changed. I thought Jarvis was the problem, but I see that maybe it's just one of those things that isn't admin-specific, but more-so team specific (not hating on Shane he's an amazing dude). With that said, I don't think there's truly ever been some real blanket, official, and universal explanation to why the post boosting rule is not a thing.

    I equate this to a classic liberalism (otherwise noted as Liberalism with a capital L). A Liberal believes in the fact that the needs and wants to both the people and the factory (or any two opposite sides for that matter) balance each other out. Thus, there is no need for the government to ever step in since society is regulated based on the interests of the factory owners, workers, and consumers itself. The same thing to an extent applies on Mineplex with the post boosting rule, except it's a flawed concept of the aforementioned. Mineplex has taken a Liberal approach to the post boosting rule. They have decided not the regulate it. The flaw with Mineplex's "Liberalism" is the fact that there's no way for us, the community, to regulate this. They've staunchly removed dislikes, thereby stopping us from regulating these post boosters and they don't allow harassment which would easily be the go-to punishment if one of these 5 year old post boosters on the forums reported it (after feeling oh so attacked). So you see the problems with letting the forums be this Liberal environment, except there's no way for the people with common sense like us to collectively communicate to these post boosters that they need to stop. In a perfect Liberal world on the forums, there would be the dislike button and the harassment rule couldn't be applied for people calling out post boosters. Thus, letting these people consistently know that they're posts are low-quality and need to stop. But no, Mineplex can't even do that. Instead, it's a world where Mineplex encourages this kind of useless, spammy post boosting.

    I can't understand the rationale of Mineplex's management team. It will never make sense to me why they do things like this. Do they care that much about the numbers and graphs regarding activity and posts that they are willing to sacrifice the forums' equality? Something that was so integral on the old forums?

    I am tired of seeing myself and so many others reiterate the same points over and over and over again to no avail. The forums team keeps deflecting our statements with badly-thought-out reasoning and it gets more annoying that every piece of progressive feedback we give is deflected off of the team. As some point, we can't keep typing all these ridiculously long paragraphs. The forums team just has to listen, and that's the end of it.



    (yes this is a semi-c/p but I worked hard on this thing so I can post it twice)
    Posted Feb 13, 2020
  5. Totally agree. I feel that people who are genuinely trying to help the server are punished, and people who do things they shouldn't be are approved of. The same goes for the rules; there are so many suggestions and changes to the rules of both the forums and in game, and no matter how logical or obvious they are, they are just denied with very odd and unjustified reason. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but that is exactly the problem. Nobody informs us on much and everything is kept top-secret as if something fishy is going on. Mineplex seems a lot like Apple, they make small upgrades but ignore the most obvious and important aspects of the customer experience and what the audience truly wants.
    Posted Feb 14, 2020
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  6. I understand Jake has already replied to you, however I thought I'd throw in my own thoughts on the comment you made above.

    I totally agree that Monkqy shouldn't have done what he had done and in all fairness to you, I totally agree that it was immature especially when he's contradicting the whole reason behind the original post. However, the only people who have singled you out in this situation is him and yourself.

    Jake didn't mention any names in his post and as a player reading it, to me it was clearly detailed that he was only using that one post as an example but agreed there was plenty more out there. Truthfully, until I read this post you made.. I still had no idea the example was originally posted by you.

    Your post comes across as really defensive. Why? Jake has given you and many others fair critique and advice which will actually help you work towards your goal if you're open about it. Believe me, this type of post could've been much more nastier.. then I would totally agree you would have something to be defensive about. But in this situation? No.

    You also mentioned that you believe that the reason sometimes players post irrelevant content in response to threads, is because they want to help out as much as possible. I'm sorry but I really don't understand how irrelevant content to a topic would help anyone at all? Some advice for when you're posting would be to review before posting. Asking yourself questions such as, is this relevant? Has this already been mentioned? If so am I adding anything new to the discussion? If not, is there any point of duplicating the same thing?

    Ultimately, if you are wanting to become a trainee, you're really going to need to be more open to critique. Any job in which you are providing customer service you are in the public eye.. and speaking from experience.. you get a lot of critique whether its nasty or fair.
    Posted Feb 14, 2020
  7. Why do people think that just because they have more likes than someone actually having an input to the thread actually think they are doing something good/better. Not going to call anyone out, because it contradicts what I said prior to this, but they asked me for one of my friends discord so they could flame them about post boosting. I asked them why they would especially since themselves post to increase their post/like ratio. They replied to me saying that they did it just to get a rank on a discord server and even said that their post has more likes meaning that it is more important

    That is not always the case. If you are simply posting irrelevant content and get more likes from your friends then just so you know, you aren’t special. The whole point to get the rule back is to knock out all the irrelevant content and to drive people to sharing more input into the threads instead of repeating and repeating what other people have said prior to that.
    You hating on people for being a trainee tryhard doesn’t even do anything because ultimately, they really aren’t doing much to you/the community and just attacking them with small post literally won’t even do a bit by demotivating them, which I really don’t see what would do in the process(?).

    By utilizing the forums to call others out on post just is just contradicting yourself as you aren’t even putting even one ounce of your ideas and feedback on the thread but yet, you continue to do the same. (Yes I know this sort of contradicts myself but I’m generally confused as to why people tend to do this?)

    Anyway, I think I forgot to give my opinion towards the thread and I honestly believe that some kind of rule/regulations should be set to weed out any of the irrelevant content that we can even ironically you can find in this thread. The forums team needs to try and at least take these into consideration although it doesn’t even look like the team wouldn’t have that in for awhile, which is the problem. I am sure that the forums team sees how atrocious the forums is as if right now (it would be sad if they didn’t) so why wouldn’t they just actually listen to the community input and opinions on the forums platform and hopefully come to some sort of conclusion to weed out irrelevant content?
    Although this may be contradicting the forums rules, but why can’t we have a disagree button to show input on it or just remove the post/like count ratio altogether as I have said previously? These are all things I believe the forums team needs to take in consideration and although I’m not the most knowledgeable person, I can see that post-boosting on the forums is rotting the platform slower and slower and it needs to be patched.

    (This was typed on my phone so sorry for massive grammatical errors)
    Edit: This does not go against OP, but some who commented on the thread along with other places around the forums
    Posted Feb 14, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 14, 2020

  8. I just want to say that saying "Hey, heyo, etc" doesn't really make you a "trainee tryhard" in my opinion. It's natural to have some sort of a greeting before coming to the point of the post, and the greeting alone is not something that is considered "something that trainee tryhards do". I'd describe "a trainee tryhard" as someone who posts this :


    (repeating the exact same thing as the other replies above without helping at all)

    "Hope this helped!"

    "If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to message me!"

    If you as a person likes to say a greeting in general, why would it be wrong to do it in a post?
    Posted Feb 14, 2020
  9. I'll put my opinion on this as well.

    Although I don't know that much about why the post boosting rule got removed, I can clearly understand where you are coming from with this, and I think it was a great decision to post this thread because many people totally misunderstand the whole concept of being "helpful" in order to get accepted as a trainee.

    I think that people are so focused on what other people do, so they'll just copy what people have said to be apart of a thing called "being helpful". They don't show their real personality. In fact, we humans are very dependent to be the same as other people. Many psychological tests show that there are very few people that actually want to stand out and be unique in public. Almost no one wants to be different than the others, so why people are acting like a "trainee tryhard" as you call them, it's something that is natural for us humans to act like. So to all the aspiring trainees: Just be yourself. You've probably heard it a thousand times, but it's just so important. To "stand out" doesn't mean that you've got the most forum posts, or the most likes. It means that you stand out because you're different from the other people. (Yes, I am repeating people who have said this before me, but it's so important to spread the truth, even though people have said it before you)

    Also, I want to point out that even though you reply on a thread that is similar to the other responses, it doesn't necessarily make you a "trainee tryhard". You can reply with the same points as several of the responses above, but as long as you're doing it in your own way, it only shows that you want to be apart of the discussion by adding another reply to illustrate the points in a discussion. It's to show how many people actually agree on something. But if it's just the exact same reply as someone else, then we're back to the "trainee tryhards" again.

    But overall, great thread. I'm glad that you are one of the very few people that can stand out and be different from all the others by telling us your opinion even though it's not that "popular". Respect for that.
    Posted Feb 14, 2020
  10. I'm responding to this as if it's directed at me, as you didn't put any quotes to show who this was directed towards.

    If you read the thread, you'd notice that I don't once mention anything bad towards anyone that is aspiring to be a Trainee, I'm simply giving feedback from what I experienced when I was applying for staff and what other staff members experienced in their run-up to becoming staff. They may not be doing much to the community, but if they're going to tryhard and post irrelevant stuff on threads, they're going to get hate comments which demotivate them anyway, that's just guaranteed.

    Now again, you didn't read the thread. I put feedback as to what they shouldn't be doing, as it would result in them being disliked by the community. You get judged on what the community sees from you. If they only see you post boosting, they're going to dislike you. I actually put quite a lot of feedback into this thread. I may have not worded it in a way that is obvious, but I definitely gave my feedback.

    Before you accuse me of doing something that I'm strongly against, read the thread thoroughly and see what I am actually trying to say, I'm not here to hate on the aspiring trainees. This thread is my feedback on the post boosting rule, which I believe should be added back and also a quick point towards aspiring trainees because I've seen an increase in post boosting recently.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 14, 2020
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  11. Sorry that I wasn't clear, but I wasn't necessarily commenting about your thread/post about the subject, but the other comments that were made towards this post. I do understand that you didn't make this thread to purposely call out/hate on those who do post irrelevant content and it was my bad that I should have been more clear when typing up the post, so I hope that clears some of the issue. I'll edit the previous post in advance.
    Posted Feb 14, 2020
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  12. In my opinion, I feel like the rule had been removed because it was complicated to determine if someone would be specifically breaking that rule or not. Also, I feel like even if someone might be "post boosting", it doesn't give any sort of value other that just a number on your wall. Rules are meant to prevent people to have advantages over others, but personally, the number of forum posts doesn't really give you some sort of reward. That is just my opinion, but I feel like every game has rules so its player base doesn't have some sort of advantage over another. It really just shows you how much you have been doing on the forums.

    Yet, I do feel like situations where if someone asked "How do I report someone?" and if someone answered the same question after 5 posts were made answering the question, then that should be something to discuss about. I remember this used to happen a lot when the old forum page was around in 2016, and people actually got warnings for that. Then again, I feel like no one gets anywhere by post boosting. It's just like anyone that cheats in something. It's just on them, and hopefully that will affect their actions in the future. Hopefully my feedback helped answer your question,

    Posted Feb 28, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 28, 2020
  13. Gotta get that forum activity somehow
    Posted Mar 3, 2020
  14. Hey,

    Regarding post boosting, I often think of these acts more of a nuisance when the copy/pasted message has absolutely nothing to do with whatever it was that the OP posted.

    For example, when somebody makes a thread about them "needing to get banned" and that they "will not stop hacking" asking how they "are not perm-banned", is it really necessary to post "If you feel your ban was unjustified, appeal here"? No. It's not. It does absolutely nothing... at all. Just let the moderation team lock the thread. Why are you posting on a thread meant to do nothing more than exemplify an individual's toxicity towards the server? That doesn't help. That does nothing more than make things worse for everybody.

    Please, at the very least, read the actual post a person made before pasting your sample message from your 300-page document of generic statements. Because, to be honest, there is nothing more frustrating than posting a help thread on the help section of the forums just to receive a reply an hour later that states what you have explicitly stated you have already done.

    It's not helpful. It's not useful. It is nothing more than infuriating and obnoxious. What makes it so aggravating that the individual couldn't even be bothered to actually read your thread before posting their "help" which, in my opinion, is downright insulting and glaringly unprofessional.

    Regarding the other points in this thread, I completely agree. I think this thread contains quite a bit of useful information. Being a member of Mineplex's staff team (or any team that works directly with any community) requires that people like you on, at the very least, the most basic level. If people do not like you, your life is going to be hell (if you somehow manage to even make it onto the team).

    When it comes to dealing with communities, your chances are already heavily based on popularity. That's how life works. If you are working in a field that deals with large amounts of people and if those people don't like you, you will not get very far.

    And, nearly nobody cares about how many posts you have (or, at least, I don't). Whenever I reply to threads, I reply because I want to share my ideas. Sometimes they are liked. Sometimes they are viewed as atrocious monstrosities that must be cleansed with fire. But hey, that's how ideas and opinions work! And yes, I am aware that many people will skim through this post because 3/4 of it is just me ranting on about this and that; but, my point is don't think quantity equals quality. Let me assure you, it most definitely does not.

    Thread = Good!
    Worthless Posts = Bad!
    Good Community Standing = Better Trainee Chances & Better Staff Life!

    Posted Mar 11, 2020

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