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possibly put more purchased ranks in Bedrock

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by CatFan105, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. I know that in java, there's like an immortal rank that makes most of the game's money. Sinc3 there are more Bedrock p,ayers, myproposition is to impliment immortal thing-like thing into Bedrock. That way mineplex could make more money, and may e hire more devs or something else.

    actually, why isn't this a thing already?
    Posted Jun 6, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jun 15, 2021
  2. I'd suggest coming up with a detailed rank (brainstorm perks, a name, etc!) and suggest it. I don't play bedrock myself but if you can get a good concept and some support behind it, it might happens!

    Plus, you never know, there might be one in development :eyes:
    Posted Jun 6, 2021
  3. Ummm 0tay then

    How about "royal" rank
    Boosted daily rewards
    Free amplifier every so often or whenever re-purchased
    Free chest first purchase
    "Royal" title in-game
    Mutual respect
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 6, 2021
  4. Mybe a reasonable price like 50-100 minecoins per month
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 6, 2021
  5. 50-100 minecoins a month is way too cheap they would never do that. Immortal costs more than our knight rank does and they pay for immortal monthly. Knight rank costs like 800 minecoins so if it was 100 minecoins a month, then it would take 8 months for it to cost the knight rank. You're gonna want to give a lot higher of a price than that lol. 500 minecoins sounds good to me, although I really don't care, because I'm not spending anymore money on this server. Buying Knight, Lord and Duke was a bad idea because the perks don't even stack which is a scam honestly.
    Posted Jun 7, 2021
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  6. Yea lol, not good. They are always telling us that "Java brings in the money so weeeeeeee bedrock get no attention reeee" But they dont add ranks to bedrock, i mean these 3 have been since the og hub (I want that back btw lol)
    Posted Jun 7, 2021
  7. Hey! The idea of a subscription rank for Bedrock has been brought up a lot before, but I'm personally against it at this moment in time. Many players on Bedrock don't have ranks already, in comparison to Java where in almost any given lobby there will be much less players without a rank.

    Plus, rank benefits on Java make ranks worth their money way more than Bedrock currently, where a lot of people complain about Duke/Duchess especially as it doesn't bring anything exciting to the table. A lot of players on BR don't buy ranks either because they're not worth it or they are younger players that don't really spend money on the game just like that.

    Finally, Immortal has an "Immortal Points Shop" with a new cosmetic or feature every month. With how many projects gyro is swamped with, it is not feasible to introduce something like to Bedrock in it's current state.

    So, to summarise, a subscription rank on Bedrock would not work at the moment for the following reasons:

    ✿ A very small precentage of the playerbase buys ranks in the first place
    ✿ Other ranks need to be improved first with better benefits (esp. Duke/Duchess)
    ✿ Not feasible in current development state to introduce a bunch of new features as well as a monthly new cosmetics if it would be similar to Immortal on Java

    All the reasons above would also probably make it very unpopular, buggy, and all in all not well done if it was introduced now. In the future, when all the above are solved, for sure!

    It might be possible to develop a system to make at least the cosmetic benefits stack for players as all ranks of BR players are readable from the database, so I have brought it up as an idea in the Community Council Discord. Of course, it would be a while before anything happens, but it's good to have it on board.
    Posted Jun 7, 2021
  8. I mean, yea less bedrock players buy them, but there are 10k players! Why do they not buy them? Cause the server is not updates? Cause its full of bugs? Cause its hacker central? All things you can fix, and even then all the leadership wants apparently is $$ so why not?
    as @CatFan105 has heard me say...
    Ill speak in the language of the leadership:
    Do dis ====== more $$$
    Posted Jun 14, 2021
  9. Yes, a decent amount more too. I'd say that only about 1/10 of bedrock p.ayers would be devoted enough (and wasteful eniugh) to buy it. Thats still as many players as Java has! It basically doubles mineplex's income!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 14, 2021
  10. Would 100% buy one for my rank collection
    Posted Jun 14, 2021
  11. Ha
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 14, 2021
  12. Hey there @CatFan105! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to make this thread and idea suggestion. I wouldn't necessarily be against seeing a monthly subscription rank make an appearance on Bedrock. In fact, I have personally brought up a similar idea suggestion in the past, which can be found in this thread. Originally, I had come up with the Idea Suggestion because I saw differences in some of the perks that are offered to Java players that are not offered to Bedrock Players. One of the things that I'm asked most about is "How do I link my Discord to my personal profile?" - Obviously, for some Bedrock players this is not an option because some Bedrock players do not have a Java Account and wouldn't be able to purchase Immortal. After thinking on this for a bit, I thought about the idea of adding monthly subscription based ranks to Bedrock to offer similar exclusive perks that Java Immortals have such as, but not limited to, linking your discord profile to your profile. There could obviously be a lot of room for potential and uniqueness with with the the addition of a monthly rank subscription. If anything, there'd have to be a lot of discussion in regards to the perks that would be included.

    Although I wouldn't mind seeing this idea make an appearance on Bedrock, I'd personally agree that it's too early to add a monthly subscription based rank to Bedrock at this time. (As suggested above by Mae above) - While it's obvious this would be a good marketing decision, where there'd be tons of potential for revenue to be generated, I feel that the overall development of the platform is of greater importance right now. From what I've gathered from the Bedrock Community, players are ready to see bug fixes, new games, and improvements to the current existing games. With that being said, I feel that adding a rank at this time wouldn't be one of the best decisions. I'm not saying this would be a bad idea, it's just all about timing. I could for sure see this being a feasible and desired addition in the future when more development to the platform is made. Great Idea suggestion, and thank you for sharing!
    Posted Jun 15, 2021
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  13. Most bedrock severs have monthly ranks and it works good and for Us on bedrock we really do need something to add our discord to our profile other then paying for something we won’t use

    the bedrock rank must be shiny
    Posted Jun 16, 2021
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  14. Yeah, I certainly agree. In my thread that I linked in my response I started listing out perks that could possibly come with the monthly rank. I would honestly love to see a lot of community discussion in regards to what other perks you guys would like to see.
    Posted Jun 16, 2021
  15. I would love to see special particles that go with the rank
    Let’s say “King” rank could be something like a king particle
    Or even a pet thorn(chair) that you can sit on?

    There’s a lot that could be said to make that rank special
    Posted Jun 16, 2021
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  16. How about neutral rank for everyone who buys it
    Its called 'royal'
    3 royal crates every month
    1 free amplifier every. Onth
    Slightly boosted rewards
    Customizable name color
    Shop discounts
    And yeah I really like the special point shop idea that you had @Amg

    And also probably more stuff maybe I just don't know how good that stuff would be
    It should all be purely cosmetic stuff though so paying doesn't actually give you an in-game advantage
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 16, 2021
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  17. anyone have other suggestions
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 16, 2021
  18. I agree with this, I would probably get it if they add it. Especially since other bedrock servers like lifeboat and galaxite have it and this seems to work well for them.
    Posted Jun 16, 2021
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  19. Mineplex, if other servers are doing better, do what. They're doing
    It should work
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 16, 2021
  20. Someone mentioned doing a monthly rank like lifeboat. I’m not a huge fan of the Royal rank, but I’m a huge supporter for these King/Queen ranks.

    King/Queen features:

    • Max friends 200 or 250?
    • Max party members 24-32?
    • Cosmetics like Guardian, Wither morphs, pets etc
    • Flight in hub
    • Custom rank colors (like immortal)
    • 250 or 300% shard bonus?
    • Coloured Chat?
    • Shiny forum tag?
    • One amplifier every month
    • 3 royal crates every month
    • Shop discounts?
    • Anymore suggestions?
    Posted Jun 18, 2021
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