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In Discussion Portals

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by ohRepo, Feb 21, 2019.


Remove Portals?

  1. Yes

    1 vote(s)
  2. No

    3 vote(s)
  1. ohRepo


    Hello again, I came here today to discuss with you about nether portals in the Mineplex lobby, Now personally I think nether portals are useless since most people can just use the compass.
    And some of you might agree with me because I don't see many people using it.
    The Portals are very loud and can get annoying at times, some of you might suggest to turn off the volume but what's the fun
    In any game without sound. I'd like to recommend that the builders remove them and replace them with something else, a structure perhaps.
    Now, this is just me and my personal thoughts. let me know what you think below I'd love to hear your ideas as well ^^
    Posted Feb 21, 2019,
    Last edited Feb 21, 2019
  2. P_U_R_P_L_E


    I disagree just because it is a classic part of Mineplex and would change the whole look of the lobby without them. Taking away the Nether Portals would take away one of the only consistent things in the lobby since the server came out.

    Maybe there is a way for the Devs to just remove the sound from Nether Portals?
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
  3. _H2O


    I agree with Purple that the nether portals are part of the nostalgia of the hub. The current hub is a remake from the one we used years ago and many players have wanted it back for a long time. I don't really have any issues with the portals being too loud, but that's just me. You can turn just the nether portal sounds down by going to Options > Music & Sounds > Blocks. You can adjust how you would like from that menu so that you don't have to completely turn your in-game sounds off. You can also learn how to make resource packs potentially and edit the sound within a pack and apply it to your client. That's a bit more complicated but a possible solution.
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
    SkarmMines likes this.
  4. xUmbreon


    Nether portals add to the classic feel of Mineplex, so I disagree that they should be removed. I've never really seen players complain about the portal so it really isn't a big issue. Besides, if they really do bother you, you can do what _H2O said and do Options - Music & Sounds - Blocks. This should take care of the problem for you. I can totally understand where you're coming from, but since not many people are having issues with the portals I highly doubt that Mineplex will just remove them, especially with the way that they give off that nostalgic feel to the lobby.
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
  5. Vocaloiid


    I never had the issue with them nor do I think others have, so I disagree in all honesty.
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
  6. GallantArc


    I think that portals just add to the feel of the lobby so I disagree. Still keep up the good thinking! :)
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
  7. daddymg


    I honestly like the portals. I don't play with volume, so that doesn't affect me. Also the portals are original, the make Mineplex, Mineplex. Good thought, but the portals should stay.
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
  8. Greetings!

    I agree with what other people said above, the portals give a classic feel to Mineplex.
    Posted Feb 21, 2019
  9. Snowing_


    I don't see a need for their removal, as they really don't have any negatives to them, other than the small amount of noise they give off I guess. But that is no reason to remove them again, since you can just turn down your sound if it is a disturbance. I like the portals, they make it feel like the classic Mineplex lobby. Without them I think it would be kind of boring with just an NPC standing there in front of a stone wall. Also, I'm pretty sure they were removed before because of how much lag it created, and other issues as well -- but that seems to have been fixed now and I wouldn't consider the portal noise a major concern for removal, so I'm going to have to disagree with this.
    Posted Feb 22, 2019

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