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Polar Bear Kit

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by TheCircusDog, May 20, 2019.

  1. Hi - Just realized the polar bear was in 1.9 but they haven’t added it!

    Mineplex, update SSM to 1.9+ and install a plugin to retain PvP aspects of 1.8.

    *Achievement Kit*


    6.0 Damage points
    Armor: 7.0 Armor bars
    Regeneration: .25 per second
    Knockback Taken: 170%


    Normal Double Jump
    Slow 1

    Ice Spikes - Sword

    Stomp on the ground and shoot three ice spikes up from the ground that are one block away from you. Any person near the spikes (in a four block range) takes eight damage. Two damage every 1 block closer. The closer you are, the more damage you take - 2,4,6,8 damage. Only usable when grounded. A direct hit - the spike comes up and hits the player, deals 10 damage.

    Cooldown: 8 seconds

    Fish-Vortex - Pickaxe

    Charge up for 2 seconds. If someone hits you with with a melee or ranged attack, the move is cancelled. Fish entities spiral around you and you travel in the direction you look in. You are unable to change the direction after you charge up. If you hit someone with it, they take one damage and some kB - not much. You are vulnerable to attacks during this ability but it will not throw off your directions. Travels for four seconds. At four blocks per second.

    Cooldown - 7 seconds (After ability finishes)

    Snowy Shake - Spade

    Shake your coat - snow comes flying from behind you (enlarged snow particles). Slows player for two seconds. Slowed player takes half damage while slowed - to prevent OPNESS.

    Cooldown: 9 seconds

    Leave feedback please!
    Posted May 20, 2019,
    Last edited May 22, 2019
  2. I like the idea, but updating a game or Mineplex in general to1.9+ has been stated to be off the table.
    It would just end up like sky fall, a cool game with no players because around half, if not more of our playerbase is on 1.8.9.
    Posted May 20, 2019
  3. they could just install a plugin
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 20, 2019
  4. They could, but they won't because most of those players (myself included tbh) refuse to update versions anyways.
    Posted May 20, 2019
  5. It’s not hard
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 20, 2019
  6. It's not the difficulty of playing on a new version, but just players taking a liking to 1.8.9 as it is the last version with "good" PvP. I use 1.8.9 myself and I won't ever change unless the server chooses to be 1.9+, which won't happen (I hope). It's really hard to change the minds of the majority of the community, especially when it comes to the version they're playing.

    To the kit idea, it seems like a slightly edited Iron Golem. Fish Vortex is just like the fish ability of the Squid (which I don't remember the name of), so why have a polar bear habe this ability? Since you've already stated that this ability is similar to the Guardian's ability, why have that as well? If you compare most of the kits, they all have very unique abilities that can't really be compared to other kits. That is, no two kits have the same ability (besides double jump). I like the creativity of the Ice Spikes ability you gave, but I think it should deal a little less damage it currently deals, just so it wouldn't be OP.

    I think this idea needs a little work, but it has a little potential if Mineplex were to update to 1.9+. -1
    Posted May 20, 2019
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  7. Fish Vortex is more like a Firefly/Bone Rush hybrid. Sniff isn’t like Guardian, just the functionality of how it pulls. Now saying this, doesn’t mean I exactly like the idea...

    This idea is way too strong. Not sure whether you mean 6 armor points or 6 armor bars, but that does not justify the 0.5 regen which is way too ridiculous.

    The first ability seems way too strong. It’s like a bone explosion but with a weird hitbox that deals a butt ton of damage. I’m sure how this would look in the air but I assume it’s made so you can only use it when grounded, which at the same time doesn’t make the ability very good.

    The second ability is also in a similar situation, with some aspects being way too strong, and some aspects that make the ability pretty bad. The 3 second charge up can be easily punished and I assume it makes you immobilized like Firefly but without the cancelling. Though, this could easily be bypassed by jumping in the void to charge. I’m not sure how fast it travels, but 6 seconds is a lot. And keep in mind the cooldowns start as soon as the ability starts so this ability would virtually have no cooldown.

    The third ability is also just too strong. This ability would make the user easily able to stop any form of recovery and make any double jump punishable. Especially with that low cooldown.

    Overall, -1 unless some serious balance changes are made.
    Posted May 20, 2019
  8. @Jkaebub

    Fish Vortex isn’t like fish flurry at all - fish flurry spawns in a three block radius. Fish Vortex is when you charge up in a location and choose what direction you want to go in. I will make it so that it is cancellable.

    By the way, @leo_thya the cool down on fish vortex starts after the ability finishes. I will also make the ability so the player can take damage if they are hit by an attack. However, this will not throw the players direction off.


    I will also make Ice Spikes deal a little less damage - Up to 8 - However I think my damage scaling will be fair due to the living example of Sonic Hurr - Maximum of 10 damage.

    By the way, the cool down on fish vortex starts after the ability finishes. I will also make the ability so the player can take damage if they are hit by an attack. However, this will not throw the players direction off. It is more like Milk spiral but with a gimpable start up to make up for the damage output.

    Sniff should have a higher cooldown on second thoughts. Maybe 10 seconds.

    I will update the post
    --- Post updated ---
    Just updated post
    --- Post updated ---
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 20, 2019
  9. I’m not sure what you mean by 4 block range, but I assume radius. Not sure how exactly the 3 spikes spawn, but I assume 3 spawn in front of you with 1 block in between each. And this is trying to make it remotely not as OP. Even with this, this ability would have a 11x3 AoE which is pretty ridiculous.

    Fish Vortex now just sucks because you have 2 seconds to cancel it, which made Firefly bad (long cancellation duration) for Blaze before the last update.
    Posted May 20, 2019
  10. Ok. Assume it is .8 seconds
    --- Post updated ---
    More like 8 x 3 AOE. it only deals 10 dmg when it hit directly - rarely.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 21, 2019
  11. 5 armor is a bit too little, and Kb Taken is greater than Creeper (165%), this mob hitbox mostly resembles Cow/Skeletal Horse or even a horizontal IG so I would base its stats to look similar.

    Sword and Pickaxe tools should switch as in 1st ability should be Pickaxe (really should just be axe, but not that picky), and 2nd ability should be a Sword as it is a charged ability.
    By range I really hope you mean diameter and not radius, either way this seems to reflect fissure and even that doesn't have a big radius. I think it's 1 block, maybe 1.5. This shouldn't be any bigger especially if these ice spikes resemble a "+" figure. Damage scaling isn't necessary, unless you want to make it like fissure where the further out you hit the greater the damage. Lastly, 8 seconds is too long for a primary ability.

    2nd ability if you make it Sword, change this from a forced charge to controlled, and base the length traveled by % charged. Also the damage isnt great, and the travel length/speed is weird. Length (16 blocks) is a little too long and the speed is too slow and leaves a big hitbox vulernable for too long.

    3rd ability is a cool concept. Instead of behind you could make it a 5 block radius around the bear. Halving damage wouldnt be necessary as slowness isnt too bad of a debuff, and the snow is pretty easily escapable.

    All in all a good idea that needs a few tweaks still. Take a look at the SSM wiki, it isn't up-to-date, but it can give you a general idea of how this mob's stas should look. Also no need to make it an achievement kit. Make it 9000 gems or something.
    Posted May 21, 2019,
    Last edited May 22, 2019
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  12. i think polar bear should have more armor bars if you're gonna give it slow 1. Just sayin... Otherwise i like the idea!
    Posted May 21, 2019
  13. Your post is extremely discriptive but I am having a hard time understanding what you are saying because it’s kinda jumbled up. Could you just paragraph each ability ie -

    1. Ice spikes - bla bla

    2. Fish Vortex - bla bla

    3. Snowy Shake - Bla Bla

    P.S. I’m just using bla bla as a space filler - not disrespecting what you said.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 22, 2019
  14. Hey there!
    I think this is a great kit idea and that you've done a great job to be descriptive on your idea.
    Posted May 22, 2019
  15. I think this is a really great idea. You should totally fill out a suggestion ticket and maybe this could become a kit. Now there are already two achievement kits for SSM so this could be a normal kit that you buy if you edit some of the ideas.
    Posted May 22, 2019
  16. HUGE -1 to this idea, I completely disagree with the requirement to update to 1.9+. Could you install a plugin? Yes, of course, you could, but believe me I've attempted to play PvP games on 1.9 with a plugin, it isn't even close to similar to the 1.8.9 PvP system. You can't just fix all of your problems with a plugin, and considering, as @PapiKirito said, that around 50% of the playerbase on Mineplex is on 1.8.9, many of those players simply wouldn't update. Honestly, I think that this kit would do nothing but bad things for SSM as a whole.
    Posted May 22, 2019
  17. You dont even need a plugin, you can just get rid of the attack speed with nbt. But thats not the only thing that will need fixing. Hit registers will need a fix too.
    Posted May 22, 2019
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  18. As far as I can see, this seems like the first ability is a worse fissure, the second is a worse firefly and milk spiral combo and the third is a way, way, WAY worse spin web that still lets them move, doesn't damage them, and turns them into tanks.Then it has the stats of cow but takes more knockback and lacks speed so you can't approach anything.
    Posted May 22, 2019
  19. I love the Polar Bear kit idea, but like others have stated above me, half of Mineplex's player base is in 1.8.9 so if it is in 1.9+ then it would just be a cool kit, but no one would be able to play as the kit because everyone is in 1.8.9.
    Posted May 22, 2019

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