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Players Applying To Staff.

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by IMrBacon, Oct 25, 2019.


Have you applied for staff?

  1. Yes

    96 vote(s)
  2. No

    36 vote(s)
  1. I was looking back on some of my first Trainee applications as I haven't submitted one in over three years now, and embarrassing isn't even the word. I was barely in double digits and obviously I was denied for being underage, but 11-year-old Caleb didn't like that! I happened to DM the recruiter who denied me and I delivered a very passionate message as to why I should have been accepted. I felt that my four bullet point one-liners did not win the appreciation they deserved.

    It sounds ludicrous but maybe these are actually good to look back on. They are so far removed from the standard that is set that all the mistakes are truly not very hard to spot. If I do re-apply, as well as having an extensive knowledge of what to do in my application, I can just look back on those ones to gain an insight into what NOT to do. However, I don't think I should revisit my old DMs if I'm looking to please the recruiter!

    If you're wondering what to take away from this, don't lose sight of your previous applications. However ridiculous they may seem, looking back, they may be of more value to you than you think.
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
  2. Thank you for making this insightful thread, it helped me a lot!
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
  3. So
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
  4. Hey there!Uf

    As a new Trainee who was accept only 2 days ago I can confirm this thread is absolutely true! I applied 7 times for Trainee and I got interviewed on my 7th and accepted on my 7th. If you really do try and really do pour your heart into your application and be truthfully honest about who you are as a person and who you like to be and what you can bring to the team I believe you can make it! Let me tell you, when I was denied the first time I was like ''seriously you made me write all of this for me too get denied, ok I'm done'' and as soon as the 2 week mark passed I said ''ok fine 1 more time'' then I was denied and I just gained the courage to realize that sometimes you don't get everything on the first try and it's always positive to make sure you keep trying until you get it! I'm telling you right now, if you're an aspiring Trainee don't give up this position is worth it! P.S If you do get accepted and Twist is your mentor and Bboy is your MA you should be very excited because they're literally the BEST mentor and MA's you could ask for!
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
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  5. Hey! :sigils_down:

    I love seeing threads like this! I totally agree that players should be confident with themselves when applying, and definitely not get discouraged if they get denied. I really want to clarify how rare it is to get accepted on your first submission. Personally, it took my 6 tries to get accepted!

    Another thing I’d like to add is the motive. New or aspiring trainees absolutely must be applying for the right reason. Honestly, if you only want staff for the power of being able to ban someone, I highly suggest you take time to think about what’s making you want to apply, and remember being staff is much more than simply punishing players.

    Lastly, a call to those players who are spending in-game time to increase their acceptance chances. This is great, but a “pro-tip” would be there is absolutely no reason you can’t be a positive influence without a staff rank. I encourage everyone to answer questions in lobby, to be active and positive on the forums, and to be fun friends in game!
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
  6. I understand what you mean by people faking personalities to seem nice but in their defense when you have this role as a staff member of a famous minecraft server your actions effect its reputation aswell so being professional is always a good thing.
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
  7. Your thread seems to be really motivating for those who have applied for Staff, but got rejected. Every mistake is a time for people to improve upon. My personal finance teacher has a poster in his classroom that says "Made a Mistake?: Realize It, Fix It, Don't Repeat It". This is very helpful and to all of those interested in applying, never give up. Anything is possible!
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
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