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Petition to remove all fishing rods from games

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by FearfulTick, Jul 25, 2022.


Do You Think Games Would Be More Fun Without Rods? Be Honest

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. they should add somthing to make them worst but still keep them in

  1. -snip- you can go into any game you can think of survival games, skywars, and a few more. rods are used as a form of pvp used by people 2 get a ranged hit on a player to deal more kb. which if any single person who does not know how 2 use a rod against like say an sg rod spamming pro, its not even a fair fight. when they added rods 2 sg people did not know how 2 use them so that simple keep hitting eachother 2 see who wins style of 1.8 combat has been removed, me and my friends all agree that rods are way too op for sg and sw and sweats make the game unfun we have somone who is a rod spam pro and even she can agree that its too easy killing people who dont use rods, we even made an experiment where 1 person with a rod and 1 person without one both decent at pvp but only 1 difference 1 person has a rod, watch this video and you will see so its a fact that rods provide an unfair advantage in fights, one way i can see to fix this is to buff arrow spawns in chests in most games and completely remove rods in said games like sg which many more people are familiar with and there are kits designed for bows which make the game fun. tell me what you think about this change and if you think this would be good for mineplex and to atleast try for a bit and see how the community will take it.
    Posted Jul 25, 2022,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jul 25, 2022
  2. I don't think that fishing rods should be removed from games, it's a valid form of pvp even if it can get a bit spammy at times. I've learned how to move in certain ways for them to avoid hitting me.
    I think it's fair for players to be able to get creative with using vanilla Minecraft items to supplement their pvp, like when players use snowballs in cake wars to get combos.

    - thread moved to game alterations
    Posted Jul 25, 2022
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  3. Trust me, I know the pain of fishing rods. They're the most annoying thing ever. I've always learned to play without a fishing rod. A, because it's a lot of effort for me to use one, and B, the other player always out rods me. But, in the end, as said above, it's a classic way of pvp, and you cannot change that. If you do struggle when using a rod, maybe use a bow instead if you have. Snowballs and eggs also work for me. I find snowballs and eggs to be a lot easier than using a rod. Hope this helps! :)
    Posted Jul 26, 2022
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  4. As annoying as they are, it's a completely legitimate and valid combat mechanic that everybody can do and easily learn. Trust me I hate rods but it would be unfair to remove them in my opinion. My best advice for anyone is to just learn how to use a rod and also counter attacks against :)

    Trust me it's hard to argue rods I absolute hate rods (spamming) but I just think there's no real reason to remove them + the backlash we would get for removing them it's not just worth it :/
    Posted Jul 26, 2022
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  5. Hi there @FearfulTick! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to sit down and write this thread and of course for sharing your idea suggestion. I did read over the responses above, and I definitely agree with what everyone else has to say above... While I understand that sweats may make the game more difficult with using projectiles, it is, as said above multiple times, a legitimate strategy. I don't believing in removing vanilla features from the game, even if it allows someone to perfect the use of the object to give them upper hands in fights. (Rods and Bows) -- Rods and Bows have become an element of PVP and they should not be removed in my opinion. Thank you for the suggestion, I'm interested in what others may have to say regarding your suggestion.
    Posted Jul 26, 2022
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  6. I understand your perspective on the implications rods have on games like SG. However, rods should not be removed, like what other have said it is a strategy.

    However, it is interesting how other suggest using a bow to counter when bows have their limits like running out of arrows. From my understanding, rods do not break in games like SG, GLAD, SW.

    Therefore, I suggest rods should have 1/4 usage left to even the playing field. This would force players that use rods to have to be cautious when spamming the rod.
    Posted Jul 26, 2022
  7. Wouldn't miss em' for a minute.
    Posted Jul 26, 2022
  8. it's not really unfair if both sides have access to it... that's just a skill gap. That said, I actually agree with removing them from games like sg and skywars because I do agree that they make the game more sweaty and less fun/casual.
    Posted Jul 26, 2022
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  9. As others have said, this is simply an unfortunate situation where skill is brought into question. Even if you do not rod yourself, there are ways you can play to avoid being beaten down as you have described. However, I do propose maybe they appear less frequently in games like SG and Skywars, as that will still allow them to stay, but will cause them to be used less since they will be harder to come around. Removing them does not make sense, as the same can be said about people being better at you in SSM and you could argue removing a certain kit cause of it, but that doesn't mean that it should happen. Thanks for bringing this up regardless!
    Posted Jul 27, 2022
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  10. I'd say either leave them the same or remove entirely. If you make them less frequent then the disparity between rod and rodless will truly be an unfair advantage based on chest luck.
    Posted Jul 27, 2022,
    Last edited Jul 28, 2022
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  11. LMFAOO you can’t just remove an item bc other players know how to use it better than you -1
    Posted Jul 27, 2022
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  12. ok then how would you fix this issue since your an absolute genius
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 27, 2022
  13. *=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=

    I guess since I'm the person in the video I might as well share my opinions on the idea of rods being removed.

    My Response
    This is just combat. Not much to it. You could say this with many things regarding pvp. For example if a player who doesn't know how to use a bow well and is going against a pro bow spammer it's the same issue, same argument, same outcome.

    I'll get more into SG later on in this post but yes. Michinima and MCSG both knew rods could be used for combat. They didn't add it to the chest to go fishing. However, their knowledge of rods for combat was limited.

    This is very subjective. "Sweats" find advancing their skills and learning new ways to adapt and win fun. And if you're a casual you probably find lobbing TNT at people in Skywars for no reason fun. Both of these are completely valid and it's no persons place to tell someone what is fun and what is unfun.

    I'm the person who's being referred here as the "rod spam pro". I do find it "easier" but I don't find it easy. There are so so many people who are great and skilled at pvp or don't use rod and let me tell you they're not easy lmao. Skill gap is a very big thing. I've been playing Minecraft since 2013 and have been in the pvp community since 2015 so I quite literally know a thing or two about combat. And going against newer players will of course be easier to win since I'm a veteran pvp player and has more game sense (not to be mistaken with skill necessarily).

    This will just be creating more bow spammers (which the very argument you present can be used against this as I've specified before). And again fun is subjective (I personally don't find bows fun but those who have the contrary opinion are just as valid).

    My Solution
    The only way rods could be "nerfed" without upsetting half of the Mineplex community would be making it so it takes durability just like other servers like MMC and Hypickel. This would make it so players can't spam it for long durations as it would break but also keep the core gameplay the same.

    Survival Games
    Removing rods in games like Survival Games (also known as Hunger Games) is not doing the community justice. For reference Hunger Games originally got popular back in Minecraft version 1.2.5 in 2012 when Machinima hosted a Youtuber Survival Games Tournament consisting of 12 players. Now why am I bringing this up and why are you reading about Minecraft Hunger Games? Well because even back then you could find fishing rods in chests and use them as a combat mechanic. Fast forward some time a server popped up called MCSG where it was the first public Minecraft Survival Games server where anyone could join. Can you guess where I'm going with this? In MCSG rods were able to be found in loot chests and be used as a combat mechanic. Rods have been here since the beginning.
    Posted Jul 28, 2022
  14. that’s the thing: subjectively i see no issue making it not feasible to attempt to fix an issue which i see to remain nonexistent, i recommend you simply learn to utilize the combat mechanics of the game and resources to your advantage, similarly as the players you’ve written this post in spite of have done.

    additionally, i am an absolute genius, thank you for taking notice
    Posted Jul 29, 2022
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  15. Hi there,

    I hate rods, they're so annoying and are the reason why I can never win a 1v1 on Java. Having said that, it's a valid technique at the end of the day. I often bow spam which annoys my opponents but that's a valid technique. So I don't think you can justify getting rid of a technique just because it's annoying, instead, the best thing to do is try and get better.

    Posted Jul 30, 2022
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  16. might as well remove all fighting and turn the game mode into a tea party simulator
    Posted Jul 30, 2022
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  17. Consider this-Cake Wars, the most popular PVP game on Java (and I believe on Bedrock too) doesn't have rods and no one seems to mind. Yes, CW has other factors to consider, mainly falling off, but still-perfectly good PVP game free of fishing rods.
    Posted Jul 30, 2022
  18. It has snowballs which act in the same way as rods. Bad argument.
    Posted Jul 30, 2022
  19. True, but only on the hardest-to-obtain kit.
    Posted Jul 30, 2022
  20. Doesn't matter, I don't see people minding them at all unless they got combo'd hard and are salty lol
    Posted Jul 30, 2022
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