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In Discussion Permenant Cosmetics

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Mylars, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. So, like years ago when I started playing in Mineplex, I always thought the balloons were kind of a cool thing to have. I thought it was cool so I equipped it, but every single time I moved lobbies, I had to go equip the same balloon again in order to look cool. And I did not like it because It was a bit annoying.

    As a result, I'm writing a forum post about that here to suggest with the balloons.
    First, we need to make balloons stay equipped through the game until the user unequips it
    In case you don't understand, you equip a guardian balloon, and you queue a cake wars game for fun, and you move to the server.
    But suddenly you don't see the balloon you equipped seconds ago.

    Make balloons stay equipped
    i suk at inglesh
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
  2. Hey,

    If I'm honest, I'm fairly neutral on this idea. I'll explain my reasoning for and against below:

    - Prevents players from having to constantly equip the balloon (as stated in your post)
    - Allows players to more easily show off their cosmetics, as they don't have to equip all non-permanent cosmetics every time they enter a lobby

    - If the player enters a lobby, but has the intention of playing a game, there's no real need for them to have cosmetics enabled. They're going to right click an NPC and enter the game lobby shortly. The only reason why the player would want cosmetics such as balloons to be enabled in lobbies is because they're planning on sitting in the lobby and chatting. In the case that they do this, I don't really see the harm in them having to quickly enable the cosmetic before they start running around the lobby.
    - Mineplex has to store all the information on what cosmetics each player has enabled even when they're offline. Which means that having all cosmetics as permanent even when offline will likely use more storage for the server.

    Thanks for the suggestion,
    ~ TheGrandmaster
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
  3. I personally think this idea defeats the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish. Your goal would be to remove the hassle of having to enable the cosmetic every time you enter a lobby. However, a player could enable a permanent cosmetic once to test the feature and then forget how to remove it from their permanent list which would cause the annoyance of having to disable the cosmetic every time they join the lobby. To balance this out I think the permanent list could possibly reset monthly.
    Posted Feb 10, 2020
  4. I think it would more work like, when you equip a cosmetic, it stays enabled no matter if you switch servers or not.
    It would be a simple update, I wouldn’t mind it. It’s not too hard to enable balloons when switching lobbies, but something like this would be a good QoL update.
    Posted Feb 11, 2020
  5. Hello!

    I see this idea cool enough and I don't really understand why auto-enable for Balloons wasn't added originally when they were added back in January 2017 just like it's made for most of the other cosmetics when you change server.
    Additionally, besides adding auto-enable for Balloons only, I'd like to suggest make that Gadgets and Pets (if they were activated before) would be auto-enabled when you change servers too.

    All this would be auto-enabled when you change from the lobby to lobby and from the lobby to a game server (but it will be disabled during the game) just like we already other cosmetics.

    Overall, +1 to your idea because it's really cool QoL change and shouldn't be hard to implement. I hope to see this addition on the next QoL update!
    Posted Feb 11, 2020

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