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Party in the world 9 temple!

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Randominsults, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. So since I'm still shadow muted and don't know how else to do this, to everyone who showed up at my base, thanks for being cool :) most of my visitors aren't.

    Except you keybroom, you killed someone's dog and wouldn't stop fire bowing people. That's not very cash money of you my man.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Posted Nov 29, 2020
  2. Wow, great party! I'd like to join but I have some business to do in my shop. I wish I took a rest even for a minute. Customers are rising in my shop rapidly. I had organize stuff, count the dbs and assist the customers, and check the employees and upgrade my giant shop and restock the shop. I'm a busy player you see. I own one of the popular banner shops in Server 14.
    Posted Nov 30, 2020
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  3. It wasn't really, but since I'm shadow muted it's kinda lonely out here sometimes. If I see you on, mind if I stop by? Again, I'm muted so you'll have to do the talking, but I might be interested in some banners. Also I don't have a home on server 14 yet.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 7, 2020
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  4. Just name items in an anvil and hand them to the person your trying to talk to problem solved
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  5. Oh yeah, i didn't think of that, and it wasn't completely ignored. Almost every single time people refuse to pick up the item even.

    Not to mention that with the last bedrock minecraft update you can't rename things with anvils anymore. So problem would still persist, if I hadn't solved the shadow muting since this thread was last updated. Pretty sure someone made a thread on the forums about the anvil problem.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 19, 2020
  6. Well that suck mineplex is a complete disaster anymore more than half the game was removed the rest is either not working as intended or completely useless servers are getting unclaimed people are losing their things and being raided it’s hacker central and the staff say nothing or just vomit out the same crap they are told to say and keep pretending it’s ok, they are doing a good job, the players are happy (ig the 2 year olds are but not real players) and that removing most of Minecraft from Minecraft is a wonderful new addition they’ve ruined the only good survival there was they pooped all over the playerbase who invested so much time and money in their server and don’t care at all they will probably even delete this because now they are even deleting forum posts with no reason given or notification to silence the real players who are still willing to discuss how badly they’ve mishandled our favorite game it’s a disgrace and the staff should be ashamed of themselves, I’m personally survival had helped me getting through and passing time during COVID and the worst year I’ve ever had and now It’s just another thing to add to the pile of deaths accidents and other misfortunes that I’ve endured this year
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
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