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Paladin is in dire need of a buff

Discussion in 'Combat Games' started by CatcherCat, Dec 29, 2020.


Do you think Paladin needs a buff too?

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  1. I have been playing castle siege for a long time now, and I recently finished all the achievements. Naturally, I have been playing as a lot Paladin to flex on everyone, but I have found that this kit is exceptionally underpowered, and I believe is in dire need of a buff. I have done extensive testing and playtesting, and this is what I have found:

    I think I am right in saying that the intention for Castle Paladin was to be a support class for experienced players that knew where to be and when their team needs them. Paladin was meant to fit this role by being squishy, but with a "p o w e r f u l" buff that would allow the Paladin player to be the anchor for their team. This is a GREAT idea, and thank you mineplex for still updating this game :)

    Unfortunately, the class severely falls short of this role. First of all, the resistance buff, which is it's main feature, is practically useless. It used to be good when the kit upgrades were still active. Nowadays, statistically speaking, having finite arrows, 22 less arrows than a knight in fact, 21% less armor effectiveness (with the 10% stat applied), NO FENCES, and an entire point of damage dealing taken off is simply not worth giving 7 seconds of resistance (which is negligible after armor calculation). In fact, with the calculations applied (resistance is applied AFTER armor points), the resistance buff on average only grants you half a heart less damage taken for marksman and Paladin 80% of the time, and 40% of the time the buff does not even affect knights at all.

    Well, the buff out the way, how does Paladin play? Paladin plays like a Knight, except you run out of arrows faster, and you die faster, and you deal less damage to those pesky undead, taking on average 4-5 hits to kill a ghoul or skelly, and 5-6 hits to kill a Zombie, and don't even get me started on a summoner and all the nastiness that it brings to the fight. As a paladin, you die in 7-8 hits, so theoretically (and this has happened to other paladins and marksmen in game too), a very good Undead Player could 1v1 you and WIN in a melee only fight. You have the melee capabilities of a marksman (with .08 less damage taken, after the 10% stat is applied, which is literally nothing) and since you run out of arrows so quickly, you will soon be limited to melee anyways, after you manage to scrape a meager 16 kills with your bow, that is. Even though you're meant to be the anchor for your team, you're too squishy to be it. And by the way, undead Skeletons love to target paladins. An undead archer does 2 entire hearts of damage to a paladin in one hit, and since are out of arrows, you won't be able to fire back. AND FINALLY, you literally cannot block hit, because you will use the Morale Royale ability by accident.

    In summary, this kit is NOT worth the hours of suffering I and many other players put into trying to get EVERY SINGLE achievement without stat boosting in cooperation with other players. In fact, this kit does not even feel viable, like summoner, which is good at providing distractions and dealing with wolves. You'd think the kit you spent hours grinding for would somewhat OP, or at the very least decent.

    What can we do to fix this?

    I thought of a few things that could make this kit infinitely improved in a balanced way. Mineplex programmers can use any combination of these buffs as they see fit.

    Buffs that would make this kit worth the grind but slightly OP:
    -Adding 3 seconds of strength to the Morale Royale ability (exception wolves - wolves with strength is ludicrous pls don't do that)
    This would allow a Paladin's team to push out or deal with an incoming push FAR better than the current ability, and would also allow the Paladin to clutch up in a difficult fight or escape pursuing undead. Since the strength part of the ability doesn't last long at all, meaning the undead can work around it if they are co-ordinated. Also, let's just compare paladin a knight for a second. Knights' gimmick is fences, and Paladins' gimmick is the ability. The difference is, the Knights' gimmick is actually good, so I think that this is the area that, if there was to be a buff, would need to have top priority when choosing what the buff is

    -Increase the defensive "10% less damage taken" stat to "20%"

    Buffs that would still be cool and fit just right

    I could not, to save my own life, count the times players have asked for this in the in game chat recently. Players constantly talk of how unviable paladin is. If paladin had a 6-6.5 ATD weapon (a sharp II gold sword would be perfect at 6.5 attack damage and it matches the gold armor ;) ), giving this sword will reward the experienced players who own the Kit for good PvP and enable them to play as a melee-based support class that can actually do its job properly. With a better sword, this Paladin can dish out more damage when pushing with its team, but is more vulnerable than a knight on its own without block hitting, which is what it should've been from the start.

    -If you won't give the ability strength, at least give it "Resistance II" with a longer cooldown (40 seconds)
    7 seconds of "resistance I" is worthless. 7 seconds of Resistance II however, would make this kit FAR better by itself. This would mean that knights go from taking 2 damage to 1 damage 80% of the time, Paladins from 2.56 damage to 1.5 damage, and marksmen ~2 damage. This would mean that the buff makes a noticeable impact on games when used that can gives defender's the courage to hold the line instead of retreating and face up against the undead pushes to a much better degree of success. This also means that a good paladin player can actively be involved in balancing games where undead players are win farming, and encourage more players
    to take a look at the poor, poor, defenders.

    -For the love of all good things in this world, WE WANT 64 ARROWS!!! NAGHH!!!
    If paladin had 64 arrows instead of 42, castle siege would be a better place. As the support class, if paladin has LESS ranged capabilities than a KNIGHT, what good can it do for it's team? Love it or hate it, arrow spam gets the most kills on castle siege, and while good marksmen and knights farm stats, Paladins just use up their arrows and are left in the dust afterwards, practically rendered useless. Paladins often have no arrows even by mid game, despite good arrow conservation. I have found this to be true myself, and many other paladins have as well.
    Posted Dec 29, 2020
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  2. Useless achievement kit. Definitely needs a buff.
    Posted Dec 29, 2020

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