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In Discussion Orb Attributes and Names (For Orb Runners)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by HungryClicker, Jan 13, 2020.


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  1. Here's the orb names and attributes for a new idea I posted a few days ago. This will give you a better understanding of some of the orbs mechanics and the meaning of their rarities, and you can contribute any suggestions that you have after reading!

    Rarities will determine the chance of those orbs landing in a game. Rarities go from worst to best with the percentage of being one of the orbs to land. (Normal (50%), Rare (30%), Epic (15%), Legendary (10%))

    Here they are!

    Orb of Power (Normal):
    • Gain .5 Attack Damage
    • Gain Knockback I on swords
    Orb of Speed (Normal):
    • 15% more Speed at night
    • 10% more Speed during day
    Orb of Shadows (Rare):
    • Invisibility during nighttime
    • Night Vision
    Orb of Fire (Rare):
    • Fire Resistance
    • Swords gain Fire Aspect II
    Orb of Water (Rare):
    • Always have a full water bucket
    • Underwater Breathing
    • Swim 10% faster
    Orb of Energy (Normal):
    • Efficiency I on Pickaxes
    • Food bar depletes slower
    Orb of Healing (Epic):
    • Gain 2 Instant Health I Potions
    • Gain 1 Regeneration I Potion
    • 3 more Hearts added to Max Health
    Orb of Fear (Normal):
    • Getting hit by players gives 10% Speed boost for 5 seconds (Cannot stack)
    • Getting hit by a mob causes 10 seconds of Nausea to occur (Cannot stack)
    Orb of Wealth (Rare):
    • Gain 3 diamonds
    • Fortune I and Loot I for swords and Pickaxes
    Orb of Defense (Normal):
    • Take .5 less Damage
    • Gain a Shield with Unbreaking I
    Orb of Nature (Epic):
    • Gain 2 tamed wolves
    • Bane of Arthropods I on Swords
    • Gain 1 gold apple
    Orb of Ice (Normal):
    • No slipping on ice blocks
    • Frost Walker II on Boots
    • Snow Golems will follow you and attack other players
    Orb of Nightmares (Legendary):
    • Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and Creepers will not attack you unless provoked
    • Gain 2 Spawn Eggs for Skeletons and Zombies
    Orb of Adventure (Epic):
    • Feather Falling II on Boots
    • Gain a Compass that tracks the nearest player
    Orb of Explosives (Rare):
    • Gain 1 TNT every 10 seconds (Max of 3)
    • Chest Plates gain Blast Protection I
    Orb of Light (Epic):
    • During day, player gets Leaping, Strength, and Swiftness of I
    • During night, player has Weakness II, but Resistance I
    Orb of Survival (Legendary):
    • Gain a Totem of Undying
    • Gain a Potion of Instant Health II
    Orb of Poison (Normal):
    • Immune to Poison effects
    • Gain 5 Poison I Arrows
    Orb of Travel (Rare):
    • Spawns a Tamed Horse with a Saddle
    • Gain 3 Ender Pearls
    Orb of Elements (Legendary):
    • Fire Resistance
    • Poison Immunity
    • Water Breathing
    • Ability to create a protective Ice Wall (3 High, 5 Wide)
    Orb of Darkness (Rare):
    • During night, player has Night Vision, Invisibility, and Swiftness I
    • During the day, players can see your name tag from farther (About 25 blocks farther)
    Orb of Knowledge (Epic):
    • Player can craft anything without the use of a crafting table
    • Gain a Map that marks nearby orbs within a 300 block radius
    Orb of Rage (Normal):
    • Thorns II on Helmets
    • If hit by another player, gain Strength I for 5 seconds (Cannot stack)
    • If hit by another player, gain Blindness for 3 Seconds (Cannot stack)
    Orb of Feasting (Normal):
    • Food fills you up more by .5 hunger
    • Gain 5 Cooked Pork and 3 Bread
    Posted Jan 13, 2020
  2. Hey! Thanks for doing this-I assume this is the follow up to your other post, as you said if you got enough feedback you would do a list of the orbs. I will stick with my reply to your previous post, thanks for making this thread, as it gives more detailed insight on the game.
    Posted Jan 13, 2020

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