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"One More Once" - SSM Map

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by YellowMacaroons, Jan 16, 2021.


Yay or Nay?

  1. Yay

  2. Nay

  3. Yay with tweaks/overhauling (reply what may need changes pls :D)

  1. For the map submission competition going on rn, I've decided to build and have submitted a theatre themed SSM Map, which also turns out to be one of my first actual Minecraft projects! I felt that another small-medium sized map similar to Ancient Islands and the revamped Adrift would be a nice addition, while providing a colorful new area to fight. I tried to keep the map friendly to all kits, keeping each ones' strengths and weaknesses in mind to not give one kit an advantage over another, and even added 5 different accessibility options to the highest point of the map to make camping difficult, along with a long bridge with small cover as an additional, unique fighting area with quick access to the top of the theatre without going inside of it.

    The term "One More Once" is a phrase I use often, meaning again, or in this case, "Encore," though I felt as if Encore would've been too bland of a name.

    Imgur Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/tZcp6fn

    (Ideally, I see the map using the Minecraft Night to highlight the opera/swing aesthetic I went for, so that's why the images without data points are taken at night)

    This is all built without WorldEdit (cuz am a dum dum with no prior use of it) and I would love to hear your feedback on my first time build!
    Posted Jan 16, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 16, 2021
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    Posted Jan 18, 2021
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  3. I love the unique theme and I think this would be a great addition to for SSM, but first I have some feedback:


    • Just make sure to read over the guidelines one more time so you understand fully what you need to work on
    • Also want to point out that it will be easier if you learn how to use worldedit (it isn't that hard to learn and only takes some practice)


    • I definitely feel like it needs to be a lot bigger. While it may be okay for solos, you also got to keep in mind there is a teams game mode as well. You can reference previous maps for SSM found here to get a general idea of a good size for the map. As from the images, it seems a bit smaller than either Adrift or Ancient Islands. You can also tell how the map seems small due to the spawn points being very close to each other.
    • Tying to the point above, all the islands should definitely be turned into bigger islands, and that should help expand the overall size.
    • The benches and all the other small items like the microphone should be made into bigger structures as right now they seem like a nuisance for double jumping. Making them bigger can also turn them into cover as the map seems pretty open.
    • Add height variation to each of the separate islands as they seem mostly flat
    • Perhaps the stairs can be split into separate islands so it's easier to knock people off
    • The slabs embedded into the ground seem annoying to walk over so perhaps replace them

    • I feel like it would be better if you added some more color variation into the blocks as its mostly just yellow and white.
    • The bottom of the islands could definitely be made to look better
    • The curtains should have more depth instead of being 1 block thick
    • Try to embed the light sources more subtly
    • You can use the sponge datapoint to set the time to night (more information can be found here.)

    • The theme can definitely be reinforced by adding more theater-related things. It's best to probably add them by looking at reference photos. If you make the map look better by doing the things I mentioned in aesthetics, most of the work here should already be done.
    Good luck with your map submission if you do choose to submit, and hopefully you will keep at least some of my feedback in mind :)
    Posted Jan 24, 2021
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  4. This is certainly a very unique theme. I like the idea a lot, but I think there needs to be several changes in order for it to be a well functioning map for the game. As of now I'm more concerned about gameplay than the aesthetics. I think that concert hall structure is quite high, and can result in a lot of camping up top and inability for other kits to get up there without going on the side. I think there are also a lot of gaps, and the main "islands" should be much larger so that there is more room to fight. The star-like platforms in the middle are really small, and should be above some sort of ground rather than the void directly below. Overall I think the map should have larger islands, less void gaps, and a shorter structure. I think there are many things you can do with the theme, including trying out a larger variety of blocks and adding more detail, but I don't know much else to suggest.

    Good luck on everything! If you ever want a second opinion I'd be more than happy to see the map myself. (I also suggest you learn a bit about worldedit. It makes things much easier)
    Posted Jan 24, 2021
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  5. I should’ve probs edited an update into the original post but I’ve been completely overhauling the map to be on on par with current SSM maps size-wise and fixing everything that the map had wrong to give it a chance to even be accepted as a playable map. It’s a bit embarrassing looking back at that original Imgur gallery and seeing how the map looks compared to the current WIP, but thank you to everyone who has provided feedback! I’ve taken everything mentioned into consideration and am working on the map as much as I can atm to get it ready by the end of the submission period. Thank ny’all again!!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 25, 2021
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  6. I actually quite like the map a lot. +1
    Posted Jan 26, 2021
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  7. Posted Jan 26, 2021
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  8. I kind of agree with @Ducksicle - it's definitely unique, unlike any other current map in the pool. I'd say it's very boxy though. That can be a great thing, but it feels unnatural and uninspiring for gameplay. That center stage is definitely a dead-zone for fights and an easy place to get stuck inside/camped. I do like the terrain variation and height though; the way the stairs connect to the stage area is smart! Open the map up a bit, add some more islands, and follow the tips others have kindly provided, and you should be set! Good luck o7
    Posted Jan 26, 2021

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