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On what consoles can I play SSM and can we have it on tablet or computer or both?

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by TheDiamondKittyGaming, Nov 16, 2018.


Would you like to have SSM on all platforms or more platforms

  1. Yes, I would

  2. No, I want to keep it as is, and people who want to play but can't should buy a whole new console

  3. Ehhhh, IDK what happens

  1. Well the title says it all so I really don't need to write anything here...
    Posted Nov 16, 2018
  2. From what I know, it’s only playable on Java currently, so no Bedrock platforms included (as they’re two completely different platforms and servers).
    I am personally not sure if SSM is going to be developed or is under developed at the moment for Bedrock, however you can’t really play it right now unless you have access to the Java platform.
    Posted Nov 16, 2018
  3. I feel as if it were ported to Bedrock, then it would be severely limited compared to the Java edition. It would be extremely hard to play it on your phone because of how abilities activate. On consoles, SSM would be a lot slower paced. You would be outmatched against people who play Windows 10 edition. And if they have Windows 10 edition, then they definitely have an ability to play Java Edition. So it would just be a bunch of PC players destroying every other platform. I personally think the development team could spend their time on more important updates / changes. And that's why I think it should just stick to the Java Edition
    Posted Nov 16, 2018
  4. Hey DiamondKitty,

    You're able to play Super Smash Mobs on the Mineplex Java server, it isn't available for play on the Mineplex Bedrock server and it won't be due to the game being denied by the LT which is an automatic no to the idea.

    I'd believe that it's not due to issues such as lag but because the gameplay for SSM requires a lot of mechanics such as double jumping, using abilities, fighting, passives, and others that a player on an edition other than Windows 10 would have to take into play in order to play the game. This would kind of make it one sided meaning it would be pretty difficult for all platforms to be equal to Windows 10 and have a fair chance of winning the game.

    This is just my belief on why it was denied so I may be missing something or wrong completely about the situation, but I hope I answered your question!
    Posted Nov 16, 2018
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  5. Awww... What consoles are Java?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 16, 2018
  6. Java refers to Minecraft on a computer, whether that be on a Mac or Windows. If you own a Minecraft Java account, you can download the game from -unapproved link-
    Posted Nov 16, 2018
  7. I feel that adding players from Bedrock into SSM wouldn't be fair to the Bedrock players, as Java players would clearly have the advantage :/
    Posted Nov 16, 2018
  8. Oh that's awesome! I'm going to get a new computer soon. Do you know if it's specifically for Mac and Windows?
    --- Post updated ---
    I don't understand.
    Why would they have an advantage?
    All I want is a more fun experience added to the limited games on Bedrock.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 16, 2018
  9. The Java edition will run on either MacOS or Windows. I am a Mac user myself, but from my understanding, if you buy a computer that can run Windows 10, you can play both the Bedrock and Java edition on that computer. If you do not own the Java edition, you will have to pay for it ($26.95), but you will be able to play SSM on Java.

    Minecraft System Requirements

    Above I attached a link to see what kind of system you will need to buy to be able to run Minecraft Java edition on your next computer. The requirements are pretty basic, and most any computer you can buy on the market will be able to run Minecraft Java (but beware of Chromebooks). If you need help selecting a good computer, let me know.
    Posted Nov 16, 2018
  10. You can't look around and activate abilities or PvP at the same time on a phone. However, if you were on a pc you could. SSM requires precise and simultaneous inputs which you cannot do well on anything other than a computer. It would be very unenjoyable on mobile devices and consoles seeing how PC players would outmatch you no matter what. I've played ssm with my Xbox controller once and it was nearly unplayable.
    --- Post updated ---
    Oh also, I wouldn't recommend a Mac if you're wanting something to play video games on. Many games are on PC but not many games are on Mac. And, it's usually cheaper to go with a PC rather than a Mac. Apple overprices their products when you compare it to PC.
    Posted Nov 16, 2018
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