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Ok so I have an idea for G.W.E.N

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Supersymetrie, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Couldn't you easily fix most client by just changing the bot regularly. That way the most important part of blatant cheating would be fixed. And you could make the bot get closer the more you hit it that way toggling killaura wouldn't really be a viable option if antibot gets fixed
    Posted Feb 20, 2021
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  2. It's not as if GWEN is finished. It's getting worked on, especially with the return of a dedicated AC developer for it. It's going to be updated pretty regularly so that the anticheat can improve. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by changing the bot regularly, but I'm confident in saying it's going to be receiving plenty of updates, some which we won't even learn about as they most likely will not be announced so players don't keep trying to bypass new mechanics.

    GWEN v2 was announced recently with some major updates that got a lot of closet cheaters banned, so we can hope that it'll keep improving until it becomes a super reliable anti-cheat :) Bypasses will always be found no matter what, but I agree that GWEN is lacking at times, so it's great that it's going to get a lot of attention now from the new dev.
    Posted Feb 20, 2021
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  3. If it would be that easy.
    Most antibot hacks don't use specific detection methods for mineplex, they normally try to determine those bots trough pattern matching.

    Like checking if an entity:
    • is invis
    • only in air or on ground
    • valid on ground status
    • movement behaviour
    • spawn distance to the player
    • etc..
    I'm not saying that your idea is bad, but it is more complicated to just updating it regularly. The other issue I see with your idea is that allowing the bot to get closer to the player will introduce more accidentally attacks from legit players.
    Posted Feb 20, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 20, 2021
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  4. Gwen v2 was released already?
    Posted Feb 20, 2021
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  5. I'm not sure if you were correcting them or questioning them but, no GWEN v2 has not been released as it's only in COTC servers for testing and collecting data. They will release it when they feel it's ready.
    Posted Feb 20, 2021
  6. Things may have changed since I left the staff team, but when I was working with Mineplex the resounding sentiment was that yes, Mineplex's GWEN system did need more work, but there wasn't a Developer around to work on it and so the project just kinda sat there.

    I know there have been efforts to hire Developers for the cause. Not all of them have been terribly successful, to say the least. Some of Mineplex's existing developers make hot fixes to GWEN when absolutely necessary, but it isn't the same as having a dedicated and experienced anticheat developer.

    Know that Mineplex's GWEN issues are not due to a lack of oversight or interest, but rather a lack of resources. Mineplex can't hire Developers if they aren't available.

    In the meantime, I suppose we all just need to be patient.
    Posted Feb 20, 2021
  7. In regards to this, I am going to quote something from the Mineplex discord that was said by @AlexTheCoder, the current Development Manager, on Feb 7 in the announcements channel:

    "Hello all, and welcome back to another announcement from your friendly neighborhood Mineplex developer team! I've been promising y'all a sequence of big updates coming soon, and I'm very happy to announce the first of many. To start off, congratulations to everyone who participated in the first matches of our Clash of the Cakes competition this weekend . What you may not have known, is that one of our big new updates was running on the tournament servers the entire time! I'd like you all to give a warm Mineplex welcome back to @konsolas, who has been secretly working on the first phase of GWEN V2. During the tournament, we were able to collect data and issue verified bans on over 12 closet cheaters, and we're only just getting started. We look forward to issuing many more anticheat updates in the coming weeks as we refine the new system further. Have a great week y'all!"

    We now have, as you phrased it, a "dedicated and experienced anticheat developer."


    Kind regards,
    Posted Mar 5, 2021
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