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Not Planned NPC re-organization

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by CatFan105, Jun 10, 2021.

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  1. so, I think k there should be some NOC reorganization this is kinda rushed, but hear me out
    1:replace skyblock with Mixed Arcade
    2: put the castle defense back where it was in the middle
    3: put a floating island behind all the rest that can be accessed with a ladder for the skyblock NPC
    I'm pretty sure this will either be ignored or denied, but in case any of those ever come back and skyblock is fixed, I think that would work out pretty well.
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
  2. 1. Mixed Arcade won't be returning so that won't be happening We have plans for SkyBlock so it will be staying for the time being
    2. Castle Defense is our Halloween Limited Time Game. It won't be returning till Halloween
    3. why not just keep all the games the way they are. Popular games in the center and less popular games out the outer edges.
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
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  3. Mixed arcade won't be returning?
    *faint crying noises*
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 10, 2021
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  4. Also, besides mib arena being closer to the middle then block,hunt, that makes sense and I respect your opinion
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 10, 2021
  5. After the ENTIRE COMMUNITY wants it back, and you had NO reason to remove it, its just denied. Just like that?
    Why does it HAVE to be for halloween? Player count is more important than specific ltm's, add it back, we all want it.
    If thats how it is, cakewars/skywars would be center and everything else does not exist.
    Yea wonderfull, plans. Its BEEN DOWN FOR 8 MONTHS. When it was made it was a laggy mess and nobody liked it, it was full of bugs, and its just mineplex copying a trend AGAIN. Make something NEW. Forget skyblock, half the threads in its sub-forum are asking for its REMOVAL. Not for new features, or for our VERY LIMITED dev time put into it. We have ONE dev, focus on all the BUGS and the POPULAR GAMES that people LIKE. I doubt we are going to get new devs anytime soon, if at all. I am expecting 2022 earliest. We are stuck with one dev, have them work on things that we, the community, WANTS.

    Sorry if this was harsh, but its all true.
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
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  6. I understand why Mixed Arcade was removed. Half the games in it were broken/unpopular. The games we plan on adding back down the road were playable during the Winter Event.

    It was made for Halloween and that what makes this game more fun imo i love playing LTM when we bring them to the server and if CD became a full time game i think it would get boring and just lose the player it has.

    This is already how our NPC are set-up popular games in the center while less popular games are out on the edge.

    SkyBlock has been down for 8 months yes. It wasn't a laggy mess and people actually enjoyed it while it was up it got around 400+ players at peak time. There is a difference between want the Community wants and what the community needs. Not everything the community wants needs to be added as it could ruin the gameplay or overall change the game completely. Alex has said multiple times we will be seeing new devs soon. You just have to wait as this process takes a long time. We don't want to just focus on the popular games we should focus on all games this way all games get the love they need.
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
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  7. From what I have seen it seemed popular and the bedrock community keeps wanting it back.
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
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  8. Most things are broken tho, and if that was considered unpopular, cakewars would be almost the only game left.
    Ok, then how about it comes more than once a year?
    Might need a bit of tweaking then
    400+ players, out of 10,000. Thats 4%, and that is good, but its just a bandwagon. There are more important things.
    How would removing skyblock cause gameplay issues? Could you elaborate on this?
    We are just told the same thing everytime:
    It takes time
    just wait
    we are working on it
    have patience
    And nothing ever happens.

    All games should get updates, yes. But the popular ones, that the community plays more, should be top priority.
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
  9. I'm going to have to agree with @GuardianInASuit on this. Firstly, with the reorganization of the NPC's I don't really see an issue with how they are organized. The more popular games being put in more in the middle just makes sense and really I don't see a point to changing that. Like said above, Mixed Arcade won't be making a return and with castle siege and other possible game rotations, the spot we had designated for them (in the middle) worked perfectly fine in my honest opinion. New developers are being hired in the near future, which means there will be progress made to improving the games (hopefully Skyblock soonish as well). This isn't an overnight process obviously, but it is something that will be happening in the future. I understand the frustrations of being told to wait and to have patience, but you have to realize that we do sincerely mean that changes will happen, just not immediately. I personally have little to no say what happens with games or switching the NPC's in the lobby, however I doubt that changes will be made to the layout and adding these games back.
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
  10. Replacing SkyBlock (even if it has been down for like a year >.>) is a big no for me. It's still a core gamemode and is something that will be brought back up in the future from my understanding. Although, I really like the idea of Mixed Arcade. I really enjoyed playing it when it was around and I think that it should make a return imo. It was a quick round based game and I loved it. In fact, why stop there? Why not add more minigames to Mixed Arcade than what we had before should it ever be brought back?
    I don't play Java too often, but when I do, I LOVE playing NANO. If something like that (well, the games would have to be changed for Bedrock) could be brought onto the Bedrock network that would be awesome!

    As much as it would be great, it wouldn't really match the entire idea of it being a Halloween gamemode if it was brought back multiple times throughout the year when it isn't Halloween.

    Regarding SkyBlock being removed, that's very unlikely. If the only problem with it is that you can't play it at the moment, that's not really grounds to remove the game. What I would agree with is the idea of removing the NPC for now. (at least until it does get brought back) I wouldn't say that it's a game that people don't want to play either. Considering that 400 players is roughly (at least from what I recall) the amount of players Arcade gets. It's a good chunk of players. If you keep that in mind and also consider the fact that people ask why skyblock is down or when it'll be back on the Discord almost everyday, it's really not fair to say that it should be removed.
    Posted Jun 11, 2021
  11. Eh, but tell me this: What would you rather our one devs time spent on: Skyblock, or cakewars. I mean, how many people WANT skyblock? How many would play it after the release? Cubecraft has it, you can get maps from marketplace for FREE, and its all around easier to not go through mineplex for this. The "popular" games, CW, should be focused on. We have not gotten major updates in a long time, we need them more than we need skyblock.
    YES, we need mixed arcade back and more games the better. This would be a good use of dev time, compared to skyblock.
    Then remove the NPC, so it is out of the way, and once other things that are more important get their updates, and mixed arcade makes a return, THEN we can have the devs focus on skyblock, assuming the community still wants it. How many of those people who ask for its return are asking because of the down NPC in the hub? Remove it and see how many really want it, and will remember it weeks after its NPC removal.
    Posted Jun 11, 2021
  12. This is a issue that will likely be solved with new developers as Alex is hiring new ones for both Bedrock and Java. Certainly I agree that our core gamemodes should receive an update first. But that just means putting SkyBlock as lesser of a priority which I agree with. Also, just because another server has the same gamemode doesn't necessarily mean that we can't outshine them or do better than them. I believe Mineplex has the potential to go above and beyond if we have the resources.

    What's the point of getting rid of it though? (the game not the NPC. I agree with the NPC) if it's only because of a lack of resources, that can be solved with new developers being hired. If it's that core gamemodes should receive an update first, that already seems to be the case from the bedrock changelogs.
    Posted Jun 11, 2021
  13. IF we have the resources. Currently, we dont. I dont expect much from the devs, i dont have much hope for all that. It will be months till we get them working, if ever. CURRENTLY, i think skyblock should be ignored/NPC removed. If later, when bedrock has 2-5 devs, then yea, have one work on that while 2 on the anti-cheat, and the rest on major games. Thats fine, makes sense, not messing up workflow.
    Posted Jun 11, 2021
  14. Ya maybe just temporarily move it, although then there would just be an empti pedestal
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 13, 2021
  15. Add mixed arcade, no empty spot now
    Posted Jun 13, 2021
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  16. Hello!

    There isn't really any good reason for us to move our NPC around. The way we currently have them set up is fine. Popular Games in the center while less popular games are on the outer edge. I can understand why you wanted to move them around but at this time I'll me marking this idea as not planned.

    - Thread Locked - Not Planned

    - GuardianInASuit | Bedrock Mod
    Posted Jun 20, 2021
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