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Processed Notify your team when your team mate buys a trap in Cake Wars

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by IWantACookiieee, Jan 25, 2021.


Should your team be notified when a team mate buys a trap?

  1. Yes

  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  1. It would be helpful to know if you're team mate bought a trap since right now the only way you know if you're team mate bought a trap is when it activates or when its not in the shop. Do you agree?
    Posted Jan 25, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 25, 2021
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  2. Yeah I definitely agree. On Java, any time a team upgrade is bought, the team is notified, as well as team traps. This is definitely a useful feature on Java and it would be great to see it implemented on Bedrock if it is not already!
    Posted Jan 25, 2021
  3. Hello!
    I agree with being notified, the only way to know if a teammate bought a trap is to check the shop. I would like to see a message in chat that lets others on the team know as soon as it is purchased.
    This is what the shop looks like after a trap has been purchased, notice the TNT trap is not there.
    +1 from me :)
    Posted Jan 25, 2021
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  4. I agree a lot, it's great to have some peace of mind when you go out and do stuff and your not so sure the cake defence will hold up. sometimes the tnt trap disappears all together, do you know why that happens?

    btw: This is my 500th post :D active forum user from now on :DDD
    Posted Feb 23, 2021
  5. If you mean that when they activate it(your tnt drap has been activated!), it doesn't launch them into the air if they have cover/are blocked in or sometimes it doesn't throw them back into the air enough to throw them into the void, although it does depend on the angle that they're eating the cake from. The TNT Trap never disappears for me though.
    Posted Feb 23, 2021
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  6. buy it twice, see what happens.
    Posted Feb 23, 2021
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  7. You can only have one tnt trap ready at a time though, so it disappears in the shop until your other one activates
    Posted Feb 23, 2021
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  8. i think he means if you still see the tnt trap in the shop, try clicking on it.
    Posted Feb 23, 2021
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