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In Discussion Not sure where to put this, but MPS request.

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by TacotheMage, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. I've been with Mineplex since 2013. To keep this post nice and short, I really liked gravity, skyfall and zombie apocalypse, but you guys (recently?) took them out of the MPS (skyfall is still there but its broken, you can't damage other players). I would like to kindly ask if you guys could bring back gravity and the zombie apocalypse mode to the MPS and maybe fix skyfall. If you can't then I'd love to know why because these were some of my favorite modes. This would also give slightly more incentive to potential buyers of legend and above (more games in the MPS).
    Posted Jul 13, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 14, 2019
  2. Totally agree. I don't even know why these games would be taken out in the first place. They were certainly not very popular but whatever was actually gained by doing this, whether monetary or otherwise, it was probably negligible at best and certainly not worth the downside. And I actually didn't even think about the way that adding more removed games to MPS actually is its own selling point for giving players the option to buy legend rank. Honestly a good marketing point if they made a focus on it when advertising ranks.

    And in terms of which category to put this thread in and not sounding like a needy ignoramus, you're all good mate :)

    Posted Jul 13, 2019
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  3. Hey,
    I commend you for making an idea, but I'm pretty sure that this wouldn't be implemented. For a start, adding these games back wouldn't be beneficial because of a lack of popularity. Most people wouldn't play Gravity or Zombie Apocalypse. If nobody is going to play it, there's no point in bringing it back. Also, I don't mind fixing skyfall. It shouldn't be a top priority since it is in MPS though - we should use development resources elsewhere. As for moving it back into an NPC, I don't think so be beneficial because it is only compatible for 1.9. Because of this, it probably won't be beneficial to add it back, only detrimental. Overall, glad that you came up with an idea, even though it's a -1 from me, I'd like to see more suggestions you might have!
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
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  4. First of all, I don't think skyfall is broken in bedrock(but than again I haven't been on the server in a month because my computer is broken :/) so if you want to play that, you can. Second of all those games sound kind of fun to bring back so I can't wait to see where this idea goes
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
  5. Not a fan? ;)

    What's the actual downside of keeping these games in? I often find that people who don't want the return of old games just speak in vague terms about how no one will play them and that they therefore don't matter. Makes sense in the context of standalone games like Castle Siege, because not only will there be only minor interest, there's at least some degree of cost to keep it up. I don't know. Something, at least.

    But in the case of games on MPS, as far as I can tell, there is literally no cost or downside. Or like in terms of BBB only being available in COM servers and not in MPS - like, why? Why put in the effort of adding it to COM servers and then just not add it to MPS? "It's not popular" just isn't an answer for me.
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
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  6. I'm not quite sure the reasons as to why those games were removed, however I know with the Butch update a majority of Mineplex's code was rewritten. Gravity and Zombie Survival may not have been included in the update as they are removed games. If this is the case then I'd rather spend dev time on updates for current games. However if they are still in the code I don't see a reason to not re-add them.
    Posted Jul 14, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 14, 2019
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  7. Pretty sure they weren't converted to the new system because Sam had to do it for every game we decided to keep and it was a lot of work already, adding games that were rarely played just didn't seem worth the hassle. I don't know if the code still exists but if it does it'll have to be converted, which again would be putting resources towards something that's considered low priority.
    Posted Jul 15, 2019
  8. Not the biggest fan of Gravity... it's actually my least favorite game ever, but I think people enjoy it and Zombie Survival enough to where it would be nice to have them back in the MPS game roster. As for Skyfall, it would be a bit more tricky adding it back because it's 1.9+ only, but I would still support its re-addition. Just add a disclaimer/confirmation step when choosing to play it.
    Posted Jul 15, 2019
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  9. Hey there,

    I really only tried Gravity once on my time with mineplex but I wasn't a fan of it,

    As EmmaLie said here, it would be putting assets (Developers) on a project that is low priority, It might happen eventually if this idea is approved, but it would take time and cost money to update the listed Mini-Games code to the new system but I could also see Zombie Survival coming back to the Mineplex Personal Server Systems since it was a great gamemode when it released but it was never given the option to remain with the network;

    Skyfall on the other hand is a 1.9+ gamemode which I was never a fan of, Yes it might be easy to identify and fix the issues listed but I really don't see the Mineplex Development Team putting their time into a limited versions gamemode where as working on a game like Cake-Wars which can be played through all versions I can see updates for that as a good way for mineplex to improve.

    If there is anything missing please feel free to correct me.

    Kind regards
    - Sakeusi
    Posted Jul 15, 2019
  10. Well, this is good to know, although a slight bummer. Thanks for all the responses!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 21, 2019
  11. SkyFall was one of my favorite games when it was around, so I definitely feel the pain of not being able to play removed/broken games, but I'm not sure about this. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to re-implementing these games into the MPS, but other game updates should take precedence. We don't have a huge team of developers that can pump out a ton of updates, so I would much rather see the development power we do have put into more popular games.
    Posted Jul 22, 2019

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