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Not seeing the same performance in-game as seen in leaderboards

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Games' started by Lepgoodmen, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Before I start I always check the number of wins I have in the leaderboard, I played around 5-6 games and I checked back and only got credit for two games, I thought I was the one tripping so I decided to conduct an experiment, I played 10 games, (skywars if you are wondering), won all of them and counted each win on a piece of paper to keep track, after finishing I checked the leaderboard and saw I got credit for about 4 games. I decided to check if that maybe it was only a matter of time, so I left and came back a few hours later, there was a increase of wins by one. Its honestly really frustrating.
    Posted Oct 26, 2019
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  2. @Lepgoodmen It's just like that lol. Takes a bit to load and forever to sync with an https webpage.
    Posted Oct 31, 2019
  3. Lagplex
    Posted Oct 31, 2019
  4. Yeah that’s a common problem, it usually takes an hour before it can keep up with stats, happens with me a lot
    Posted Nov 7, 2019
  5. @Strafer303 yea, normally should take a few seconds instead of a whole hour and 10 minutes to load, I've noticed the leaderboards and personal stats load faster on the weekdays, and not the weekends, as if it has anything to do w/ the problem I'm not rlly sure, but yeah it sure gets in the way of the gameplay.
    Another way to deal with the problem is to un-install the update/version 1.13.0 of MC to an older update/version of it so ur games can work, or to just wait it out and see if anything happens ( can work / nope ). = still lags either way though
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
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  6. Hello!
    This can be due to multiple factors, wins only count after the game has completed and you have been loaded into the lobby for a few seconds, if you leave the lobby too early the win may not register. Also i've noticed if you are using a pc, refreshing the leader board usually takes about a minute (after your win) to update on the leaderboard, however if you are using a phone/tablet sometimes the leaderboard can take much longer to update. Other reasons maybe issues with the lobby you are in or server in general, if you notice it happening try switching lobbies or resetting your Minecraft. Hope that helps!
    Posted Nov 11, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 11, 2019
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  7. @Reks Nz yea It's better using a PC than a mobile device since it usually loads faster, and you could use a VPN to help if you have further wifi issues that pop up. Same goes for in-game progression and loading, but this is an MC issue with 1.13.0, and Plex, and we will either have to wait it out or downgrade to a lower version of MC to keep playing w/o lag or game freezes.
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
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  8. Hello Blue,
    Due to the 1.13 update, there is a bug that accumulates some minor lag over long periods of time playing. You may notice if you play for 3+ hours straight, players and items start turning pink and not loading textures. If you close your Minecraft app completely and reload it, it should clear it up. I tend to do this every couple hours to prevent fps drops/lag. Hopefully we will have this fixed soon :D cheers
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
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