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Niqhty's Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MØR, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. What's up people of the forums!

    First off, I'm Niqhtys. I'm a Skywars tryhard and love to lose :D I've been playing on Mineplex since 2014 when I saw Youtubers like CaptainSparklez play Survival Games and other fun games on Mineplex.

    About me
    Currently, I'm 17 years old in my senior year of high school in my first semester. I play high-level hockey, just recently signed an affiliate contract with a team. I've been playing hockey since I was 3 years old and haven't stopped since and have no intentions of ever stopping. I also did gymnastics from 3-5 and played soccer from 4-8. I stopped going to gymnastics and soccer because I wanted to play hockey more than I did those.

    More on my gaming side, I love to play video games. My gaming console of choice (that's not a computer) is the PlayStation. I've been using PlayStations since the original PlayStation. I upgraded over the years and now own a Ps4. I usually play games like NHL and Madden (Which is an American football game), and others like Rocket League (Which I suck at), and Call of Duty. I used to be really into the zombies game mode; my friends and I would stay up all hours of the night trying to finish easter eggs on all the maps, then sleep in till 3 pm in the afternoon.

    In recent years, I've leaned more towards PC gaming than console gaming. I probably spend the most time on Minecraft, as I play TONS of Mineplex. I love to play other games as well, such as Phasmophobia and Valorant, as well as CS:GO, Geometry Dash, and Pay Day!
    Posted Jan 12, 2022
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  2. Hello, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself to the forums! A bit about me, my name is CloudyDay1234, or you could just call me Cloudy. I'm a Bedrock moderator and I'm also cross-platform training for Java. On Bedrock, you can probably find me in Bomb Lobbers, and on Java, I like to chill in Lobby-1 or play some Nano Games and Cake Wars. I've seen you quite often on both the forums and the Mineplex Discord, so it was nice to learn more about you. I'm not sure by how you "love to lose" when you clearly have way more wins than losses for Skywars though, looking at your stats. It's nice that you are quite dedicated into sports; I myself am the opposite and do not like playing sports really. I used to play some Playstation games too, but I never really used my Playstation often. The only game I really play now is Minecraft, but before that, I used to enjoy playing mobile games like Plants vs. Zombies, and Geometry Dash like you (I wasn't really good at that, but I also haven't played in a while). Anyway, it was nice to learn more about you, thanks for making this introduction!
    Posted Jan 13, 2022
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  3. Oo this was an interesting read! I knew some of these things about you, but I didn't realize we other things in common like how we both played (well you still do play but that's besides the point) Call of Duty. I genuinely was obsessed with the zombies gamemode. I played on the Xbox 360 which was eons ago lol. I really only play games on my laptop as I don't really have any other gaming consoles, and in addition the laptop I have now really doesn't support for a lot of popular games. For instance, I can't play Valorant, GTA V, Among Us, Apex, and whatever other games I tried playing on here lol. Also random, I always wanted to play Pay Day, but I never got it and now it's too late as I don't have anything to play it with so rip...

    But anyways, this was great getting to learn more about you! We should definitely hang out again! :)
    Posted Jan 14, 2022
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