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In Discussion Nightmare Before Mineplex

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by rockie777, Nov 6, 2019.


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  1. Hello guys! I know my last game idea didn't quite go as planned since there were a lot of replies regarding everything wrong with the idea and I'm not looking to make the same mistake again, so I took it all into considerations to make this one. I call it "Nightmare Before Mineplex" this one is from a movie called "The Nightmare Before Christmas" I was thinking about this being a Halloween game until I realized it was more closer to being like a Christmas themed.

    So anyways, the story line starts out with Jack the Pumpkin King (A Skeleton) walking down the Forest of Halloween town; bored and looking for something fun to do. As he continues walking down the Forest, he spots a very strange tree he's never seen before. (A Christmas Tree). He's very curious on what this is and touches it. When he touched it, he managed to open a portal that drags him to Christmas Town. In Christmas Town are Villagers trading with each other, throwing snowballs, making snow angels, etc. Jack looks around to explore more of what this place is. As he's walking, he come across Santa's Workshop. He peaks through the window and sees Tiny creatures with pointy ears and weird hats crafting toys and singing. It was at this moment Jack realized how much fun he could have taking over this Holiday. Jack went back into the Forest so he could teleport back to Halloween Town and tell the other monsters his plan to take over Christmas. A few hours later, Jack had returned to Christmas town; however he was not alone. This time he had brought an army of monsters along with him to help. They started their raid at Santa's workshop where they kidnapped Santa and his elves and replaced all the presents with monsters inside of them. He then uses Santa's Sleigh to drop off the presents to villagers houses. After Jack has finished, he then returns to Santa's Workshop to have some fun of his own.

    Suddenly out of nowhere, 4 players fall from the sky and into Christmas Town. They look around to realize something isn't right. Even though everyone is asleep, things didn't feel quite right to them. Then suddenly GWEN appears to tell them everything that's going on. Now it's time for the 4 players to get their battle kits ready and save Christmas.

    Players Mission: Players must first save Santa Claus from Candy Cane Mountain and help replace all of the presents. Then they must help Santa replace all of the Monster presents with correct ones, but be careful. Those monster won't go down without a fight. Players must also be careful because mobs will be around each part to stop you from completing your missions. And finally, they must defeat Jack the Pumpkin King and lock him up in Santa's Candy Cane Prison.

    Spoiler: Both Jack and Santa will have Familiars to help them. Santa's Familiar will me GWEN and Jacks Familiar will be The Boogeyman (Wither Skeleton). GWEN will be the one helping to fight the Boogeyman.

    (I'm unsure what the kits should be but I feel they should be the same as Halloween Havoc's kits. Berserker, Archer, Mage, Rogue.)
    (I also wanted to make it Challenging for both Builders and DEV.)

    P.S. Jack the Pumpkin King was not an idea name that came from Halloween Havoc, he was actually the Main Character in "The Nightmare Before Christmas". His name also being "Jack Skellington".
    Posted Nov 6, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 11, 2019
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  2. Heyo!

    This is definitely a unique and interesting idea for holiday games to come, however I am just going to leave my feedback below about this idea (all my opinion as well).

    I assume you are wanting this to come out either next year or the year after that, so I wouldn't worry too much about time. However, this seems like it would require a whole new map, and sounds like Halloween and Christmas combined. While it definitely is an interesting idea, it seems to focus on Christmas a lot more, which I assume you want to be placed as a Halloween game since you stated that in your thread. My only concern would be how the Christmas game would go as well, if you have any ideas on that receiving a change as well.

    New game most likely equals a new map, but I'm sure it could be completed within the spand of a year or two. For now, I don't think Christmas Chaos or Halloween Havoc need to be changed as of now, and the time could go towards fixing bugs, balancing games, and other things like this. Regardless, if there was ever there time for this game, I wouldn't mind it at all.

    Some storyline suggestions: I don't think GWEN should be apart of the story, and maybe just another Christmas icon such as reindeer or whatnot. GWEN just seems out of place, and isn't really needed throughout the story. I like the beginning, it would most likely need a few tweaks but other than that it sounds very interesting. It also seems to be like the Valentine's game before Rose Rush with all the game mechanic you've listed, so it definitely would be possible.

    As for kits, this game doesn't really seem to need any, but if it does then the ones from Halloween Havoc can just be transferred over. Since it seems more like a Christmas Chaos game, I think the game would do fine on its own and wouldn't need any kits to be playable.

    Overall, I think this game would be fun and entertaining to play later down the road, but maybe not as this year or next year. I'll leave this at a +0 for now as I still have mixed feelings about the idea, but it was still an amazing idea. Have a nice day :)
    Posted Nov 6, 2019
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  3. Hey there!

    I actually really like the general idea of this game, how four players have to stand alongside Santa to save him from the evil skeleton that wants to take over the holiday is quite a fascinating idea. However, I have a few things to point out:

    Firstly, the name Jack for the Pumpkin King seems a bit odd and doesn't shape the idea of an evil Skeleton King that wants to take over Christmas as the name itself is used quite often used within us humans and wouldn't hint/create an evil character. This can obviously be changed but I think it's a small thing that could be done to make the minigame more interesting.

    Secondly, the build-up to the event/game is intriguing but is relatively long; it's definitely going to be different and unique to what we currently have in the network as no other recent event/game has a relatively long introduction. When players first join and play this game, the introduction might seem interesting and it might build up hype within the players that are playing the game but for the players that played it for more than once, it can get quite boring and repetitive. To avoid that, I'd suggest having an option to skip the introduction where the 4 players have to all vote on this. It can be a simple "Type 'skip' to skip the introduction" or an interactive GUI that allows you to vote to skip it. All four players must vote to skip the introduction for it to get skipped.

    Lastly, since this event is kind of in the middle between Christmas and Halloween, I'd suggest having this event at other times than Christmas and Halloween since it's a mixture of both. I'm thinking that it could possibly be in the middle between Halloween and Christmas (mid-November to early December) but I don't think this would work out as 15 days aren't enough for a whole event in my opinion as most events take about a months' time, an example can be the current ongoing Halloween event that has started from the 8th of October and is about to exceed a whole month. So due to this factor, I'd suggest making the event/game available from mid-January to mid-February as most players are still on Holiday and could possibly recall back the nostalgic times they had in Halloween and Christmas combined from this game.

    Overall, I'll give this idea a +1 as I quite like the concept of the game, especially how it's a mixture of two widely celebrated occasions. However, it might need some altering but generally a great idea! Keep up the good work on posting ideas!! ;D
    Posted Nov 6, 2019
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  4. Yeah, yesterday I was thinking about this problem and also was thinking about adding a skip button, but I just forgot to put it in here as it was completed today. Lol. (I was too tired and fell asleep.)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 6, 2019
  5. I like the amount of creativity you put into this idea. I think it has a really interesting story, it’s a great twist on the nightmare before christmas.

    Not sure if you wanted the game to be implemented this year or not, but it would most likely have to wait a little while due to the development time. It would take a lot of effort to get the idea approved and then developed, so I don’t think it would be able to be added by this Christmas.

    I agree that the game would be perfect with kits/special abilities for each kit. It makes the game more interesting and would provide interesting strategies.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing the incorporation of mini bosses. Something equivalent to the pumpkin prince or the snake in HH. They would make the game more interesting and would provide a unique spin.

    Overall, it’s a nice idea. I think some tweaks/edits are needed to make the game better, but it’s a very creative idea overall.
    Posted Nov 6, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 6, 2019
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  6. Hey!

    First of all, this story seems very interesting unique. I like to see that you've dedicated your time to suggest something for the Mineplex network. That's awesome!

    So back to the idea. I think it would be a nice game for Christmas, and having Halloween Havoc and Christmas Caos may be a good idea, but it can also be a little bit boring to meet up with the Pumpkin King again and fighting all the monsters. In my opinion, it would be fun to play the game with the monsters and the Jack the Pumpkin King, and your story makes sense with having them there, but other players can feel tired of seeing anything Halloween related in the new Christmas Caos.

    Speaking of the game itself, I would remove GWEN from the game. GWEN isn't something related to Halloween or Christmas, and I don't really see a connection between the story and GWEN. GWEN just shows up and tells the 4 players what's going on. It would be cool to have an elf or a reindeer instead of GWEN.

    Another thing I would change is when Jack the Pumpkin King delivers presents to the villagers. Instead of regular presents, maybe it could be TNT's in it? And at the end, the 4 players need to stop Jack the Pumpkin King before destroying the whole villager-village. I think that this would be a more stressful and exciting end of the game. Maybe it's too violent, but it's just my suggestion.

    Speaking of the kits, I wouldn't have the same kits as Halloween Havoc. The game would be more Halloween Havoc then a Christmas chaos game, so here it would be better to add some other kits with some Christmas twists maybe. Or, we don't have to have any kits at all. That would be up to the devs.

    Overall, this would be a nice suggestion for next year's Christmas Chaos. I don't think that the devs will be making the exact same thing as this idea, because they have probably some ideas for Christmas Chaos already. For now, I'll give this a +0.5
    Posted Nov 6, 2019
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  7. Hello!

    This is a cool storyline you've come up with here and I think it'll be a great new game to mix new things up here. How you're mixing up Halloween Havoc and Christmas Chaos how the Pumpkin King brings monsters over and raids Santa's Village so it can create a story line from Halloween leading over to Christmas. Edits and more suggestion should be implemented into this idea to make it more specific so the development team know precisely how everything works etc.

    Nice suggestion, +0.5

    Posted Nov 7, 2019
  8. I think this is a good idea but this kind of sounds like Halloween havoc. I like the Christmas theme but maybe change it up a bit to more Christmas theme not just another Halloween havoc game. And what mobs are you fighting? Where are you adventuring? How big is the map? What are the bosses? I need more detail.

    Overall since this is kind of like Halloween havoc and there are a lot of unanswered questions I’ll be giving this idea a 0
    Posted Nov 11, 2019

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