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In Discussion Night of the Living Plexdummy

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by rockie777, Oct 8, 2019.


Do you like this idea?

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  2. I disagree with the idea.

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  3. This was confusing to me.

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  1. Howdy! How are you guys? I hope you're doing well. If you're not, then I just hope this suggestion would at least make your day better. I've been thinking the server could use more Halloween themed games and this one currently is based on a movie called "Goosebumps". The main target is Slappy the Dummy. Anyways, the game starts off with a storyline of GWEN discovering a book while on a hunt for rule breakers. GWEN is curious on what the book is about and reads it out loud. She comes across 6 weird words she's never heard of before and struggles to pronounce them."karru marri odonna loma molonu karrano" it says. The thunder roars in the background as GWEN pronounces those words. When she finishes pronouncing them, a baby zombie/dummy name Slappy appears in front of her. Gwen is unable to process what is going on, Slappy is glad to see he's finally free from the book that has imprisoned him and talks about his intentions of taking over Halloween. Slappy thanks GWEN for his release and then disappears.
    Players Mission: You must save Halloween by finding Slappy and putting him right back in the book, but beware of the monsters that may interfere with your mission. I guess players each get a book to put a monster in. (by putting the monsters in the book, you're just killing them with it. Lol. I think the books should give just as much damage as an Iron or Diamond Sword.)
    Also if you have any name suggestions, leave them here.
    Posted Oct 8, 2019
  2. Heyo,

    I do like this idea and do thing that it servers some potential for future games; however, at this moment, I do not see it being added onto the server. While the overall game does seem fun, it seems too focused around Halloween for it to be a full-time game that we could host year round on the server. If you were to change the story line to something else, maybe, I think that there could be some more potential for it being a full time game. But with that aside, here are some of my other thoughts on this:

    You said that "Slappy" would need to be found in order to win. However, my issue with this is that after just a few games, players will know where the NPC spawns and is most likely to appear, causing many people to be able to play the game in a short amount of time and end in grinding it excessively. In order to combat this, there would need to be huge maps and for our development team to know how to make it so that the NPC spawns in a different location each time, only repeating rarely. This sounds like a great challenge for both our Build Team and Developers, so I do not know how it would exactly work out.

    On the other hand, I like the idea if introducing a more Story Time game onto the server. Currently, when we have these types of games, they are for holiday and limited-time events that we see them. Because of that, I find it to be special for when they are here, and look forward to logging on every day to play them whilst here. If it were to be added, eventually, I could see players growing tired of it, since the story seems to be the same every time.
    Posted Oct 8, 2019
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  3. Hey, this seems like a cool idea. Pretty unique too. I'm just not sure how the opening sequence would work. Mineplex usually doesn't have animations at the beginning of their games and as well as this you didn't give too many specifics as to how the game would actually work. In fact, most of your idea was dedicated to the opening sequence which I'm not even sure would be able to be implemented. I also have a couple of questions for you before I continue.

    How long on estimate do you think the games will be?

    I have a few ideas for how this game could be, though I would like to hear your input on which setting may be the best.

    Will this game be somewhat of a PVP map where they simply ram down some monsters to get to the end goal, because that's basically what the current game is on Mineplex (with a lot more of course). This is sort of like Mob Arena with an end goal if that's what you're suggesting.

    Will this game be sort of like a parkour game with some added PVP? I think that could potentially be interesting, but still complicated and needed with further explanation.

    Would the game be a sort of hide and seek around a certain map where players have to run around monsters in order to find it? In that case, as @Noodlezz stated. there would need to be a huge map for players, but even then there would only be so many spots for Slappy to hide.

    What will the monsters be? Zombie Pigmen, Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, etc.

    Overall, my current statement for this game is that it confuses me. If you could respond with some further insight then I would be able to provide more adequate feedback. Thanks.
    Posted Oct 8, 2019
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  4. Yo

    I think this is great to lay down the groundwork for a Halloween game coming out next year or a few years into the future. The current Halloween game, Halloween Havoc, is a perfect Halloween game that isn't too easy and provides a great challenge for those who seek it. This is a great way to bring players together to achieve a new cosmetic. I doubt this game will be replaced anytime soon with a new game, but it's possible that another Halloween game could be released in the years to come.

    Now, this game needs some more development so it takes longer than five minutes. What are some obstacles that players have to face while playing the game? What are the kits? What will entice the players to play the game? These questions all need to be answered in order to provide us with a decent idea of how the game functions.
    Posted Oct 8, 2019
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  5. Hey!

    I like your suggestion, and it could be a fun game in the future. Right now, I think that we have enough Halloween stuff going on, so I don't really think that it's important to add more games to Halloween. From what I can tell, this seems like a challange for the developers and the builders, and it would take a lot of time creating this game, and I don't think that Mineplex would use a lot of time on it since Halloween Havoc is very popular.

    But maybe, in the future, this game could be added with some cool features.

    But overall, I think that the idea is good, but it's nothing that Mineplex will focus on now. I'll be giving this a 0
    Posted Oct 13, 2019
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  6. I think we have enough Halloween games with havoc being released again. The opening sequence would be a bit much, and you could use more details about other aspects of the game (like kits, actual gameplay elements, etc). Perhaps in the future, but right now it would be too late to add another Halloween-specific game.
    Posted Oct 13, 2019
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  7. Neat Idea,

    but as gzen said, you left out a lot of gameplay aspects. Are there any levels that you must go through? How long the game is? What kind of kits there are? Is there a specific version due to mobs? What entity will you use for slappy? Are there any revives? How many players? What are the rewards? The list goes on and on. I'm just saying that if your game idea was more specific, maybe the mods would consider it more.

    Also, as said before, the game can't be centered around Halloween. Halloween 1. already almost past the time. 2. Halloween Havoc has already taken everyone due to their want for the weapon name and the experience. Nobody will take time from their HH grinding to play that game. Adding on, as said in many other threads, Mineplex currently doesn't have the player base to add another game. They're only doing these specific games for the events, and then they're going away.

    All in All, this game sounds like a great idea in general, but the specific details need re-working. So with gameplay rewards, kits and everything else, I'm going to be a -0 for I'm neutral with this thread.
    Posted Oct 13, 2019
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