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Official Next Forums Update: Walls

Discussion in 'Website Ideas' started by Marzie, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone!

    Our next forums update will be on walls and we're looking for any new ideas that have not already been posted. Any thread that was posted in this section (website feedback) that pertained to walls (so pinned wall posts, notifications when someone posts on their wall, any thread already made that was for walls) has been noted down already.

    If you have feedback to give on a current thread that pertains to walls, we ask that you post it on the thread idea itself.

    So, anyone have new ideas for walls before it gets worked on and released?

    Things we already have noted down OR are considering to be added:
    Bullet points marked with a * are marked as "possibly/maybe/being looked into" Everything else not marked with a * is 100% happening.
    • Pinned posts
    • Commenting on posts like Enjin did (stacked comments)
    • Notifications when someone posts on their wall
    • All emoji's you could ever have...from Twitter
    • *Immortal players getting animated banners
    • Photos tab
    • *Text box being bigger to post on your wall/make a comment
    • *Increasing the 2k character limit to 3k
    • Search bar for people you're following and vice versa
    • *Interests box with a list of interests to choose from
    • *Ability to add polls on your wall
    • *Ability to move/rotate a Minecraft character (possibly similar to namemc)
    • Rephrasing the notification you get when someone comments/likes a profile post
    • A complete fix of the wall notification system and adding in preferences
    • *Possibility of having twitter, discord, game tags you added auto-update.
    • Expanding on limiting your wall, comments, posts to specific people (everyone, registered users, followers, etc.).
    • Bedrock skins

    You MAY necropost on this thread as it is stickied.

    Hidden message:
    Surprise next year!?
    Posted Dec 10, 2019
  2. Very cool.

    Here are some ideas I thought of:

    1. Allow players to set a few custom emojis for use on their walls. Maybe make it a rank perk, idk. Obviously, it would be regulated, so uploading or even using emojis that break the forum rules would be punishable. If this is too much of a hassle for something that can be abused, then I understand not adding this, but I do think it would be used appropriately by 99% of players and could offer a neat perk.

    2. Walls on Enjin have a photos tab where people can upload their pictures. That could be cool.

    3. This may have been suggested before, but allow people to search through their friends/people that follow them. You can "view all", but you have to click the "more" button. It's just tedious.

    4. Another one that may have been suggested before, but pinned comments on posts, like YouTube videos have.

    5. Improve the text box when you type a wall post. Long strings of text just increase the box's length. If you press enter, it's hard to read what comes before. This is what I mean:


    ...also, maybe delete the remaining characters? I don't see a use for it really. If anything, it would mess with larger wall posts. People should be able to share any length of information they want on their own walls imo.

    6. A YouTube module for videos? If you link your YouTube channel, the module automatically showcases your most recent video. Helps aspiring YouTubers get some recognition. I don't have my YT account linked, but I don't think it does this already. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

    That's all I got for now. I'll edit this post if I think of anything else, but ye. Cool walls are finally being worked on.
    Posted Dec 10, 2019
  3. I think I've already given all My wallpost ideas, but a big one that's an old idea by now is to please fix how replies are done in comments. Make them stack like enjin replies :(
    Posted Dec 10, 2019
  4. Wdym by stack
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 10, 2019
  5. Like where you can reply to other replies. Basically enjin's reply system on walls where you can click to see who's replied to others etc
    Posted Dec 10, 2019
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  6. Formatting wise, not sure how possible this is. However, if you click on the lines in the corner you can drag the text box and make it fuller which would solve your issue.

    Are you referring to the social media tabs (here)? If so, I think this could be a little confusing if people have 2 tabs for a YT page. However, I wouldn't be opposed to it being an option on either adding a channel OR a link to a recent video instead not just the channel option. (Again, could be misunderstanding your idea)

    As for the rest, pretty interesting ideas and I can't wait to see other suggestions & ideas.
    Posted Dec 10, 2019
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  7. Hey marz,

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested before but I would like it if the social media tabs (Discord Twitter etc.) were able to automatically detect name changes. For example, I usually change my name every month or so to different emojis on the front and end of it. I'm not sure how possible this is but I'm sure there are some programs that can detect changes like this, so if mineplex were to implement this type of feature that would be nice. Again this isn't too necessary as most people don't even get things like twitter @s or discord friend requests from the mineplex forums, but I would still like to see something like this. Thanks.
    Posted Dec 10, 2019
  8. @ClassN covered most of what I want. Just in general, Enjin walls were pretty good and these...aren't to the point that I don't use the walls on here at all. For those who remember, I was extremely active on walls on Enjin.
    Posted Dec 10, 2019
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  9. More than likely we will be able to after adding more emojis to walls, since most emojis right now are not currently supported. Although, I'm not too sure that we can directly link to your personal twitter, discord and whatever else to update your username, but we'll see.

    To everyone: don't worry about things being "necessary" or not (meaning dev time needed). We are determined to bring an update everyone can be happy with. If there's a very small QoL change everyone wants and it's doable, we'll put it on our to-do list for a future update.
    --- Post updated ---
    Went ahead and added a giant list of what we're looking at implementing for this update. If I missed something message me
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 14, 2019
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  10. Hi!

    I have a suggestion for the walls:
    So you have people on sub-teams, community or staff. They have a suggestion called 'Sub-teams' on their wall if they are on a sub-team. If you look on someone's profile that is not on a sub-team (like me) there is no section called 'Sub-teams'. All I am saying is to add the section 'Sub-teams' on everyone's profile, but if they are not on a sub-team, it will just say '*Username* is not on a subteam.*

    Have a good day/night!
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
  11. We don't really need it to specifically say this. If someone doesn't have a sub-team it makes a lot more sense that it doesn't have anything there at all tbh.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 24, 2019
  12. Will the member list page get improved in this update now that the post leaderboard is gone?
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
  13. Not for this update. This update will just specifically be walls. The members page will get an update in the future, probably with our update after the walls one, which is going to be a leaderboards update more than likely and that's the plan at this time.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 27, 2019
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  14. My apologies if this is too late, but I was wondering if eventually players will be able to link numerous characters of the same platform to the same Mineplex Forums profile? I don't have multiple accounts, but I know a lot of people who do. Thanks Marzie!
    Posted Jan 1, 2020
  15. I have heard the answer to this previously was no, but I'll double-check.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 1, 2020
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  16. @ClqssyOwl Yup, the answer to that is we won't be allowing multiple characters.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 1, 2020
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  17. Hey.

    I have a small suggestion regarding the linked character for Bedrock. I don’t necessarily think it’s possible to have someone’s Bedrock skin displayed on the website as there isn’t any way to steal Bedrock skins. So I have a proposal: Allow players who have a linked Bedrock account to change the skin portrayed on the forums. How would this be done? The user could have the option to put their skins template in place of the default skin, so that they can have a skin of their choice displayed on the website. I don’t think it’s a needed change, but it would be nice for players who only have a Bedrock account to have a way for their skin to be on the website. This idea might be a bit stretched, but I think it’s worth a shot.
    Posted Jul 8, 2020
  18. As you have saw via this post, the idea in theory is accepted, but doing it is another deal. Added bedrock skins to the list in OP
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 10, 2020
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  19. just a small suggestion but what if the post cooldown was lowered from 30 seconds to 10 seconds?

    me and a couple other friends have agreed that the cooldown is quite annoying how it is and it's extremely inconvenient when trying to have a conversation.

    i know lowering it would be more easy to spam; so maybe there could be an option where people can control the time on the cooldown? so like if people actually like the 30 second cooldown they can keep that and the others who don't care about spam can lower it to 10 or even 5 seconds
    Posted Dec 4, 2020
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  20. Fix the "0 Players On Bedrock" thing. It's really annoying.
    Posted Dec 17, 2020

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