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New to Mineplex | Giving away Immortal (1 mo.)

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by J0NBE4R, Sep 11, 2020.

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  1. Hey, my name's Jon.

    I'm new to Mineplex, but I've been playing MC for around 5 years. I found out about Mineplex through the LabyMod server list and decided to pop on because I use Laby and I like to meet new users there (you can add me on LabyMod and we can play sometime if you want). I have played it in the past here and there but ye, I'm just now really getting into it. So ye, enough about me, here's the giveaway.

    Prize: Immortal Rank, 1 month.
    Amount of winners: 1
    Ends: Tomorrow! 12PM CST

    Let me know what client/mod you like to use eg. Lunar, Badlion, LabyMod, forge, vanilla, etc. and what games are fun to play. I'll put everyone's name into a hat a draw it randomly, so it's fair for everyone. I'll start a conversation with you if you win, and once you get the rank I'll announce it here. If you don't respond within 24h, I'll redraw. Good luck! :)
    Posted Sep 11, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 11, 2020
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  2. Hey! I just want to start off by saying thanks for hosting this giveaway! A lot of people, including me, appreciate it a lot. It’s really nice for you to give back to the community.

    IGN: _IronMan_

    I personally use Badlion Client, and I really like it more than Labymod. Haven’t really tried out any other clients, because I enjoy Badlion. On Java Mineplex, I mainly play Nano Games, Cake Wars, and Skywars. On Bedrock, I mainly play Cake Wars and Skywars, and occasionally Micro Battles.

    Once again, thank you so much for hosting this and good luck to everyone entering! :)
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  3. ign: KUW0

    I use lunar when I pvp, but usually I use labymod if I'm just hanging out with friends. A fun game that I play on MP is death tag, unfortunately it died, so I just play whatever my friends wants to play.
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  4. IGN: Mathuu

    I don't currently use any mods, and I play on Vanilla. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, and welcome to Mineplex!
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  5. ign: scarflet
    dont use any mods, my fav games are cake wars, nano, and dmt!
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  6. IGN: ClHRIS

    Currently I use Lunar because I have a nice cape on it what goes with my skin, so its nice to show it off. Games I think are fun is OITQ, Micro battles, and Skywars. I have most fun when I'm playing those games with my friends.
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  7. IGN: Trivialized

    Here's a pic of my mods list! [​IMG]
    I loooove comp games and trying to do my best at pvp!

    >.< Welcome to mineplex!
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  8. ign: RyanTheGamer057

    I like 1.16.
    I play cakewars, microbattles, and master builders.
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  9. Thank you a lot for doing this giveaway and good luck to all the participants!

    IGN: Paladise_

    Hmm, I started using Labymod within the past several months as I was introduced to the autotext feature and voice chat feature through a friend. I have been enjoying it a lot :)
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
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  10. IGN- Joey_V_Aquarius_
    Game- I love to play Minestrike.
    Client- I don't use one.
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
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  11. IGN: theo0313
    I love to play SSM and Speed Builders!
    I dont really have any mods :P
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  12. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, it's a very generous gesture that I can assure many people appreciate.

    My IGN is Jylie

    As for mods, I used 5Zig. I'm not a fan of the other clients and generally am too lazy to download anything else. I have a few add on mods (including an autocorrect mod/translation mod) but the main one is 5Zig. On Mineplex, dragon escape and super smash mobs would be my top two favourites- I played SSM a lot when I was younger and DE has consistently been a top game of mine. I enjoy league of legends and other games when I'm not on Minecraft, which is rare nowadays, I don't really play much anymore when I think about it.
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
    i like cake wars as thats the only game i get carried in
    i use forge with some cool mods in it
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  14. IGN - ImSupermansHero

    I play bedrock, and use mcpedl for mods.
    I am semi-new
    I like to play cakewars, and when I play outside of Mineplex, I like vanilla Minecraft
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  15. IGN; J3sslc4
    I play minestrike and cakewars
    I use the normal minecraft one
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  16. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Very nice of you to do! :)

    ign: xinners

    I personally like to use Badlion Client, I really enjoy all the features it has and it feels very user-friendly to me; I practically always use it when playing Minecraft Java. Other than that, I’ll occasionally use Optifine so that I don’t have to wait through the process of loading the Badlion Launcher as it usually takes longer, I do like the perks Optifine has, but I feel as if a Badlion is more accessible and easier to use, additionally they both have the same perks. As for my favorite game, on the Java side of things I enjoy playing Skywars, Cakewars, Nano Games, and Super Paintball, as for Bedrock I mainly play Cakewars and Skywars.
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  17. t
    this is a java giveaway...
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
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  18. IGN: Legend998

    Client: Badlion

    Favorite game: CW standard!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Best of luck to all the mineplexians out here!
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  19. Thanks for hosting man! Hope you enjoy Mineplex!
    Posted Sep 11, 2020
  20. Thanks for hosting!
    IGN: BaldGypsy
    Posted Sep 12, 2020
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