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New SSM Kit ideas

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by 1dragoneye, Apr 10, 2021.


Do you think that these ideas can be added to super smash mobs

  1. yea! new kits great ideas!

  2. They are good but could use a bit of fixing

  3. They are all trash

  4. Ghasts kit vs chicken kit

    0 vote(s)
  1. Kit Ideas

    Hello everyone here some kit ideas that I thought that can make it onto ssm the first two ideas aren’t made by me ( though i did slightly tweaked the first idea)


    --Armour stand (yes ik it’s not a mob but the idea is great)

    --Silverfish Hive( Don’t let the name scare you, there is a way around the small hit box)

    --Cavespider ( Don’t worry NO DIRECTIONAL DJ that we all hate)

    --MooShroom (That’s right! we can ditch cow’s trashy smash ….. Not like people like smashes in the first place)

    I know the update is not coming for a couple years but i hope at least one of these kit ideas make it to the next update proposal

    Other mobs that could be used

    Cat( that could work though I'm at a loss what his abilities should be)

    Zombie pig man (did they remove him from the update proposal)?

    Bunny ( too small)

    Dog/wolf? ( I mean their eyes are different colour not sure if it could work)

    Zombie horseman ( Already in the update proposal)

    Mob babys?

    Baby zombie jockey?

    Villager zombie?

    Ghast ( yesss less gooo)

    Giant zombie ( best idea ever)

    Wither Boss? ( or is that too big?)

    Steve ( now that could work, but he is not a mob)

    Spider jockey( this kit has both skele and spider abilities : ) jk)

    enderdragon's egg




    -KeyStone1 & Cabob

    Armor Stand Kit: (Achievement Kit)

    Armor | 5

    Damage | 5.5

    Regeneration | 0.3

    Knockback Taken | 125%

    Jump Power | 1.2/1.1/1.0/0.9 (triple jump counts as 2 double jumps)

    Short Overview

    Heavyweight (Passive)

    Double jump power decreases over time, while kb taken decreases. Upon landing on every fourth double jump, you deal damage and large knockback.

    Copycat (Iron Axe)

    Launch yourself forward in the direction you are facing. If you hit a player, you steal their ability! Stolen abilities receive nerfed stats and reset after death or by “dropping” your axe.

    Weighted Bolt (Iron Shovel)

    Armor Stand bolts forward in any direction, leaving a trail of sparks behind him. Sparks linger for 1 second and do damage and small knockback as well as give slowness.

    Heavy metal (Smash Crystal)

    You gain speed I, and everywhere you go anvils come raining down beside you. The anvils will deal damage and a high knockback upon contact with other players.

    Heavyweight (Passive)

    Heavyweight is triggered every double jump (DJ). Each DJ will lose height. Height loss is represented by the experience bar as well as the armor placed on the armor stand. (Boots will be placed after the first DJ, leggings after second, and chestplate after third)( after the first DJ you will take 5% less knockback, then another 5% and so on until the fourth jump then it rests). With all his equipped armor, Armor Stand lands with a thud on his fourth DJ, dealing 5 damage and 200% knockback in a 3x3 area on the ground. Every fourth jump resets the passive. Does not function like Flap, each jump is independent.Note your fourth jump has super armour.

    This is Armor Stand’s focal point. Playing smart and knowing when to use your fourth double jump is key to playing Armor Stand. Using Heavyweight with Weighted Bolt is Armor Stand’s main damaging ability (other than stolen abilities) and takes precision and timing to pull off. Being aware of how much heavyweight is charged is essential, as not knowing could end you.

    Copycat (Axe Ability)

    Cooldown | 6 / 10
    Knockback | 125%

    Armor Stand launches himself forward (5 blocks) dealing no damage and small knockback (125%). If Armor Stand collides with an enemy player he stops in place and steals their axe ability. (E.x if Armor Stand collides with a Squid, he will stop on contact and his axe ability will now be Ink ShotGun instead of Copycat). Axe abilities that are stolen do reduced damage/have reduced distance (respectively). The ability can be used as many times as wanted until death. To discard an ability, drop your axe. This sets copycat on a cooldown (10 seconds). Whichever mob that Armor Stand targets with this ability will be shown by transforming into that mob. (E.x if Armor Stand collides with a Squid, he will look like a squid. He will turn back into the armour stand when Ink Shotgun has been discarded or when Armor Stand dies). If Copycat misses, the ability goes on a shorter cooldown (6 seconds).

    Axe ability list:

    Bone Explosion | Original Damage: 6 / Stolen Damage: 5

    Fissure | Original Range: 17 / Stolen range: 15

    Spin Web | Original Webs:20 / Stolen Webs: 15 (25% webs removed)

    Slime Slam | Original Damage: 7 / Stolen Damage: 6 ☒ 5?

    Blink | Original Distance: 16 / Stolen Distance: 13 ☒ 10?

    Ink Shotgun | Original Bullets: 7 / Stolen Bullets: 5

    Sulphur Bomb | Original Damage: 6.5 / Stolen Damage: 5.5 ☒ 4.5?

    Cub Tackle | Original Duration: 5 / Stolen Duration: 4 ☑

    Ice Path | Orignal Distance: 17 / Stolen Distance: 15 ☒ 13?

    Magma Blast | Original Damage: 6 / Stolen Damage: 5 ☒ 4.5/4?

    Daze Potion | Original Damage: 7 Direct, 5 Indirect / Stolen Damage: 6 Direct, 4 Indirect ☒ 5,3?

    Wither Image | Orignal Swap Time: 3 / Stolen Swap Time: 4 ☑

    Spew Bile | Orignal Bile: 100% / Stolen Bile: -15% (85% amount) ☒ -20?

    Angry Herd | Original Cows: 5 / Stolen Cows: 4 ☑

    Bone Kick | Original Magnitude: 4 / Stolen Magnitude: 3.5 ☒ 3.25?

    Bouncy Bacon | Original Cooldown: (Energy) / Stolen Cooldown: 3 ☒ 3.5?

    • Missed bacon will reduce the cooldown by .5
    Firefly | Original Damage: 7 / Stolen Damage: 6 ☒ 5.5/5?

    Chicken Missile | Original Damage: 8 / Stolen Damage: 7 ☒ 6/5?

    Whirlpool Axe | Orignal Damage: 5 / Stolen Damage: 4 ☒ 3.5/3?

    Wool Mine | Original Damage: 14 / Stolen Damage: 12 ☒ 10?

    Weighted Bolt (Shovel Ability)

    Cooldown | 7
    Knockback | 125%
    Slowness | 4 seconds (strength varies)

    Armor Stand bolts forward, leaving a trail of sparks behind him for 1 second. Sparks do damage and Slowness based upon how much heavyweight is charged (see table below). The distance of the dash is also affected by heavyweight. Ability does not reset heavyweight. A great combo starter.

    No Armor

    Damage: 5

    Distance: 10

    No slowness


    Damage: 6

    Distance: 9

    Slowness level: 1


    Damage: 7

    Distance: 8

    Slowness level: 2


    Damage: 8

    Distance: 7

    Slowness level: 3

    Heavy Metal (Smash Crystal)

    When you activate your smash, you gain swiftness II, all of your jumps count as if you are on your fourth jump, and you have Super armour until the smash runs out. Also you have endless amounts of anvils falling around in a 3x3 area around you dealing 3 damage for each anvil that hits an enemy. Last for 15 seconds.


    Kit – Silverfish Hive:

    Damage: 4.0 Knockback Taken: 200%

    Armor: 3 Health Regeneration: 0.2 per second

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump.(this double jump moves more forwards then normal)

    Gather stray Silverfish with your Hive Mentality

    Right-Click with Axe to use Spike Spin

    Right-Click with Shovel to use Egg Drop

    Hold Block to Drop off a nest


    Silverfish Swarm Stats: Silverfish Swarm is made up of 5 silverfish, hitting any one of them will hit the player. Armor will start as a Chain chestplate. Playstyle: Close quarters melee. Players can move in quick with either double jump, or spike spin and take advantage of the boosted stats at the cost hitbox width, or diminish their size and swarm enemies at the cost of regen and armor.



    Ability - Right-Click - Spike Spin

    Launch you and your hive at enemies, spikes first. Adding more silverfish to your hive will increase damage and knockback.


    Spike Spin Stats: All 5 of your Silverfish will leap forward up to 5 blocks. Hitting any player will cause 6 damage and 150% knockback. For every 5 Silverfish collected, damage will increase by 0.5 (Max: 8), knockback by 25% (Max: 250%), and cooldown by 0.25 seconds. Cooldown: 5.0 seconds (Max: 6.0 seconds).



    Ability - Right-Click - Egg Drop

    Leap into the air after laying 5 stony eggs. When they drop from a great height they will cause a large shockwave. The greater the height, the greater the shockwave. Once they have settled they hatch and attack the nearest living thing.


    Egg Drop Stats: Drop 5 stone blocks, no matter how many silverfish are in your swarm, once they have been laid, you will jump five blocks into the air. Base damage/kb/radius is 6/150%/1m, +2 damage/300%/1m per 5 blocks fallen. If laid too close to the ground, they will not cause a shockwave. After 2 seconds they will hatch into a group of 5 silverfish. Each silverfish nest base damage is 3.0, health is 10. They will despawn after 5 seconds. Active nests will die when the player dies. Cooldown: 10 seconds.



    Ability - Passive - Hive Mentality

    When near stray Silverfish, they will add themselves to your swarm. For every five that you collect, you will receive an increase in damage, armor, and regeneration, as well as a reduction in knockback taken.


    Hive Mentality Stats: When within 5 blocks of a Silverfish nest it will seek you out and join your swarm when in 1 block. You may collect a max of 20 Silverfish, making a grand total of 25 Silverfish to your hive. For every 5 Silverfish you collect you will gain a 0.5 point increase in damage (at max: 6.0), 0.05 point increase in regen (at max: 0.4), a 12.5% reduction in knockback taken (at max: 150%), and a 0.5 point increase in armor (at max: 4.5). You will lose all extra Silverfish upon death. Amount of Silverfish will be shown by energy.



    Ability - Hold Block - Drop Off

    Leave behind some Silverfish to act as drones seeking out dangers to the hive

    Drop Off uses Energy (Experience Bar)


    Drop Off Stats: Holding block will leave behind a certain amount of Silverfish based on how long the block long block is held. A group of 5 Silverfish will be dropped for every 2 seconds held. Once dropped the group will act as a nest, details of which are under Egg Drop, except they cannot be picked up again. Can be used as long as there are more than 5 Silverfish in your hive.



    Ability - Smash Crystal - Burrow

    You instantly lay and hatch twenty silverfish that join your swarm. Using your hive mind, you all dig into the ground and start barreling toward any target you choose. Once you have reached the poor sap, you begin your feast.


    Burrow Stats: Instantly gaining the max of 25 Silverfish, you all turn invisible as running particles constantly mark where you are. Jumping will reveal your hive until landing on a block, where you will be invisible again. When within 2 blocks of a player, they will begin to take 5 points of damage every second so long as you remain in range. Smash duration: 20 seconds.


    Pictures in order: Base form height comparisons, player view comparisons,[​IMG]

    1st Stage:[​IMG]

    2nd Stage:


    3rd Stage:


    4th Stage:[​IMG]

    Egg formation: Fresh→Hatching [​IMG][​IMG]

    KIT- Cavepider

    By 1Dragoneye

    Cave spider kit:[​IMG]

    (7500 gems)

    Armor | 4.5

    Damage | 6.5

    Regeneration | 0.25

    Knockback Taken | 150%

    DJ:Can jump 11 blocks high moving at a faster rate than normal double jumping.(NO DIRECTIONAL DOUBLE JUMP!)

    Description: this kit, unlike its larger cousin, which relies on playing ninja. The cave spider is heavily more dependent on the right timing of using it’s abilities to be able hit many players and moving them across maps wherever you want, trapping them in areas and preying on those with low health. This kit is better built for a brawl and 1v3, with abilities that can hit multiple times and multiple enemeys.

    Vampire fangs (Passive)

    All of your dead enemies drop very tasty blood that quenches your thirst after a long battle .For every kill you gain one piece of redstone(blood) you can only hold a max of four. If you right click the red stone it heals half a heart. You lose all of your blood upon death.

    Webnado (Iron Axe)

    From out of your mouth you spew a bunch of webs at a high speed that causes a tornado of webs. The webnado gives nearby enemies a strong pull towards it (a bit stronger than the pull of watersplash). Once caught in the twister you get carried away with you while dealing damage till it blows out.

    Minecart ride (Iron Shovel)

    You spawn a minecart that you stole from the abandoned mineshaft. You hop into your cart and knock enemies away while moving at high speeds. If you jump out of your cart and it hits foes, they get the pleasure of riding the cart until they realize that they can’t escape from it, as the cart goes over the edge….

    Grappling string (Iron sword)

    Out of your mouth you shoot a thin long line of string( fishing rod rope) that pulls you at a fast speed in a straight line towards where the end of the string landed. Unlike roped arrow that pulls you in the direction of the arrow, the string pulls you all the way to where it landed. String can land on enemies you hold on the rope till you touch your opponent. If you bump into a wall along the way it immediately cancels (hold shift any time to jump off of your rope).

    Train ride (smash crystal)

    You immediately hop into a minecart ( you can’t leave this cart until your smash ends.) Instead of going in a straight line like minecart ride, you have free movement (yes you can go up and down). You get a line of TNT carts(5) trailing behind you like a train. If they TNT carts hit players they explode doing high knockback and damage. Lasts of 20sec.

    Technical stuff

    Vampire fangs (Passive)

    Every time you kill an enemy they drop their blood on which you can feast on. You can only hold up to 4 pieces of blood at a time. Each piece of blood heals half a heart. This passive helps you to be able to recover quite fast while having a limit to make sure that it's not OP (Note: each piece of blood takes as long as normal minecraft eating time to eat). The best thing to do at the start of a game is not directly engage, but to wait to see and guess how much health a certain player has.Being able to get the first few kills can give cave spiders a high upper hand that is hard to overcome. Every time you kill your enemy you can be prepared every time they come back trying to get revenge. If you die while holding blood you lose it all when you respawn.

    Webnado (Axe ability)

    You spew out tornado webs at high speed. The webnado itself is made up of 7 web blocks, and 3 layers: picture to get a better visual idea what it looks like:


    The webnado will look like something like this but shorter and each web will spin around in a circle for better looks

    Cooldown: 8 seconds

    Damage: first hit does 6 damage, 1.5damage per second in the webnado

    Range: 12 blocks

    Hitbox size: 3 blocks tall,5 blocks across, 5 blocks wide

    Speed: slightly slower angry herd

    KB dealt: once duration is up it flings any players inside the webnado upwards at a 45 degree angle 170%

    Can escape with DJ/TJ: true

    Rate of hold: opponent is held as long as the duration is active

    Duration: 3.5 seconds (traveling forward) this ability stops if it hits a 2 block or higher wall, (can go up stairs, and one block high walls)

    Pull: Bit stronger then guardian’s watersplash

    Pull range: 4 block diameter from the center of webnado.

    Note players when caught in the webnado will be held at the bottom middle of the webnado.

    Minecart ride (Shovel Ability)

    Cooldown: 10 seconds

    Damage: 5 Damage each time an opponent is hit when a player is inside the cart. Note if no player is inside of the minecart, the victim is forced on the minecart instead of taking damage

    Range: 8 blocks

    Hitbox size: Minecrart

    Speed: speed of powered rails

    KB dealt: About the same amount of knockback Angry herd does.

    Can escape with DJ/TJ: False (can only escape with: blink, witherswap, or if the user presses shift).

    Rate of hold: opponent is held as long as the duration is active

    Passengers have super armour: True

    Can only be activated on ground: True (however when used, it can go off edges and fall until the 8 blocks of distances are traveled).

    Grappling string (Sword ability)

    It will look like a fishing rod rope

    Cooldown: 6

    Damage: 2.5

    Range: 8 blocks

    Hitbox size: fishing rod rope hit box

    Speed: speed of arrows

    KB dealt: 50% upon impact on player

    Pull speed towards block/player: about the speed as slime slam.

    Combos: Webnado when they just used their double jump + Minecart ride a second before the webnado has finished + Grappling string them, and when you reach them melee, and then you get blood.

    Use Minecart ride as a sic edge guarding, hold shift right away when using Minecart ride so that the player will be stuck in the minecraft and will fall 8 blocks before they can get back on the map.

    If you see three players fighting each other send a webnado to get them all stuck in one spot then ride your minecart into them while meleeing. If all three players have been fighting for a while before you used this combo then they should be pretty low. Then you just finish each one off gaining 3 drops of blood.

    (note) for grappling sting, if a player is going fast enough (faster than a constant speed of slime slam) while being grabbed, they can drag you (cave spider) around the whole map until either you hold shift or if they stop their burst of speed.


    -By 1Dragoneye (this idea is not fully complete)


    Mooshroom Kit: (7000 gems )

    Armor | 6.5

    Damage | 6

    Regeneration | 0.3

    Knockback Taken | 140%

    Jump Power | 9

    Flower plants: you have 4 different flowers you can cycle through and plant each one have different side effect, cooldown, different amount of time before they activate, and damage,: fire flower(spreads fire around an area doing damage and fire damage), rocket flower(this flower shoots upwards while hitting victim multiple times. Like Isabella’s ability in super smash bros ultimate), blackhole flower( just as it sounds sucks players to where the flower is at a great force, and bouncy mushroom( yea ik it’s not a flower.Similar to villagers’s ability in super smash bros. The tiny mushroom grows into a huge mushroom doing high knockback )

    magic Beanstalk: you move at a fast speed upwards (straight up) with vines twirling around doing damage and knockback to enemies, when duration is up you and your vines freeze for a brief second and whichever way you're looking, you get flung in that direction at high speed with vines trailing behind you. Any contact during this process and the enemy takes damage and knockup,knockdown or knockback depending on if you hit your opponent being: above, below or beside them

    Wonderful Garden (Smash Crystal)

    Your flower plants get buffs and shorter cool down 22secs?

    This kit is a plant based mob (yes beyond the meat burger), with unique abilities that can cause sic chain reactions if used well. Being able to trap and force kit’s into harmful situations.
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
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  2. My god this is a really long thread. I suggest next time to put all the specific kit ideas into a doc and post it here instead. I didn't read everything, but I do recognize some stuff that has already been addressed in the past. Some of these ideas were already tested and concluded to be a poor addition to the game. Regardless of the abilities, the mob itself can already be problematic, as many current mobs in the game have issues especially with hitboxes. Armor stand, silverfish, cats, bunnies, baby mobs, giants mobs, and the egg are all either too large, small, or awkward shapes and sizes. The other mobs you listed were somewhat related to the current mobs in SSM (zomb vil, mooshroom, dog, pigman, etc). The only acceptable mob ideas in my opinion are the ones that were tested in SSM reborn, like cave spider and zombie horse, but even these would need tons of work done.

    In general, I don't think we should be worrying about more kits right now. There are other things GI needs to prioritize in SSM, like balancing the kits already in the game. There's no doubt that some kits need to be slightly nerfed or buffed. But that is, if an update will ever even happen.
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  3. Hey man! this was just as a result of me being bored over spring break

    I understand that other things need to be prioritized, but there nothing i can really do about that. All the changes i want, are in the update proposal and there nothing i can really do to change how slowly we are going get the update.

    lol This was just for fun man, I'm not saying for the developers to drop on there hands and put these ideas in the game. This is just a fun thing i like to do.

    Ok I keep hearing about this SSM reborn, yet i have no idea what it is. Care to enlighten me? . And they have donkey and cavespider kits? what's the IP?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 12, 2021
  4. SSM Reborn is a separate server just for SSM, with alterations for each kit and a lot more maps. The last time I posted the IP on forums I got perma banned LOL but if you add me on discord I can send you it emmy#9658
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  5. Hey!

    I can see that you really put a lot of time and effort into these ideas. I really enjoy them, and it would be fun to see something unique added into the game. I really like the silver fish idea, but one constructive piece of criticism I have is to replace the armor stand with an Ocelot potentially. I think that since every character is a mob, it would make most sense to have another mob in place of the armor stand.

    I'd lvoe to see these ideas tested out though! Keep up the great ideas c:

    Posted Apr 15, 2021
  6. Ocelot is one that many of us have been hoping for and honestly I really want to see it in an update for SSM. But I don't know what the unique aspects would be. And I agree armor stand is an odd concept and I'm not sure if it is rational due to the nature of the game itself, in addition to it being named Super Smash Mobs.
    Posted Apr 15, 2021
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