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In Discussion New privileges for ranks...

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by SunnyGamerWolf, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. There should be more than just what came with the ranks since most of the cosmetics don't work anyway since there is a bug with particles and morphs are stuck in the ground (poor Carl the Creeper D:). Not just cosmetics and shard increase, more... I suggest adding a few things to the ranks to give more bang for your buck, And let's be honest, the ranks are kinda trash right now... I mean yes I like getting the shard increase but the morphs and particles are fun to use and contribute to the fun, and even with those working its still not worth the money.
    Knight rank perks:
    - Sword of the knight - Give your swords names that come up when you kill someone.
    - Fallen soldier - Death animation that leaves your body for 5 seconds where you were killed.
    - Killing spree - Once the player gets 5 kills there will be a text in the chat saying " PLAYER Is on a killing spree!
    Lord/ Lady perks:
    - Fallen throne - A personalized throne with the body of the player decorated with swords and arrows lay on a throne in the spot of death for 5 seconds.
    - Private lobby - hold your own lobby in games and hub with friends while in party.
    - My name is ______ - Make your own rank with your own color, (unable to use preexisting ranks like Duke or Duchess) Such as PRINCE or PRINCESS or HIGHNESS.
    Duke/Duchess perks:
    - Pet ranks - Give your pet a short rank such as SIR or MISS to show they are royalty too.
    1 free imperial crate per month...
    - Butler - When you get a kill the zombie of the person you killed follows you but cant attack anyone
    - No name - Ender dragon defeat music plays once you die (The music that comes once the ender dragon dies... the crackling)
    Well that was my list of Add-ons feel free to leave suggestions in the Comments and let me know what you think about these Ideas, BYEEEEEEEEEEE.
    Posted Aug 27, 2019
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  2. I think adding more perks for ranks would be pretty cool; it would help incentivize one to purchase a rank on the Bedrock server. As for your suggestions, I like some of them, while others could use a little fine-tuning to make it realistic to implement to the server.

    For the Knight rank perks, I agree with adding a custom sword name as we have on Java. This would make killing others a satisfying experience for players with a rank, and would definitely attract some to purchase a rank for themselves. On the other hand, I do not see the "Fallen Soldier" perk being added any time in the near future. In a game such as One in the Quiver, having dead bodies around even for a few seconds could possibly confuse some and would look messy overall. However, I think having some sort of exclusive death animation would be cool. Last, I think adding messages when a player is on a killing spree would be cool; again, however, in an OITQ game, this would be unnecessary as there are already messages when a someone kills five players in a row.

    And for the Lord/Lady perks, my opinion about the "Fallen Throne" is pretty much the same as the one written above. Instead of a dead body, an additional exclusive death animation would make more sense as dead bodies can get in the way for certain games. As for private lobbies, I think they would work quite similar to MPSs on Java Edition. However, this would be a rather time-consuming task for the limited number of Bedrock developers we have. For the last Lord/Lady perk you've mentioned, I am not too sure what you are exactly referring to but ideas regarding the option to change rank colors have been denied in the past.

    Finally, for the Duke/Duchess perks, I think the pet prefixes could get quite confusing. Players would have to choose the gender of their pet, and some might prefer their pet without a prefix. As for the monthly reward buff, it would be nice to see a free imperial crate given every month for players with this rank. In addition, my stance on the "Butler" perk is same; I would rather see another death effect because something like this can become quite messy. Last but not least, I'm not sure if the sound effect idea would work out well. I would imagine it would hurt players' ears every time when they kill a player with this effect (especially if they have their volume at max), so I would settle for something not as ear-shattering.
    Posted Aug 27, 2019
  3. I really like this idea! I just dislike the idea of imperials with duke/duchess as it will make getting cosmetics too easy.
    Posted Aug 28, 2019

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