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New Maps for Mini-Games

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by TopBlitzz, May 16, 2020.

  1. Mineplex mini games are extremely fun especially the competitive ones.
    Sadly enough playing the same old maps over and over gets quite boring over time... Maybe bring some maps from Java or even create new maps to add into Bedrock to keep things interesting.

    What are your thoughts?
    Posted May 16, 2020
  2. Based on what a builder said a few days ago, new maps would be coming, however is unknown when.
    Posted May 16, 2020
  3. I definitively agree bro! Rumors are that there will be coming new maps. They’re just not releasing any dates yet.
    Posted May 18, 2020
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  4. I agree that we need more maps on bedrock. There are already quite a few maps on both cakewars and skywars but I think we should definitely get some new maps on the rest of the other games. Like Mob Arena and Survival games. I would also point out that most of the maps we have actually come from java. I think it’s a lot simpler to bring maps from java because the concepts will all most likely be the same, and it eliminates the decision of making new maps entirely from scratch.
    Posted May 19, 2020
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  5. I agree. It gets boring playing the same maps over and over again. There is no more excitement in the maps after maybe a month of playing, because you pretty much played every map. It is not like "what map are we going to play next?" So I think we should add new maps to Bedrock Mineplex.
    Posted May 20, 2020
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