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New map update for Dragons

Discussion in 'Dragons' started by mab8400, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. The new map update was definitely something I looked forward to since this game is so fundamentally based on maps and their layout. In the recent update, a lot of good changes were made. Most of the maps that were bad for gameplay have been removed; hopefully to return with a better experience for players. Here is the list of maps subtracted, with a note next to it, stating why I think they were removed;

    Balloon Town -- Dragons -- Poor Gameplay / GI Request [Too much depth]
    Dragon's Eggs -- Dragons -- Poor Gameplay / GI Request [Too much depth]
    Hollow Rock -- Dragons -- Poor Gameplay / GI Request [Has like a million blocks; a literal full sized mountain and archway; games go on forever, basically just terrain]
    Onion -- Dragons -- Poor Gameplay / GI Request [ugly map (my opinion), donut shaped)
    Ranch Isles -- Dragons -- Poor Gameplay / GI Request [Too many islands, too much depth for them as well]
    Sprouts -- Dragons -- Poor Gameplay / GI Request [???]
    Steampunk -- Dragons -- Poor Gameplay [Too depthy; anvils crushing players, middle island has too big of a structure]
    The Lie -- Dragons -- Poor Gameplay / GI Request [Extremely long surface area in a donut shape; not good for a dragons map layout, games went on forever]

    However, a few things concerned me regarding some of the decisions made for certain maps. Firstly, two maps which are very bad for gameplay; Island (Ocean Village), SkyVillage, (and potentially Caribbean Islands). All of these stayed off the list of removed maps. I recently played a game on Island that lasted over 30 minutes, which lead me to get the highest exp I have ever gotten in a game of Dragons; nearly 5,000. If you are getting that much exp from this game, there is definitely something wrong. Island is a map which has a massive surface area with tons of structures and terrain, which takes ages for the dragons to break down. Not to mention the fact that there is water on this map; which causes the dragons to lift back up as they near the last layer of blocks. This means it takes several times for them to swoop down and get you hit off the edge; in which you still do not die because water damage in this game is incremental. That in turn allows players to easily leap back up even if they were hit off and had a bad angle for leaping with the Coward Kit. Also, water enables people on newer versions to use fast swimming to their advantage. Obviously it isn't really punishable since it's part of the game; I used to use version 1.14.4, and would habitually use it in some games. Luckily there are only a small fraction of maps with water, and there are bugs that you could say balance this feature out. The same premise would be for Caribbean islands; although this map has a better expierence since there is less surface area and several islands to strategically transition to. Now, SkyVillage is also a map in which there is simply too much surface area and too much depth. At least one of those should be fixed instead of keeping it as is. It's really the combination of both which causes games to last too long. These maps though are very old, some of if not the first maps to come out for the game. That- from my speculation was the reason for not removing them. It's totally possible that the people who decided; whether it be GI or whatnot, did not want to remove the most sentimental maps that players cherished from when the game first launched. That is totally understandable, I also played a long time ago and only remember playing on Balloon Town (gladly removed), Island, and SkyVillage. Unfortunately, all of them are terrible for today's gameplay standards; most likely because when the game was debuted, there was not much feedback to be gotten since no experienced players existed yet. There is a point in which we have to take gameplay more into consideration in that case. But all isn't lost, maps can be fixed. Even if it is difficult, it's worth it in the end; since it benefits new and veteran players alike. Balloon town simply was just to deep, the trails of the bottom terrain were so lengthy; causing games to go on endlessly. It's a simple fix though. Just cut off a good chunk of the trailing ends and move the islands a little closer; walla, the map is basically set to go back into the lineup. Obviously there is more to it, the code or dev time needs to be added or subtracted; and I have no clue how resource intensive that is. I can't say anything about it since I don't code or do the management of the map implementations/alterations. What I can say, is that I wouldn't think it would take like a year.

    There is a single map that was removed which struck me; Sprouts. This map was probably one of the best maps in terms of both aesthetics and gameplay. I'm not sure why it was removed specifically, but let's just say that the map was great. There was a perfect amount of surface area so that games weren't too short or too long, a few structures to make sure it wasn't too open, and the depth was just right. The only concern I ever had with that map was the fact that the glass was sometimes fatiguing and I thought it was the void. Maybe that was the reason? I'm not sure; but even then, the map totally could be fixed and hopefully be brought back.

    Anyways, hopefully this means a few more maps could be made that might benefit the game. I did forget to put something here but I hope I remember it and edit this... lol

    I remember what I had forgetten. THEY DIDN't REMOVE DOCKS????? LMFAOOOO????
    Posted Jan 11, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 12, 2021
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  2. fax
    Posted Jan 11, 2021
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