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Processed New levels

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Liqhts, Jun 8, 2019.


Should Mineplex add more levels?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I think that Mineplex should new levels. Ontop of level 100, they should add levels up to level 200. However, they should make the XP earned for each level be the same as level 1-100. So for example, if you're level 20, you need 17,000 XP to get level 21. The same should be for level 120. So 17,000 XP until 121 if you're level 120. This is basically just getting level 100 two times, if you don't understand what I'm trying to say. An important thing to make sure happens is for example if someone currently has 25 million XP, that XP would be transferred to the new levels, so they would have level 200 because level 200 would be a total of 21.3 million XP and they have 25 million, making them get level 200 right away. If new levels were added, there should be nice perks to them aswell. I think that every 20 levels like it is currently, a new level color should be unlocked. This color should be one that currently isn't available to make it unique. Another perk to add is colored chat. Similar to the colored chat on April Fools, this would be a nice, new perk that hasn't been added yet. New titles can be added for every 20 levels like they currently have already for levels 1-100. Another perk could be a diamond sword name. These perks don't have to all be added, but it would be nice to have something different other than the standard level colors if new levels were added. Overall, adding new levels would most likely bring back some level 100s who quit, to achieve level 200. It would also bring something fresh to the server. Let me know of any perks or anything that could be added to improve this.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
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  2. That would be good. It would give people who are level 100 something to do and more of a challenge for people who aren’t
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  3. I like this idea, but maybe its better to add tiers instead or smng like that. if u get lvl 100 u get smng in fromt of your level and then start all over, since you say u like it the be the same exp amount from lvl 0-100. if you would add up to 200 it would be confusing with the exp to my opinion
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  4. Hey!

    I always thought instead of more levels, they should add a system of prestige. It wouldn't show up in chat, but it does grant rewards. It'll make things a lot more confusing if you went up to 200, as 100 is a very general number for level systems. 200 hasn't been seen too much. -1 from me.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  5. Same, I really hope they add something extra for people with lvl 100 tho, since there are over 400 level 100s by now x
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  6. Hey hey!

    As a level 45, I still have a very long way to go. However, as time progresses, more people seem to be reaching level 100! That being said, I am definitely behind more levels being added, as well as new rewards! Great idea! :)
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  7. I think this is a great idea, however, I think levels 100-200 shouldn't be the same as 1-100. It should be a lot more difficult and have more XP to level up after exceeding level 100.
    Non the less a great idea! Good luck!
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  8. yeah i was gonna make this post about both ideas, but I wrote too much about just one. Feel free to make a post about prestige levels though
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 8, 2019
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  9. I mean i’d love to but I think its just a waste of time since I alrdy know that Mineplex doesnt listen that much to their community
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  10. I thought the same thing! Prestige would be amazing. Maybe they could symbolize it by a letter so A25 = level 25 or B27 = level 127 etc. I think it is fine as it is now, but would be great as something to work towards.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  11. I dont think its fine like it is rn , there are over 400 lvl 100, there are new lvl 100s wvery week. I am lvl 100 for almost a year now and it gets quite boring since i also hve all the achievments and dont rlly have a goal xd
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  12. I really don't think having a prestige in chat would look good. It could just be a personal goal with rewards.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
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  13. Hello and good day to all who might read this! Personally I agree with Overdog's post; however, I must say that adding a progression past level 100 would be a very good, and here's the key word, IDEA. At the moment, the way Mineplex's cosmetics system works is as follows: upon reaching level 100, a player receives a few extra colors to place over their glorious level 100 whenever they type in chat alongside a few chests.

    and that's it...

    For a server with so many crazy, sparkling, intuitive cosmetics, Mineplex's level 100 reward is really just sub-par if you ask me. Now before I go on, I must say that I don't necessarily find any problems with the current level reward, but I do believe that the achievement of reaching level 100 should be rewarded with some sort of cosmetic or a prestige ability. As for what that would be, I would be willing to help design/provide ideas for what that cosmetic would be or how the prestige would properly work (but only if this thread became something that would be taken into serious consideration).

    Thank you for your time reading my post!
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  14. Personally I'm not in favor of adding extra levels or a prestige system. I would be okay with having "silent" rewards, so for each say 200,000 xp you get after 100 you get a level reward, but showing it in chat or publicly I can't get behind, here's why:

    Someone mentioned that there aren't many rewards for finally reaching level 100, but reaching it in and of itself is a huge reward. It's a goal those players have been working on for literally years, they get to change their level color and stand out in chat. They also get to show everyone their dedication to the server, and the fact that they finally "did it". I don't think adding new levels would be as "satisfying" or enjoyable. Right now, reaching level 100 is an awesomely exciting moment after years of playing on the server. If we add up to level 200, reaching 100 won't be nearly as exciting, and the bragging rights will essentially be stripped away. You wouldn't be able to say "I'm level 100!" without someone else saying "I'm level 134 keep trying".

    Someone else cited that there's more than 400 level 100's now, but all of those players worked for, I almost guarantee, at least two years to earn that level. Adding a restart for everyone makes all that work and dedication seem null, and those level 100s that don't play anymore would likely be disappointed that they're suddenly not impressive anymore.

    I do agree that with the quantity of people that have reached this achievement, there should be a new development that allows them to set goals again. Like I briefly mentioned, I'd be in favor of a more "silent" reward system for every milestone of XP after 100.

    I would also be down for other ideas of how we can help level 100s find a goal to follow again on the server, but introducing more levels would possibly demotivate current level 100s, and make newer players see "getting to the top" as almost literally impossible.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
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  15. I think going higher than 100 levels is a great idea but in my opinion after you get 100 levels you should get like a title before your username and then start over. Then you can rack up titles until you have done enough level ups to 100 that you would have got every title.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  16. I don't think that adding levels beyond level 100 would be a good idea. As stated above a lot of level 100s worked extremely hard to get to such a prestigious level, and adding more levels might make them feel sub-par. Plus, I think that the number 100 is a good number to end leveling off on. I don't really think that adding levels beyond 100 is really necessary at the moment.

    I'm all for adding bonuses, as stated above. For example if a player earns x number of XP while they're level 100, they could get rewarded with items such as chests/cosmetics/treasure shards. That way, if level 100s are struggling with motivation, they have something to do while they're at the max level. But other than this, I don't believe that any more levels should be added.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  17. I agree with xUmbreon, silent rewards would be good, im not even close to level 100, but it seems like a good idea to have silent rewards, like dailys, so uf you are L100 and you get 10K EXP, you get a reward, and in the same day the more do it the more of the same reward you get, and every day in a row you get that much xp you get better and better rewards,

    EX) you are L100 and you get 10K xp for 10 days in a row, and the reward was old treasure, if they got 5K xp they would get 5 old chests,
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  18. I personally believe more levels aren’t needed, it takes ages to get to level 100. Even though I myself am close to level 100, it took me years of playing to get to this point and i don’t feel like more levels are needed. Maybe there should be more cosmetics to be unlocked after 100 using the extra experince though.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  19. This idea has been brought up numerous time in the past and technically production has already confirmed that new levels will happen, it's just the matter of when. I would rather have tiers instead of going off of lvl 100 just so it looks nicer.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019
  20. I believe the added levels to be a good idea. However, I lean more towards the prestige method of delivering them.

    The addition of these new levels would not insult the achievement of obtaining level 100, as the time and loyalty the player has exhibited to the server would not be impacted. To me, even players that are levels 70-99 are highly impressive, despite them not hitting the maximum level. I believe the same effect would be evident if there were to be levels suggested beyond this.
    Posted Jun 8, 2019

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