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[New Kit] Joker

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Aaron., Dec 10, 2021.

  1. Hey,

    So it's been over a month since anything was posted so I wanted to share this new well-developed kit idea that I thought of a few days ago. It's a lot of reading but I think you'd find it interesting, especially for those of you who are in the Game Insights discord. The idea had just suddenly popped in my head one day and being the kind of person that I am, I explored the idea and turned it into something that could be fun and game-changing.

    If you've read the Webtoon Unordinary you'll probably be able to guess where the idea came from.

    (Achievement Kit)

    “Destroy your opponents with their own ability!”

    Passive: Ability Proficiency
    - Able to hold 3 abilities at once.
    - Other abilities cannot be used while one is on cooldown.

    Ability: Replicate
    - Right-Click your Sword/Axe/Bow to copy your opponent’s ability.
    - The opponent must first use an ability and be within 20 blocks to copy, all in the last 8s.

    - The kit selector would be a zombie holding a gold sword.
    - The Replicate ability name is replaced by the name of the copied ability after the ability is copied onto a weapon.
    - Certain abilities can only be copied on certain weapons. To keep it simple, bow-specific abilities like Explosive Arrow may only be copied to the player’s bow and axe-specific abilities like Axe Thrower may only be copied to the player’s axe. Attempting to copy certain abilities to incompatible weapons will play a sound and a message will say “[Ability] cannot be copied to your [Weapon].”
    - Players cannot copy abilities to weapons that already have an ability. Attempting to do so will play a sound and a message will say “An ability has already been copied to this weapon.”
    - Players cannot copy the same ability to a different weapon. Attempting to do so will play a sound and a message will say “[Ability] has already been copied to your [Initial Copied Weapon]”.
    - Cub Strike cannot be copied. Attempting to copy the ability will play a sound and a message will say that the ability cannot be copied.
    - When an ability is successfully copied, a sound will play and a message will say “[Ability] has been copied to your [Weapon].”
    - Players can use their sword, axe, and bow to hold 1 ability on each of them, granting the ability to hold 3 abilities at once.

    Further Analysis
    - If a player can copy the right abilities, this kit has the capacity to become very strong, especially late game.
    - Abilities can be copied from allies.
    - Potentially, a player has access to every ability in the game, so long as they find a player they can get their desired ability from.
    - Against kits without abilities like Necromancer, players are technically at a disadvantage if they haven’t copied any abilities yet.
    - This kit is meant for more experienced players which is why it’s an achievement kit.

    Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated and if you like this idea, leave a like on this post.
    Posted Dec 10, 2021,
    Last edited Dec 10, 2021
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  2. I'm not very experienced at all in champions but I think a kit like this has the potential to be a little too strong especially if it has the ability to copy ally abilities. Your team would choose builds specifically to give your team's joker the strongest combination of abilities. Either that or the kit would be nerfed to the point where it's unplayable. I do like the idea though and I think it's worth testing out, I've just never seen a balanced, playable, copy-cat kind of mechanic in a game like champions
    Posted Dec 10, 2021
  3. Just realized this is for SG. This seems a lot more balanced since it's not a game heavily based on abilities. Seems interesting, would love to see it tested out
    Posted Dec 10, 2021
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