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new kit idea

Discussion in 'Super Paintball' started by Gucci Goblin, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. i think a new kit should be added called pistol kit, which allows you to swap modes between p250, deagle, and cz auto adding more diversity to to game, the p250 will be a 4 shot (2 shot if 2 headshots) while the deagle is a 2 shot (1 shot if headshot) and the cz is auto but 4 shot (2 shot if 2 headshots)
    Posted Jan 6, 2021
  2. Hello!
    I personally think that this wouldn't be a very affective kit in the gamemode. The Rifle, Shotgun, and Sniper kits, give the gamemode enough diversity already. As well as switching between three guns at a time would get very OP very fast. If you were to take two quick shots, then quickly swap over to the desert eagle for a kill.

    Also some information is missing-
    How many gems would the kit cost?
    Would the kit come with water bombs?

    Its not a bad idea, but I personally don't think it would add more diversity to the game than there already is.

    Posted Jan 9, 2021
  3. What game is that bro ??
    Posted Jan 9, 2021
  4. Super paintball
    Posted Jan 9, 2021
  5. Paintball games don't usually last that long so I feel like the kit wouldn't really serve a purpose.
    Posted Jan 9, 2021
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  6. To start, I don't think this is a good idea. The game is pretty balanced as of now and this proposed kit would be overpowered and just unneeded. The three current kits cater to almost every single play style, and adding another kit would just be confusing, especially the one proposed.

    Also, at the current time, headshots and body shots are not differentiated and count for the same amount of damage. Your idea that a headshot would do more damage is impossible for Paintball unless it would be coded in (which I dislike the idea of very strongly.)
    Posted Jan 11, 2021
  7. thank you for your grand revaluation Gucci Goblin and I think this is a great idea you are so amazing
    Posted Jan 11, 2021
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