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In Discussion New Hardcore Gamemode

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by BastionHC, Nov 1, 2019.


Would you play SMP on Mineplex?

  1. Yes!

  2. Nah...

  1. Similar to UHC, but long-term. About a month long.

    My Idea

    Imagine a safezone at spawn where players can interact without the fear of death. No damage, no mobs, no griefing. The world border is big enough to include Woodland Mansions, but small enough to contain the players. That’s great and all, but players need a reason to leave the safezone. So, bases and farms must be built outside the zone. Outside the safezone, builds are 100% unprotected so finding clever ways to hide them is a good idea. Players can build shops and buy and sell between others within the safezone, but the bulk of their resource gathering must be done outside the zone. There’s also a one week grace-period without permadeath where everyone has a fair chance to prepare. That’s where competition comes in. After that week, everyone continues on playing until there is only one player (or small team) left, and the winners are considered the champions. Prize pools and special tags could be awarded, although players are only eligible to win if they log in often enough. (Can’t win if you’ve only logged in once). With a competitive element of course, everything must be done to 100% avoid cheats and hacked clients, as well as pay-to-win ranks. Players who die after week one can’t come back until the next season. But what’s stopping players from hiding in the corner of the map? People need a reason to travel back to the safezone. Here’s where the final element comes in: the Exchange Hall.

    Players can enter the Exchange Hall at spawn to buy and sell exclusive items. You can still make or spend cash in player shops, but the Exchange Hall is a guaranteed customer and merchant. Sell things in whatever amount you’d like to the Exchange Hall from a list that changes every week. Buy valuable loot, including items that can’t be found anywhere else. Custom potions, powerful tools, unbreakable gear, etc, adding a new layer of progression to the game only accessible within the safezone.

    With this system, nearly every type of survival player is taken into account. Builders can build intricate shops and bases, PVP players can hunt each other down, and redstone engineers can find the most efficient way to farm resources.

    Video Explanation

    Thanks everyone. Thoughts?
    Posted Nov 1, 2019
  2. Hey!

    I think that this could be a very fun game, but I don't really think it would fit into Mineplex. We have Clans which is Mineplex's survival you could say, and I don't think that they will make another survival game when we have Clans. Another thing is the one-week grace period. One week would be way too long to wait until you are prepared for the game, and the players would probably grow tired of the game quickly.

    This game would fit better into a Survival Server that you have with friends, but not a minigame network such as Mineplex. I would probably play this with my friends, and the game sounds really cool, but I don't think that it could be a game here at Mineplex. Maybe some of this can be added into Clans, but I'm not very sure how it would work. We'll see what the other players here will suggest.

    I am sorry, but I will be giving this a -1
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
  3. Hey, I like this idea but there are a ton of problems in having this game on Mineplex. As was stated above, this game would work so much better in a server with a couple of friends rather than a huge server like this one.

    To start, hackers would be everywhere and I'm just not sure how the game would be able to handle that. Obviously they would be banned but then how would the game go on? If a player is killed by a hacker and then the hacker is banned the player would get put back in but considering the immense population of the server there would just be so much moderating to do that it just can't happen. Also, what would happen if players showed up once then just didn't play anymore? Would they be disqualified? If so how would the game know how to track that? I just don't see Mineplex's atmosphere as being able to handle this sort of game especially since it's a minigame server.

    Another thing is xraying. Xraying is an offense that only specialized moderators can ban for and there's a very limited number of them. I can almost garuntee you like at least a quarter of the server would xray. This would ruin the game so if Mineplex were to implement this they would need to be really cautious.

    This game is also eerily similar to clans except for the fact that it's competitive. They would need to make a whole new team just to moderate this game as they have done clans to make this possible which I don't see happening. I don't think this game would ever be considered a priority either. There's a ton the devs, admins, mods, and more would need to do to implement this just to make it work and because there's already an overwhelming amount of bugs, other games, updates and more to sort through there wouldn't be the time with such a small developer team.

    I could give you a hundred more reasons this wouldn't work on Mineplex, and even though I really like the concept of this game and I would definitely play it, it's just not propable. Thanks, but -1.
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
  4. Hi!
    This pretty much sums up exactly what I would say.
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
    Dan1el likes this.
  5. I love the idea @Gzen said there would be hackers everywhere and we already have clans and survival and I don’t think we need another survival type game so I’ll be giving this idea a +0
    Posted Nov 3, 2019
  6. It really sounds like you're suggesting a factions servers just about, the maps reset every 1-3 months on those servers usually. It really sounds like a mix between clans and factions, which is interesting and all however I don't think mineplex needs this. I feel it might draw attention from clans, or just not have enough players as most of them would be playing clans. So it's really like a vise versa situation, it just doesn't suit mineplex and it's gamemodes. -1 from me, great idea but I don't feel as if mineplex would implement it.
    Posted Nov 8, 2019

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