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In Discussion New game Suggestion: Lava survival

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by KevinTOC, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. [EDIT: added some clarifications, kits, and blocks]

    So, I have an idea for a new (mini)game:

    Insert dramatic voice: LAVA SURVIVAL!

    This is a game that I recall playing in the free web-based version of minecraft on the minecraft.net website a LOOONG time ago, when the background of the website was still a big dirt block.

    In this game, players are to build structures in order to survive lava coming down from the sky. Each block has varying levels of health and resistance to the lava. Each block generates a certain amount of points. The stronger the block, the less it generates. For instance, wood can have a lot of health, but due to it being flammable, might have a lower resistance than for instance glass, which can have lower health, but a higher resistance, and therefore a lower chance of being straight up destroyed.The one with the most points (and still alive) wins.

    Each block has a chance to either be destroyed/crumble, or turned into brittle coal blocks, which will get destroyed over a short period of time. If a block has a high resistance to lava, it has a higher chance of becoming coal, and a lower chance of catching fire and/or crumbling than one with lower resistance. If a block has high health, it will take longer for anything to happen to it than one with lower health. (Think of it as HP and armor)

    In the original game, lava would simply just go down from the top in a uniform manner. However, for the sake of this suggestion, I've come up with a few ideas on how the lava could come:

    Rain - Like the original, lava will fall down in a uniform manner
    Meteors - Blocks will fall from the sky, and explode into pools of lava. The impact can also destroy blocks
    In all these modes, the lava will build up over the course of the game. The intensity of the meteors and volcanoes will increase as time progresses.


    Class: Block: HP: Res: Points/block: Amount of blocks:
    1: Leaves - HP: 5 Resistance: 3 - Points: -0.5/block - 32 blocks
    1: Dirt - HP: 10 Resistance: 1 - Points: -0.5/block - 20 blocks
    1: Wool (any) - HP: 5 Resistance: 2 - Points: -0.5/block - 16 blocks
    1: Glass - HP: 20 Resistance: 5 - Points: -1/block - 8 blocks
    1: Wood (any) - HP: 15 Resistance: 7 - Points: -1/block - 8 blocks
    2: Cobblestone - HP: 15 Resistance: 10 - Points: -2/block - 16 blocks
    2: Bricks - HP: 17 Resistance: 9 - Points: -3/block - 14 blocks
    2: Stone brick - HP: 20 Resistance: 14 - Points: -3/block - 12 blocks
    2: Stone - HP: 23 Resistance: 15 - Points: -3/block - 10 blocks
    2: Nether brick - HP: 28 Resistance: 20 - Points: -4/block - 8 blocks
    3: Gold block - HP: 30 Resistance: 30 - Points: -5/block - 6 blocks
    3: Iron block - HP: 35 Resistance: 30 - Points: -5/block - 4 blocks
    3: Emerald block - HP: 40 Resistance: 30 - Points: -5/block - 2 blocks
    4: Diamond block - HP: 40 Resistance: 30 - Points: -5/block - 3 blocks
    4: Obsidian - HP: 40 Resistance: 50 - Points: -6/block - 2 blocks

    Lava damage: 5/s (+5 every minute (1min = 5dmg, 2min = 10dmg, 3min = 15dmg etc.))
    Resistance (res) formula: - ndmg=dmg/res (Rounded up) (ndmg = how much dmg the lava does to the block after resistance)
    The way player could receive blocks is simply by purchasing them with a purchasing tool. Every X seconds, a player generates a certain amount of class points (C-NUMBER) These points can then be used to purchase blocks that are for that class. Above you can see how many blocks are purchased with 1 point (I wish I could insert tables.)

    Some ideas for kits:
    Default - 1x stick with knockback 2 | 2x water bottle (stops the burning effect on the player) | 3x C-1 points /1s | 2x C-2 points /5s | 1x C-3 points /20s | 0x C-4 points /30s
    Soldier - 1x wood sword with knockback 4 | 4x water bottle (stops the burning effect on the player) | 3x C-1 points /1s | 2x C-2 points /5s | 2x C-3 points /20s | 0x C-4 points /30s
    Mage - - 1x stick with knockback 5 | 3x potion of fire res | 3x C-1 points /1s | 2x C-2 points /5s | 1x C-3 points /20s | 1x C-4 points /30s
    Builder - 1x stick with knockback 2 | 2x water bottle (stops the burning effect) | 1x water bucket | 4x C-1 points /1s | 3x C-2 points /5s | 2x C-3 points /20s | 2x C-4 points /30s

    I expect each game to take about 10-15 minutes.

    Tell me what you think!
    Posted Jul 30, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 16, 2019
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  2. If you're serious, you can accomplish anything through diligent application of science.


    How many blocks of each type would people receive? Would they get more as the game continued? How large would the map be? It seems like it would be impossible to win with skill if your base gets destroyed once and that's it. I suggest that you earn blocks as the game progresses and you start with some at the beginning. I'll let you decide on the exact numbers since it is your game idea. I think every game mode besides Flood would work, it doesn't seem like it would do well in terms of destroying blocks and such, it'd just be a "The Floor is Lava" with everyone building straight up. If you could add more details I'd love to respond with more insight!

    Posted Aug 3, 2019
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  3. Hey!

    I do like this idea for a game, it is unique and seems fun to play. I like the idea on how different blocks can resist the lava, and how the blocks has health against it. I also do like the ways the lava could come except volcano really. If it were to stick to one way, I would say it to be meteors coming down or it just to be the normal way, that would be cool. I do agree with @Augend , how will people receive the blocks that will protect you from the lava? Will you get blocks while the game is going, buy blocks, find blocks. Whatever you think would be best for your game idea. I also agree that the one with flood won’t work because it doesn’t really fit your game idea. It is the opposite way around. But I would love to see this added!
    Posted Aug 4, 2019
  4. Mineplex has their own way of things, which is kits that go with the game. So my thought is to make this game a little bit more competitive. You could make each one a lot. For example, lava rain could be a starter kit and can deal some amount of damage to the blocks and/or player. Flood and meteor could be purchasable kits for possibly 3000 to 8000 gems, while the volcano could possibly be the achievement kit.

    Let me know what you think.
    Posted Aug 4, 2019
  5. It's always awesome to see a new game on Mineplex, this also seems like a really fun idea so +1.
    Posted Aug 4, 2019
  6. I actually like this idea after fully reading the thread. I do however think it would better fit into maybe mixed arcade or NANO rather then being it's own game. I did have some questions and ideas to add on if you don't mind. The main question I have is how many blocks with people start with? What blocks will they start with? how will the map begin? I do think an idea to add on is what if each kit, for example was like "lumberjack - gets 1 wood every 5 seconds" I think it would give the game a reasonable reason to have kits if it was like that. I also agree with what the players said before I don't see the flood working with the idea stated but I like all the other options. I also had an idea what about adding a height limit to the map so players can't just build straight up the entire game. I think this idea has a good chance at becoming a mini game with some alterations and I think you along with the communities replies can help make this game even better. =D
    Posted Aug 5, 2019
  7. Hi, sorry for me making an awfully late reply, but to answer some of the questions:

    -In the original game, there wasn't a limit to the amount of blocks a player could place. Personally, I don't think this would be wise. I can see a lot of exploits with this. I think a sort of "X amount of BLOCK every X seconds" might be good.
    -Flood really isn't much different from rain. Yes, there would be a build limit
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 11, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 16, 2019

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