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In Discussion New game : speed UHC

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by nadav1112, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Long time UHC was a thing in mineplex with 2 mods and that was really fun and it remove because much people’s leave so pls add only speed UHC back with 40 people’s it’s gonna be so fun everyone want it
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  2. I suggest that you expand on your views:

    • Why do you want Speed UHC back on the Mineplex Network?
    • What will attribute to the community by bringing the game back, and how will it affect player counts?
    • Would lowering the max player count to 40 really engage players to play? What amount of players will initiate the game to start?
    You should ask yourself questions that will drive lengthy, thoughtful answers to the surface onto your post. Personally, if players were to play this game mode again, I may hop on the train. However, I would like to see the player count to initiate a game countdown at 20 players, which is a reasonable number like Bridges.
    Posted Apr 10, 2020
  3. Hey,

    With the amount of issues Mineplex has had with maintaining a lobby with a lot of players(80), I think Speed UHC would be a nice idea to ensure that people, especially EU and AU, won't get really bad latency. This would be a cool way to revive the UHC community back on Mineplex, even if it might remove the hardcore aspects of UHC. I would be fine with adding back Speed UHC if it means the player base on Mineplex keeping it as a popular game. UHC in my opinion is one of the more underrated games on Minecraft, and promoting more UHC on Mineplex would easily expand the community. If people will support this game especially after a month of its release, then I would be fine with this idea. I am in favor of this idea, but am cautious if people will support this game. The only problem I see with speed uhh coming out is the issue of x-raying. Unless Mineplex would try to improve detection of x-ray, I think UHC will be very unbalanced if people will have access to x-ray. In general, competitive games currently aren't possible due to the amount of cheaters in Minecraft as a whole. It is an unfortunate thing that is due to the evolution of cheating, which we can't really control other than a more sophisticated anti cheat, or a sponsor to a client side anti cheat like Balloon. Overall, I think Speed UHC could be a great addition if I wasn't scared of cheaters ruining the game or people lacking support of the game. Hope I gave good feedback on your thread.
    Posted Apr 10, 2020
  4. When Speed UHC was added alongside classic UHC a few years ago, Speed did not do nearly as well as we thought it would. It was exciting for a few days, sure, but the excitement died down very quickly and games ceased to start. I can't predict how this would do now that we don't have any UHC options and it's been a few years, but I would predict it would follow the same type of pattern.

    Another issue I see is that UHC types of gamemodes seem to attract hackers and cheaters, especially with things like xray. Unless we can develop a solid anti-xray system, this gamemode would likely be very frustrating if a cheater decided to join.

    Lastly, our server is more known (now) for minigames and shorter fun game options. I think if any UHC were to be reintroduced, we should try vanilla UHC with a lower player minimum.
    Posted Apr 11, 2020
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