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In Discussion new game: ranked skywars?

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by nerfguns3, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. since alot of people play skywars (both bedrock and java) should we make ranked skywars? there could be different seasons and stuff. also, perks on kill. ex: strength 1 for 5 seconds or regen 2 for three seconds. this feature is only an optional feature. im not saying its a good or bad idea. just something to share with mineplex.
    Posted Apr 7, 2020
  2. Hi,

    Personally I don't think Mineplex would be ready for a ranked Skywars game mode. I would love to see more stuff implemented to make things for competitive, like ranked, but I personally see this as a bad idea. Ranked Skywars would encourage more cheating, both blatant and closet cheating, to exist, which overall makes the game unfair. Not to bash out on the anti cheat, but ranked Skywars would be completely unfair given the vast amount of cheaters these days. Even in Competitive leagues like CCL, BCL, and CWCL, many closet cheaters exist and aren't caught most of the time. Even though I am mentioning this from java, it can still apply to bedrock, unless you are talking about both platforms. Unless if there was a way to sponsor client side anti cheats, or improve the anti cheat on Mineplex to prevent closet cheating such as auto clicking or reach hacks, I think ranked wouldn't be a good fit for Mineplex. Many clients are easily bypass-able, not only through the anti-cheat, but also through screen sharing, and other methods of anti cheats. It's not Mineplex's fault that cheating has evolved to a point where auto clicking normal cps with minimal reach is the normal way of cheating. It's easy to tell first perspective if you are experienced to know if someone is cheating, but staff won't be able to tell from third perspective. A ranked Skywars game mode wouldn't be sufficient given how the punishment guidelines work for reporting someone or telling if someone is hacking. It's just difficult to tell from the naked eye if someone is closet cheating sometimes, but what can you do. At this point, I think that having leaderboards is sufficient enough to have it somewhat ranked. Overall though, this idea could be a good idea if there wasn't much of a worry for cheaters in this community.
    Posted Apr 7, 2020
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  3. At this point in time, the Skywars community, in my opinion, is not competitive enough where an entire ranked game mode is feasible to be implemented. Not only would this most likely be an ample spot for hackers to play in, as previously described, but this mode would only separate Skywars into three different game modes which is simply too much to support an adequate player base. Although a ranked version of Skywars would be interesting to see on the server, past competitive game modes on Mineplex have never really worked out for a sustainable time period, and I can only assume ranked Skywars would follow similarly if it were to be developed.
    Posted Apr 7, 2020

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