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In Discussion New Game: Empires

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by HungryKid43, Nov 24, 2019.


Should this be a game?

  1. Yes

    22 vote(s)
  2. No

    8 vote(s)
  1. Ok so basically you start off with four teams. Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue. Each team has a castle and around 4-8 players. Each castle has different core resources. Red can have farms and trees, while Yellow can have stone and gold. The teams can trade with each other, or tear eachother apart. In the middle there can be a no-fight market zone. I'll explain how trading is first.

    So on the edge of each kingdom border, there can be a minecraft with chest. You then fill it with resources you want to trade, and resources you want in exchange. The resources you want can have like a red highlight though. Then you close the chest and hit a button. A menu will pop up and asks you which team you want to trade with, or just send to the market. When the chest arrives at a team border, everyone gets a bing to notify them of its arrival. The chest will be along the border with a banner of the trading team's color. Anyone can trade with the cart, but after two minutes it gets sent back with the resources still in it. If someone just so happens to trade, it goes back to the team that wanted to trade with the asked resources. For example, 15 wood for 10 iron.

    In the middle of the map there is a market that is strictly a no-fight zone. If you happen to start attacking a player, iron golems will start attacking you. At the market, there is different chests, all with the same schematic as trading, with what it will give you and what it needs for it. For instance, 30 wheat for 20 stone and 2 gold. There can be team shops that will recieve trading minecarts and hold the items until asked to be returned or are traded. The regular market chests are reset every 5 minutes, and each player will get a notification on it.

    The players on the teams will make armour and weapons out of the resources like trees, iron, stone, all the good stuff. Once everyone thinks they are ready, they can go to another team's castle and start taking over. If everyone dies, then the winning team will get the losing team's castle, border, and resources. There are also peace treaties you can make with other teams. But as soon as your team attacks them, or their team attacks you, the treaty is over. You can only fight Knights though. However, if a player with a different kit attacks a player knight on a different team, the knight can attack back.

    The defending team can surrender, though. Only if more than half the team agrees. There can be an area in the castle wether they want to surrender or not. However, lets say the votes are at 3/8 of surrendering. If a person that voted to surrender gets killed, then the votes would go down to 2/7. If someone that didn't vote gets killled, the numbers would be 3/7. Same with a peace treaty.

    Each kingdom will have starting resources. It can varry throughout each team. Lets say Green has gold and farm, Yellow has trees and diamonds, Red has stone and coal, and Blue has iron and water (fishing, drowned drops, water ruins, etc.) The teams would then use their resources to their advantage in both battling and trading. These resources can either stick with the teams or mixed up between them, like Red has trees and iron, Blue has gold and diamonds, etc. If a team needs a different resource that what they got, then trading, the market, and conquering are the only options.

    Starting Kits (optional)
    Before the players begin, they choose a kit. This includes Lumberjack, Miner, Knight, Farmer, and Fisherman. Lets go into detail:
    Lumberjack (Kit only with trees): The player is given an axe and leather armour. They chop down the trees to give to fellow team members or trade them off.
    Miner: Gets an iron pickaxe and 16 torches. Their basic goal is to mine the resources within their border. Wether it be stone or diamond, it's their job to mine it.
    Knight: Starts off with iron sword and chestplate, chainmail helmet and leggings, and leather boots. They can either protect their castle or fight the other ones.
    Farmer (Kit only with farms): They get an iron hoe, stone shovel, four buckest of water, 32 wheat seeds, 16 carrots, and 16 potatoes. They can only use those items on farmland within their border. The farmland has a fence around it with a few pre-grown crops.
    Fisherman (Kit only with water): The player starts off with two fishing poles, a stone sword and leather hat with aqua infinity. They can either fish or explore the water ruins for loot.
    If the player doesn't like the kit they have, they can switch in the castle. Cooldown is four minutes.

    Goal of the Game
    The goal is to have your team be the last one standing or all the teams live together in harmony with peace treaties (although it doesn't give them much gems or shards after game). I don't know when the exact time limit will be, but at the last 8 minutes, everyone has to be a knight.

    That's the Empires game idea. I worked hard on it so please let it be a game. I would prefer this to be in bedrock more than java though, because thats what I play on the most.
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
  2. Okay, wow. How long did it take to write this? I'm impressed. Here's my verdict:

    For the whole swapping minecarts thing, do you mean there will be the things you have to offer on the top half of the minecarts inventory, and the things you want on the bottom? I like this part of the game, but I think it'll take awhile for the developers .-.

    Do I understand correctly that you are trading with auto-generated chests, not players? That seems to make sense - you already trade with players via. the minecarts. But, couldn't you move the market to each team's castle, and in the centre, have something that everyone wants, like I don't know maybe an abandoned castle, full of resources, or hostile nomads, that loot the minecarts, unless you destroy their base in the centre? To be honest I'm fine with the market being in the centre, it just feels a waste of space - the middle is supposed to have big rewards, doesn't feel like the market has those.

    As far as I can tell, the peace treaties don't mean that 2 teams have merged into one, it means 'I won't kill you right now, if you don't kill me right now' . They're not permanent. They just mean that in the early game, you don't have to fear an attack.
    The knights seem to be the only players that can begin a seige on a castle, but anyone can attack any other player outside a castle.

    Why would a team ever surrender? Isn't that giving up? If by surrendering you mean joining the other team's army, then that doesn't make sense either - if surrendering meant you join forces with the other teams, then wouldn't everyone surrender to each other immediately, to finish the game quickly?

    Each team only has certain resources. I like this idea, but will all resources be equal? Will the red resources help make better swords, while the blue resources make better armour? Or will you need red and blue resources to make better swords?

    Starting kits:
    Okay, you've lost me here. I thought each team had different resources, like blue had fish. That would mean that the Fisher kit would only be able for the blue team? Same with every other resource-centred kit. So, I think there could be a few changes.

    Knight: Same as before, can lay seige to a castle.

    Resource grabber (not sure on the name): Gets the resources. They can farm, mine, cut down trees, fish etc. Basically, the previous kits, but doesn't have the problem of 'What if someone with the Fisher kit joins a team that doesn't have fish?'

    Diplomat: These are the people who surrender, trade, or make peace treaties.

    Goal of the game:
    The end goal is to either kill everyone, or make peace with everyone. One of those seems easier than the other. Won't people instantly surrender, make peace with every other team, and end the game in ~5 seconds?

    In conclusion, it seems like a very unique and detailed game. Just answer all the questions I gave, and let's see how good we can make this game ^-^

    Do I get a medal for writing soo much?
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
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  3. KerbalBoy, let me answer a few of your questions.

    That's basically what i intended on. What you are giving has the basic background of a normal item in chest and what you want has a red background for the item in that slot. If you have the item(s) they want, the red turns to green. If you place the item in the chest (tap and drag or quick move) it goes into the slot that the item wanted is in and the backdrop of the slot will be a normal chest

    Yes, the chests are auto generated. But i see the market in the middle as a good thing because the players would go there to get other resources or see how good other teams are. The chests in the market are first come first serve, which means if someone has stuff to trade, they can trade it and the item received will be out of tge chest and into their inventory. You have to wait until the chests restock to maybe see the item again. The market can also have big rewards. For instance: a great deal. Let's say you have 2 iron. Your teams resources are diamond and trees. You only need one more iron to mine the diamonds. So, you head to the market to test your luck. What do you find? An iron ingot for two sticks. Now thats a good reward.

    How about this: peace treaties mean you won't attack them and they won't attack you. You can only have one peace treaty at a time. They last for 10 minutes and during those 10 minutes you are allowed to go to their base and use their resources. Once the 10 minutes are over, you can make a peace treaty with them again or with someone else.
    How about this for players attacking: Only the knights can attack the other castles, yes. But, the other classes cannot attack the castle or anyother class except knight. Even then, they can only attack when the knight is in their border. So basically, if a knight goes to another castle, everyone can attack him and ha can attack everyone within that border. If a different class goes into the border, he can't attack people.

    If you surrender, you are giving yourself and your resources to the other team. You can only surrender if two or more people from another team are in your border without a peace treaty. If four people, two from a different team, are in your border you have to wait to see who can last the most. Lets say your on Red and two people from each Green and Yellow are on your border. If the team chooses to surrender, it will be pending. If a Green leaves or dies, it goes to Yellow and vice versa. Also, if you surrender, you won't get as much rewards in the lobby than if you were to fight all the way. That is to encourage people to not surrender.

    Yes, they will be equal to each others value. The resources per team can varry throughout every match. Like you play as blue one time and have trees and water, but the next time you play as blue it can be stone and gold. It just mixes them up every game. Also, each team might have a very, really, small amount of resources from another team. Like your on Yellow team. The resources are coal and stone. You might have a chance that maybe 2 or 3 trees will be in your border.

    Starting kits
    I like the idea of resource grabber. Let's call it Workers. They can all start with leather armor and a stone sword, axe, pickaxe, hoe, and a fishing pole. This means that the players that have peace treaties can work within each others area no matter what.
    I do not however like the idea of a diplomat. Surrendering and peace treaties are something the whole team (more than half) has to agree on. Trading can be with anyone, first come first serve. The diplomat would just take freedom of choice from the other players on his team.

    Goal of the game
    I mentioned previously how surrendering and peace treaties work.

    I have answered your questions and hope this will be a game on bedrock.

    And yes, you do get a medal.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 24, 2019
    In all honesty though, I think it's a good idea for a game, but a third opinion would be really useful hint hint nudge nudge
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
  5. Here is a game idea: Empires.

    Goal of the Game:
    The goal of the game is to be the last team standing, or be the only two teams at peace.

    Teams and Resources:
    You spawn on a coloured team; Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red. You spawn in your team's castle. Each team has a border, and within that border are resources for your team. The resources each game are Stone, Trees, Farm, Iron, Coal, Gold, Diamonds, Water. Your team does not have set resources, so like one time on Blue you have Trees and Coal. Next time you're on Blue you could have Water and Iron. It changes every game. You can use those resources for your team's benifit or to trade.

    You can trade your resources for other another team's resources. In your team's castle, there is a minecart with a chest. In the chest, there is a line through the middle seperating payment from wants. On the top, you put in some of your items to give to the other team. In the bottom, you can pick resources of what you want from the other team. Once you close out of the minecart, push a button next to it to send the trade deal. It goes to the team you want to trade with and notifies the team of its arrival. People can trade by having the resources you want in the chest and closing out of it. They get the resources you sent them, and the resources you wanted. If nobody accepts the trade, it comes back in 3 minutes. If you have resources you don't need, you can always send it to the market.

    In the middle of the four teams, there is a market. This is a no-fight zone, which means when you attack a player in the market, iron golems kill you. In the market though, you have chests much like the trading one at your castle. However, in these chests the items wanted and given are completely random. You could get 2 coal for 18 diamonds and 20 gold. Or, you could strike a deal. Let's say you have 2 iron and your team's resources are diamonds and trees. You need another iron to make a pickaxe to mine the diamonds. The team that has iron refuses to trade with you, so you go to the market. What do you find? An iron ingot for 2 wood. Of course, you can always conquer a team for their resources. The chests reset items every five minutes.

    Kits and Conquering:
    Each team has two kits: Worker and Knight.
    Worker: they have stone tools and leather armour with a chain chestplate. Their job is to harvest their team's resources for theirselves or their team. These people are the main ones to trade or investing items in the storehouse.
    Knight: they have an Iron sword, shield, a bow with 16 arrows, chain helm and leggings, iron chestplate and leather boots. Their job is to defend or attack. With help from trading, the market, or the workers, they can upgrade their equipment. These people are going to be doing the conquering of other teams. You choose a kit before game and can change it during the game. Cooldown is about 8 minutes. When you switch, you keep everything in your inventory.
    In order to conquer a team, the Knights must go to their base and start killing. If everyone dies, your team gets their base. However, only Knights can cross team borders. Workers can only go within the team border and market. Once in a border, Knights can kill everyone, and everyone can kill him. In the last 8 minutes of the game, everyone becomes a knight. If you don't want to die, you can just Surrender or make a Peace Treaty.

    Peace Treaties and Surrendering:
    Peace Treaties and Surrendering are in the same room of your castle with the same rules: Majority Overrules. If you want to surrender, go to the sign and hit "Yes". If you want to change your answer, hit "No". If you say yes, the voting sign goes to 1/8. If you do surrender, you are giving up yourself and your resources to the attacking team. For you to surrender, there must be 2 conditions. First, there must be more than half of your team to vote Yes. Second, two people of the same team have to be within your border. If there's one from Red and one from Yellow in Green's border, they can't surrender. But, if there's 2 from Green and 2 from Red in Blue's border, they can surrender, it will just be pending. If a Green player leaves or dies, then the forfeit goes to Blue and reverse.
    Peace Treaties are different. You don't surrender anything to another team and they don't to you. Once a Peace Treaty is active, you can go into the other team's border and use their resources. They can do the same to you. Also, you can't attack each other until the time limit runs out. Each Treaty is 10 minutes long. A treaty will activate if half of your team and half of another team agree with eachother.

    Thank You.
    Thank you for reading this. I am obsessed with this becoming a real minigame, preferably on Bedrock Edition. I actually made a small scale map. If you have any questions or want a vocal explanation, contact me on discord: J Bird #3524
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 25, 2019
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  6. I personally think the game is too long, 10 minute treaties... etc.
    Posted Nov 25, 2019
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  7. Hmm, these reference a lot of games. Monopoly, Colony Wars, Capital Supremacy(SWBF2), all come to mind. The objectives and combat mechanics are unclear. Especially towards Capital Supremacy, the idea of 2 teams battling out is already super duper long, and a lot of back and forth which can last for a long time. While I do agree we need some longer gamers, too long could also be a turnoff for many players. Also the conquering aspect sounds like Castle Siege. I think your idea needs to be elaborated on more, more clear and concise points and objectives of the game. Maybe a few more kits? 2 Kits severely lowers uniqueness/creativity of each player/game. Just a few ideas I had from reading your post.
    Posted Nov 26, 2019
  8. Hello,

    To start off, there is a lot of ideas stated in this message. I believe this is too long of a game, people want quick and fast games and to have a game like this that'd go for a long time would just die off. Secondly, if we were to add it'd confuse people a lot with how the game works and most games on Mineplex it takes around 3-4 rounds to completely understand each one.

    If my message isn't too clear, make sure to refer to @EnderCreeperJack's message, -1.

    Happy suggesting,
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  9. Heyo,

    I merged your two Empire threads together as they were extremely similar, feel free to message me if you have any questions about this.

    As for the idea, you never specified the overall game time, just that there are 10-minute treaties, 8 minutes before switching kits and 3 minutes of waiting before your item gets returned from the market. Based on these times alone, this seems like an extremely long commitment that I don't think would work on Mineplex. Also, it's a version-specific game since you wanted to give players shields, so that's another issue. I feel like the team that had the diamond resource would also have an extremely large advantage, since they could control the market based off of diamond gear being the best in the game. All in all, it's a creative idea, but I don't think it would work on Mineplex.
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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  10. I have to agree with this. The idea is creative but I cannot see myself playing this.
    Happy Suggesting!
    Posted Dec 11, 2019
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  11. I don’t really think I would play this. I’m new to Mineplex and yet I don’t think this would attract players. It doesn’t really seem that great overall, considering some of the cons about it. I can also see minor issues with some of the gameplay.

    I think I would rate this a -1
    Posted Dec 11, 2019
  12. Ok so how about this- the time limit is like cake wars. You know how there comes a time when everyone's cake is eaten? Thats the time when everyone becomes a knight class. Also, the peace treaties are permanent unless you hit someone on their team or someone on their team hits you, or you can choose to quit peace treaty as a new option. You can switch kits every 3 minutes. The players spawn in with stone tools which wont get diamond right away, they would have to trade for iron. The resources for each team are random each game, so keep that in mind.
    I've also been thinking about a new kit. Its called Smither.
    What they do is smelt and craft. They are the only ones that can do this, which will cause team building and communicating.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 13, 2019
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  13. I like this idea very much, and the long game thing could be fixed by increasing time to 40+ minutes. To me Empire would be sort of like a mix between Bridges and Ultra Hardcore, and I love it. 1+
    Posted Dec 13, 2019
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  14. Posted Dec 13, 2019
  15. I would like to private message some employee on details about the game. There are many small details that are left out and i would like to clarify them.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 13, 2019
  16. Employee? If you are referring to Mods, they are volunteer.
    Posted Dec 13, 2019
  17. Messaging BlueBeetle may be a good idea, they respond quite fast and nicely, if I remember right when I had messaged them.
    Posted Dec 14, 2019
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  18. OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 15, 2019
  19. I did mean PM them but that works too I guess-
    Posted Dec 17, 2019
  20. Dang 14/18 say this should be a game
    --- Post updated ---
    What exactly are the qualifications to make this a game? If anyone knows, please tell me.
    --- Post updated ---
    I really hope this will be a game. So do 16 other people
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 27, 2019

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