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In Discussion New Castle Siege Kits

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by Young_Inventor, May 20, 2020.


Which Of These Kits Would You Like To See

  1. Castle Cat

  2. Castle Pig

  3. Castle Mage

  4. Castle Guard

  5. Undead Blaze

  6. Undead Spider

  7. None Of them

  8. All of them

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So I know Castle Siege is technically a deleted mini game, but it still has a large community on the MPS, so I'm wondering if some new kits could be added.

    Kits After Defenders Die:

    Castle Cat
    (Has speed 1)
    Can use cat slash (does 2 hearths of damage, 1 minute cool down.)

    Castle Pig

    Has a carrot it can throw (up to 5 blocks away.) It will dash automatically to the carrot, doing 2 hearts of damage to any undead in its path. (90 second Cool Down)

    Undead Kits:

    Undead Spider
    Has a stone axe
    Has feather falling, and jump boost 1.

    Undead Blaze
    Has a stone axe
    Right click the stone axe to shoot fire.
    Blaze powder will shoot out and any Defenders in the way will be set on fire. (90 second Cool down)

    Defender Kits:

    Castle Mage
    Has Chain mail armor, Iron sword, a bow and 64 arrows, 4 mushroom stews, 1 potion of harming, poison, and weakness. Every 90 seconds after they have thrown a potion, they get a new one of that potion.

    Castle Guard
    Has Iron armor, Iron sword, a bow and 64 arrows, 4 mushroom stews, and a enchanted fence post. They get one regular fence post every 30 seconds, and a repair fence every 90 seconds. The can only be one in an inventory. The repair fence can only be place by fences that are part of the castle when you spawn. It will repair all fences that have been broken in that area.

    EDIT: I have redesigned almost all the kits, using your suggestions. Please look at those kits, not these. You may now also change your vote.
    Posted May 20, 2020,
    Last edited May 20, 2020
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  2. Nice post!

    I always enjoyed the minigame sadly only available in the MPS. I think it's a great idea to add more kits for when the defenders do end up dying to choose something besides the wolf. Castle Cat & Pig are really good suggestions that hopefully would get reviewed into consideration. Adding the spider and blaze is pretty intense and could lead to an unfair ratio of the win/lose in the game. On another hand the Defender Kits are awesome as well if added a water bottle to clear fire from blaze the undead and defender kits could work out. I'm not sure if they would due to it being unable to the public.
    Posted May 20, 2020
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  3. These Are Great Tho
    Posted May 20, 2020
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  4. I'm going to share my opinions for each of the kits.

    -castle cat
    Just to be clear, it still spawns with two hearts like a wolf does, right? From what I understand it is basically a wolf but does 2 hearts instead of 3, and has speed 1, so I guess it would be nice to see.

    -castle pig
    I feel like this would be by far the best option when there are many undead. Doing two hearts to every nearby undead would be significantly better than wolf or cat.

    -Undead spider
    I'm going to start with saying spiders aren't undead mobs so I feel like that goes against the purpose of the undead team. You suggested feather falling, but that's an enchantment. So does this mean the spider kit would have some boots? You should say which armor piece it would have. The other thing is I feel like spider being wide would give it a hitbox disadvantage. I don't think just feather falling 1 and jump boost 1 makes it a good kit, I think it would probably not do much. Remember the pigman kit has speed 1, and leap.

    -Undead blaze
    Once again, blazes aren't an undead mob. I think you should say how much fire is shot/how long defenders are on fire. But a 90 second cooldown seems too long, as undead die more often and are supposed to repeatedly charge in waves.

    -Castle mage
    The first thing I think is that the negative potion effects should not work on the user or any of the other defenders. I don't know if weakness would really be that useful, and a zombie would probably outregenerate poison. The kit's armor is close to the knight and it has the same sword, as well as a bow, arrows, and soups. Also, a bow, 64 arrows, 4 soups, an iron sword, and three potions would take up 10 spots, and the hotbar is 9. A possible solution is that the arrows spawn in the inventory, but then you can't see how many you have left.

    -Castle gaurd
    This just seems to be a better version of knight. Same armor, sword, bow, soups, gets a fence every 30 seconds. It has what knight has and more. So I think it could use a rework so it's not just objectively better than knight. I think the fence repairers are interesting though.
    Posted May 20, 2020
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  5. Mineplex will likely never update games that are strictly available in MPS’s unless it is to fix a major bug/issue. That said, there’s currently a lot of pressure from the community to bring the game back, so when and if that happens I recommend posting this thread again. It would be neat to see some big changes upon relaunching the game, and I would love to see a few new kits thrown in there.
    Posted May 20, 2020
  6. First off: The three undead creatures you suggested aren't actually undead creatures. A spider is a living creature and a blaze is completely made up (by Minecraft). I would probably say that it is living as well. This would not make them fit well because they are not actually undead. The whole point of the game is to survive the night so that the undead would burn in the sunlight. None of the creatures you suggested will do that.

    For the castle guard kit, it looks very similar to the knight kit but is slightly better. I don't think that this would be a good idea because for this reason.

    The mage kit could work but I think it needs to have some other special moves and not simply just potions. Maybe right click the sword to use static laser or something like that. I feel that a mage kit should be able to cast spells or do something that is more fantasy like. I will say yes to this since the idea is not bad but it definitely needs to built on a little more.

    Also, Castle Siege is not currently an actual game, so I don't think this will happen unless it gets re-added back sometime in the future (which I definitely think is possible considering how many people are requesting for it to be added back)
    Posted May 20, 2020
  7. So here are the kits again, but updated, and more refined, based of your suggestions:

    Castle Cat is the same.

    Castle Pig now only does 1 heart of damage, but also does some knokback.

    Undead spider is now the undead skeleton jockey.

    Has Stone Axe

    Has jump boost.

    It has boots with feather falling (which you can't see) and the ability, Poison Fang . By right-clicking the axe, it will become enchanted, the first Defender to be hit with the axe when enchanted will receive poison for 5 seconds. There is a 45 second cool down.

    Undead Blaze is now undead Zombie Villager

    Has stone axe

    They have no potion effects.

    They have the ability, Upgrade. If you right click the stone axe, for 20 seconds, they have a iron axe. If they can get a kill with the iron axe on a Defender they can upgrade it with sharpness and efficiency 1, for 10 extra seconds. There is a 30 second cool down.

    Castle Mage:

    (Just to clarify potion effects only effect undead.)

    Has Chainmail armor, a bow and 64 arrows, (the arrows are in your inventory) an Iron Sword, 4 mushroom stews, and 1 potion of harming, poison and weakness.

    They will get new a new potion of the one they threw, 1 minute after it was thrown.

    Has the ability, Lightning Bolt.

    Hold down right click when holding the sword to activate it. A bar will appear with 10 boxes. Every second while holding down right, a box will turn from red to green. When you let go, a lightning bolt will strike 1-10 blocks away from you, depending on how long held down right, represented by the green boxes. The longer you hold down, the more powerful it gets, and the enemy is set on fire for longer. There is a 20 second cool down. You must hold down for at least one second for this to work.

    Castle Guard

    Has Iron helmet and chest plate, Gold, leggings and boots, a bow and 64 arrows, 4 mushroom stews, and a Iron sword.

    Gets one fence post every 30 seconds (max of 2) and one repair fence every minute (max of 1)

    Repair fences fix all fences part of a gate that has been broken. (can not fix player made gates)

    Note the Castle Guard does not do 150 percent more knokback, and take 50 percent less knokback like the knight.

    These are the new versions o
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 20, 2020
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  8. For the spider jokey, what part takes damage? Does the skeleton make the player get hit, only the spider, or hitting either hurt the player? Remember you only increased the already large hitbox. When you say feather falling but you can't see, do you mean it just has a passive of taking less fall damage? Finally, what level is the poison?

    I think the nerf on pig was much needed. The added knockback could be useful too.

    The iron axe would be very useful as you break fences faster and are stronger in PvP. I think it's good that it only gets the enchantments from defenders, not from wolves. I think we should look at the cooldown/ability length. If it lasts 20 seconds and has a 30 second cooldown, does this mean the cooldown starts instantly and you only have to wait 10 seconds to use it again? Or, does it mean 30 seconds after it wears off? If it's the first one the cooldoown should definitely be increased.

    Is the lightning bolt ability random within up to 10 blocks, or do you get to aim it? The cooldown seems short but I think it's good you specified it has a maximum range of only 10 blocks.

    I think castle guard could have uses, probably mostly around king to completely fix fences. Nice ideas!
    Posted May 20, 2020
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  9. For your first point, the player will take damage, if the skeleton or spider is hit. I meant that you can't see the boots. The poison would be level 2. It would for 2-5 seconds.

    For your second point, the cooldown will start after any added time is over.

    For your last point, for each second you hold down right click (indicated by the boxes turning from red to green) the lightning bolt will go one block further from where you are standing (vertically) after you let go of the button.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to me! I'm happy you like my idea. ;)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 20, 2020,
    Last edited May 20, 2020
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  10. Thank you for bringing these ideas! My favorite would have to be the blaze!
    Posted May 22, 2020
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