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New Boss Event: Goliath

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Baloo, Sep 13, 2020.


Would you like to see this added?

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  2. Hmm

  3. No

  1. General:
    Now, I’ve created a potential boss event already. My overall plan for clans events is to have a different event for each legend, meaning that each event will have a higher chance to drop a specific legend. Here is the ongoing list of events I’ve come up with or that are already in the game:
    • Current Legends:

      • Meridian Scepter - Skeleton King

      • Magnetic Maul - Iron Wizard

      • Knight’s Great Lance - Undead Horsemen

      • Scythe of The Fallen Lord - Charles Witherton

      • Giant’s Broadsword - Goliath

      • Hyper Axe - SoonTM

      • Alligator’s Tooth - SoonTM

      • Wind Blade - SoonTM
    • New Legends:

    Giant Zombie wearing a diamond helmet and chestplate, wielding a Giant’s Broadsword[​IMG]



    • 4000 Health

    • Melee (6-8 Damage)

    • Stomp (think Seismic Slam)

      • Deals 8 base damage (fall damage not included)

      • All enemies within 4 blocks will be sent into the sky ~14 blocks and back around ~7 blocks (away from Goliath)
    • Kick (think Skeleton Horse “Bone Kick” from SSM)

      • One player will be hit with a massive knockback attack (sending them to the walls of the arena)

      • Deals 10 damage

      • Gives player slowness 1 and nausea 1 for ~8 seconds (confusion from being kicked)
    • Boulder Throw

      • Goliath will throw a massive boulder (blocks on armor stands) at a player

      • Deals 12 damage

      • Blocks will scatter and deal ~4 damage to anyone within 6 blocks of the original target
    • Intimidation

      • Goliath will give all players within a 10 block radius weakness 1 and slowness 1 for 15 seconds
    • Alpha Zombie

      • Spawns Undead Warriors to defend itself (will spawn away from players to prevent instant kills)

        • Warriors have 100 Health

        • Function the same as normal Undead Warriors
    • Goliath cannot be attacked while the Undead Warriors are still alive

    • Activates at:

      • 3000 Health (2 Zombies)

      • 2000 Health (4 Zombies)

      • 1000 Health (6 Zombies)

      • 100 Health (8 Zombies)

    • Enrage

      • Upon being set on fire Goliath will become enraged and swap targets to whoever set him on fire (Although fire does EXTRA damage, it would be more than usual fire-tick)

      • Movement Speed increased x2

      • Damage increased x1.5 (9-12 damage)

      • Lasts for ~5 seconds (after fire tick is finally removed)
    • Tough Skin

      • Immune to projectile damage
    • Colossus

      • Due to his size, Goliath takes no knockback, including from abilities (like blizzard)

    As any other boss event would function, Goliath would have the ability to drop:
    • Legendaries

      • Higher chance of dropping a Giants Broadsword
    • Mounts

    • Gold Tokens

    • Rares

    • Old Silver Token (Guaranteed)

    Goliath is massive, making him slower to move and attack but when he does it’s very high damage. His abilities are based around his size, meaning it’s very easy for him to manipulate and push players around (stomp and kick). Being the largest zombie gives him command over others (hence the Undead Warriors) and allows him to intimidate his foes (Alpha Zombie and Intimidation). Given his armor and size, Goliath is immune to knockback and projectile damage (Tough Skin and Colossus), I want players to be forced to melee a boss, none of the current bosses have an “only” melee mode. Or, they have instant kill abilities, Goliath’s abilities are high damage but it is very unlikely for you to be instantly killed meaning it’s plausible to make him an only melee boss. The Iron Wizard basically already has the “Enrage” passive, as setting him on fire boosts his speed. But since Goliath is a zombie I think it makes sense for him to want to avoid being on fire, and if he is set on fire he will try to remove whoever set him on fire from the battle (by targeting them). I think the trade-off of making him angrier but dealing increased damage could be a cool idea, and I can see people using this to bait him into different corners which is a neat idea gameplay-wise. As for his health, I think that since his damage is generally low, and there is no way for you to really get instant killed (unless you were already low) that it makes him a great melee boss. Now, as a melee boss that generally can’t instantly kill attackers, he should take longer to kill. In my opinion, the easier the boss the higher health they should have (to leave other players/clans the chance to get to the event). The only potential issue I see is the ability to solo him, but again this is clans, you are encouraged to fight bosses as a team, not as a solo. Plus, there are still abilities like static lazer or explosive arrow that do damage from range (the AOE part not the projectile) so it would technically be possible to kill him solo, it would just take a long time.

    Posted Sep 13, 2020
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  2. +1 From Me
    Posted Sep 13, 2020
  3. Seems like a difficult and challenging event, I'd like to see this be added sometime in the future! :)
    Posted Sep 14, 2020
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  4. Very well thought out idea. Seems like it would be quite a fun boss to fight, apart from the warriors, because they can be a pain. I'm not really a fan of the leap ability they have in the game right now but that's another story. I can already see some cool METAs forming, like using an immolate mage to bait the boss.

    Like you already pointed out, trying to solo this boss would be almost impossible without legends. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because solos can either A: try to clean the event B: truce up or C: just not do the event. However, there are plenty of events currently in the game for solo players to go to. We don't need every single one to be solo friendly, sort of like the raid. If this is a problem though, there are some mechanics that could make it possible for solos, like a chance to deflect its attacks

    I can definitely see this becoming a popular event if it gets introduced into the game.
    Posted Sep 15, 2020
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  5. Yeah, I'm not sold on the warriors, I thought since Goliath is a giant zombie he might have some kind of "power" over smaller ones (just to add to the lore of clans a bit) but it doesn't need to be included. I would be fine with him just being a melee boss like the Iron Wizard, but he wouldn't have the instant kill abilities like the block shield (final) or the block toss (which does massive damage if you get in close when he throws them). I'd like to hear other people's suggestions for an "end" move like the Iron Wizard's block shield. I wasn't too sure what to add so I just went with mob spawns.

    As for solos and duos, I don't think clans should push that right now. The clan size has already been reduced to 12, but I don't think we shrunk it enough. I would rather it be pushed further to 5-8 to match the other Champions games. I don't see a reason to push people into having 20 man clans when our player base is already so low, but then again clans/champions is built around being a team, that's why you have the 5 different kits. The kits counter/complement each other depending on what builds you run. Given this, I don't think we should cater to solos/duos. If they want to play in a smaller clan they should understand the game is going to be harder for them, as it should be designed around teams of 5-8. Maybe if season 7 were to launch with an abundance of players, I wouldn't mind having "map resets" experiment with the number of players per clan, we could try 5-8, or even a map of just 3-4. If it doesn't work we can always reset earlier than 3 months. But again, you need a high player count for this otherwise you might push people away from the game mode entirely.

    But yeah, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it as always :D
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 15, 2020
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  6. "For your Goliath idea, would you be able to bow it? I read through your idea and what you wrote, and I love that the idea is for it to be a melee focused boss. I just think, that for a boss that is best to melee, you should only be able to melee. Like, if you try to hit the Skeleton King you basically die if you don't leave within 5 seconds of hitting it."

    This was a response from someone on discord who is unable to participate on the forums, as it's thoughtful and gives good feedback I'll post it here so people can read it.

    My Response:
    "Nah you wouldn't be able to bow it, and it wouldn't take knockback. So you can't just maul it up and keep it in the air (with hypers) to cheese it. It would require coordination between your clan (maybe one person baits it with a fire sword since it will target whoever sets it on fire) and then the rest of your clan can run around backstabbing it. It would still take damage from abilities like static lazer or explosive arrow (the explosion not the actual projectile) so you can technically still kill it from range, it just takes a lot longer than actually meleeing it.

    I would rather it be an only melee than melee/ranged like the IW. Technically you can melee the IW but it has so many abilities like block toss (the damage from being in close is insane), earthquake (deals so much damage if you don't have break-fall), and its final block shield move that it's not easy to melee it

    This boss wouldn't be as hard ability-wise as the IW but it wouldn't be a pushover."

    Thanks for the feedback!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 19, 2020
  7. The person who disagreed with this idea probably confused the yes and no options.
    Posted Sep 19, 2020
  8. I really like your enthusiasm regarding events for clans. However, I do believe that having multiple events for every single legend would be a little bit overkill but still a nice thing to have. I did see you included the possibility of having new legendaries in the game that would match with even more new events which I think is something we are very limited on currently (Due to the number of music discs in the game we would have to start using new items which eventually would take up the space of possible new content).

    Overall, I really like the concept of this event but I do think it would be too easy if it had very low damage. Not just that, but it also has the biggest hitbox in the game and as you mentioned in the original post, it would be an event that even a single player could take on and that's not really what we're looking for because our main goal is to encourage team gameplay
    Posted Sep 19, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 19, 2020
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  9. lmaooooo Eroca still trying to put in her 2 cents to keep CM
    Posted Sep 19, 2020
  10. I have to agree with @Eroca here. Giants have the biggest hitbox in the game, now imagine giving them such a low damage per hit. This would allow for a group of people to each go around the boss and tank the damage for the rest of the team, one by one. That is, of course, not taking solo players into consideration because they could also just take the event by themselves.

    I do believe this event would be too easy even if it had the highest health in the game but if you can convince me that it wouldn't be as easy as it sounds then in that case I'm all for it! :)
    Posted Sep 19, 2020
  11. I don't think having an event for each legend is overkill at all. Boss events have not been touched in the slightest since season 3, which was only for arena changes. Gameplay-wise they have not been changed since they were released. Competing servers all have had multiple boss events and no one seemed to mind. As a clans player I would rather have an overly high amount of events than the same 2 that I've fought for years. There are currently 8 legends within the game with one of them, the Scythe, already having its own "event". With 2 current bosses already within the game all I'm suggesting is that 5 new events be added. I don't see how adding to the lore of the game with new content is anyway bad and should be avoided. Not all of these events need to be added within 1 given season, they could be spread out through 1-3 seasons to give people an introduction to the events without shoving all 5 upon them. Plus, this gives the opportunity to monetize the events with spawn tokens, which is just more money that can be invested back into clans. There are certain nerfs that need to be put onto spawn tokens (randomized location, timer from activation until event start (2 mins), and a cooldown so you can't spawn endless events (you have to wait until the nether ends)).

    Given the fact that 3-4 items used for the clans GUI are also music discs, it would be easy to swap these textures to another item that wouldn't function very well as a legend (like a block that could be placed, or a spawn egg that would never get used in the first place, etc.). There are plenty of items still left for new content. So in my opinion this is a pretty easy fix and I don't think it should be used as an argument to oppose new legends.

    Since Goliath takes no knockback and can't be bowed I don't see how the size of the hitbox is an issue. In fact it probably makes it more difficult as it has a higher attack range than other bosses (see Goliath in the raid for example). A "Giant Zombie" boss already exists within the Halloween Havic game, in the game it can be some what easy to kite if you get it to target someone but if you make it so the zombie switches targets more often this isn't an issue, plus if you don't know what you're doing that boss almost always kills you. The boss does decent damage per hit (about the same as a diamond sword) so he could kill a player in 4-5 hits. Given the boss is melee only I think that's fair, maybe it could be buffed to ~10 dmg. The proposed abilities all deal high damage to players, or AoE to all around him. So sure you can have one person bait and the rest attack but if he were to use 1-2 AoE abilities it would basically kill everyone surrounding him.

    I'm not sure what you guys mean by soloing the boss, it would be EXTREMELY difficult to solo it via melee, and the only ranged abilities you could use are static laser and explosive arrow, which would take AGES to kill the boss. So sure I can sit there for 30+ minutes and static laser it to death but I can do that with any boss? So I really don't understand the argument behind that. You both also discuss attacking it in a group, but then said that "a single player could take on and that's not really what we're looking for because our main goal is to encourage team gameplay" but claim it would be too easy to do in a group? Isn't that the point? Every boss should get easier when you fight it as a team, this boss is no different. If people have a valid and smart strategy to kill the boss then good for them, I can see a couple ways people might figure out how to make the boss easier, but you can do that with any boss (mauling the IW, avoiding wraiths in SK, getting Charles stuck against a pillar). Again as I said before, you can't bow this boss. Meaning that it is indeed NOT easy to solo it. By the time you got him low enough to melee as a solo, you most likely have already been cleaned by a larger clan.

    Now to speak about the difficulty, anyone can design a boss with instant kill abilities, that doesn't mean it's fun. High damage and instant kill abilities does not equate to fun. This boss is interactive, has several abilities that do massive damage and could end up losing your clan the team fight, it's melee only which is something we haven't seen before in clans. No, it's not as hard as the Iron Wizard but you can also bow the Iron Wizard, meaning that you aren't forced to melee it and get instantly killed by one of several abilities. Not all events need to be extremely hard, they just need to be fun. If anything, raids should be one of the main pieces of content that include instant kill abilities as they are meant to be hard since you don't have to fight off other clans after you get inside. Events are different, sure the bosses can be a bit hard but your main challenge is other clans, not the boss itself.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 19, 2020
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  12. I see her as one of the most active CMAs, I don't know what you're talking about
    Posted Sep 19, 2020
  13. Literally what was the necessity of this statement? You clicked on a clans thread proposing an event just so that you could belittle a moderator's comments on an idea. You also clearly have no idea what you're talking about considering that Eroca is one of the most active clans staff members. If you're going to talk on a clans thread, be productive, and at least be remotely on topic. Harassing staff members for no reason won't get you further than a forums ban.
    Posted Sep 19, 2020
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  14. Have you already coded the plugin? If so how much dev time did it take?
    Also, in the leaked code, I've heard of a few bosses; some along the lines
    Posted Sep 19, 2020
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  15. Nope, I haven't made this boss into an actual plugin yet. That's something I'll get to in due time, I've got something else I want to work on first. The plugin I have made is for a proto-type legend for the next event I have planned, it's not perfect as I didn't organize my methods into utility classes or make it memory efficient but it's just a prototype and something to help me learn about plugin development so I'm not too worried about it at the moment. I might go through and try to fix it up later but at the moment I'm working on other things. It took a couple of days as I was still trying to learn about plugin development, I already knew java but hadn't screwed around with plugins just yet.

    As for the leaked code, I know what you're talking about and I know which events you're referring to, but since it is leaked code I'm not going to make a forum post on it or anything. I've already talked to Flaym about the possibility of them being used in a new season and he said he would ask about it. If you want to talk about the events more openly I'd be fine to do it over discord/forum messages but don't want it in a public thread, since it is leaked code.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 19, 2020
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  16. Btw, you're a rare type of person; it's not very common that one can have great ideas and the ability to execute said ideas (since you are a coder). I truly admire that
    Posted Sep 20, 2020
  17. My bad guys, Eroca is my favorite staff member besides HeyItsTay_, but yeah my bad my bad. Didn't mean anything but to make you clans people laugh. :pleading-face:
    Posted Sep 20, 2020

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