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New Bedrock Game Idea: Sheep Quest

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by _Golden_Freddy_, Jan 22, 2022.

  1. A long time ago, there was a popular game mode on Mineplex Java Edition called "Sheep Quest".
    What was sheep quest like?
    Sheep quest consisted of 4 teams with 4 players on each team. Team colors were Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Each game lasted 5 minutes. Once the game started, players would go to the middle of the map to collect sheep but you would have to pvp other players while trying to get sheep. A new sheep would spawn at mid every 20 seconds. Once you collected the sheep (you could pick up and haul 3 sheep on you), you would return to your team color's pen and set the sheep there. But don't leave your pen defenseless, you must defend your pen of sheep and stop other players from other teams stealing your sheep. Once the 5 minutes are up, the team with the most sheep wins the game! But if there is a tie and time is up, players would have to try to take sheep from other teams so they would have the most sheep in order to win the game.

    How would you pick up sheep?
    The way sheep would be picked up was with a saddle and you could pick up to 3 sheep, you would gain more and more slowness the more sheep you picked up making it vulnerable for you to be hit by other players to catch you and stop you from taking sheep. If a player hit you while carrying sheep, all sheep you carried would fall down and sheep would walk their way back to the team color that is the same color as their wool.

    Beserker: With this kit, you would have an iron axe as a weapon and you could also leap using the space bar or jump button (although in bedrock it could be made to use the axe and right clicking the axe or double tap the axe for those on tablets). There was a cooldown between each use.

    Archer kit: This kit came with a wooden sword and a bow and arrows which would spawn every second and you would get a maxium of 5 arrows (i think) and as you use your arrows, another one would spawn so you would not run out of arrows.

    Brute Kit: Brute came with an iron sword as a weapon and you could also throw sheep with this kit also in java but i think throwing the sheep would be hard on bedrock due to all the various devices players play on so if that was the case, the kit could be just called the fighter kit. But i will let mineplex make that decision.

    You could not upgrade or enchant your weapons either.

    Each player would have leather armor the entire game that was non-upgradeable (meaning you could not upgrade your armor to iron or diamond). The armor was also dyed the team color you represent like in cakewars.

    You would have to fight other teams to steal or get sheep in order to get more sheep in your pen. You also have to defend your pen by PvPing other players and you could knock down sheep by hitting other players carrying sheep.
    Once a player dies, they would respawn after 5 seconds, repawns were infinate in sheep quest.

    Let me know what you think of bringing sheep quest as a gamemode to mineplex bedrock and let me know if i missed anything!
    Posted Jan 22, 2022
    We're already having war against them and the block bug imbalance is impounding on all of us!
    Posted Feb 27, 2022
  3. Sheep Quest is still around on Java, although barely accessible. You normally have to wait a half hour or so in the mixed arcade rotation just to play a single game. It's actually a personal favorite of mine. I also have that I know would really, REALLY want it back in all its glory.
    Posted Feb 27, 2022
  4. It would be a lot of fun, granted I was staff towards the beginning of Mineplex PE. Mixed arcade was a hit with the mini games, and sheepquest was a very popular java game. It boils down to whether its compatible or not. You have to think about many different things when adding a game like sheep quest to the server, like accessibility for players on console and mobile, also bedrock development is much different from java so also ensuring the code and the game layout is appropriate. It's a great idea, to add a capture the flag sort of game to bedrock, I definitely thing it would be a hit.
    Posted Feb 27, 2022
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  5. anything with sheep's gets my +1
    Posted Feb 28, 2022
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  6. Sheep Quest is a super fun gamemode. If it is compatible I would for sure play it.
    Posted Feb 28, 2022
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  7. I would like to see any sort of new game added (that empty game podium has been sitting there for a while in the lobby) Plz MIneplex ADD IT!!
    Posted Mar 4, 2022
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  8. How long has it been on Bedrock? Java hasn't seen a permanent addition since Nano in 2018.
    Posted Mar 4, 2022
  9. I would love to see Sheep Quest as the new NPC Gamemode!
    but I personally think that wolves should be added, as there function is to be like the Enemy Team but they eat the sheep, therefore you have to guard it from the wolves too. Just a Suggestion. (^o^)
    Posted Mar 4, 2022
  10. Disagree. Suppose there is a team who is getting attacked by two other teams (trust me, this always happens to me to this day), but now they need to defend from wolves too (if they were added). Well this would make the game more frustrating.
    Posted Mar 4, 2022
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