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Neat Trick to use while Playing Bomb Lobbers.

Discussion in 'Bomb Lobbers' started by Cepheus, Oct 15, 2021.


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  1. Hi there :D

    During the time I played Minecraft, i would play the games / mini games amongst the Mineplex server with my friends, we would group together in parties and go play games such as Color swap, bomb lobbers, Dragon escape, And a bunch others, They all beat me in every game due to naturally being better at them than me - Even bomb lobbers. But that was only until I taught myself a neat trick :)

    Im pretty sure this has already been used / invented by other people who play the game, but Im still posting this thread to tell you anyways just in case you did know. So without further talking, I'll tell you how this Trick is done.

    • Let 3 TNT build up in your hotbar.
    • Once you've done that, Rick click on the 3 TNT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!
    With that being said, if you following those 2 steps correctly you should be able to rapid-fire 3 pieces of tnt!! It's super effective.

    hope this helped and I wish you a good day :D
    Posted Oct 15, 2021
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