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Nano Wizards: Kit Suggestions

Discussion in 'Nano Games' started by Augend, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Augend


    Hello hello hello!
    From the shared love for Wizards/Nano Wizards, I bring you a few Kit Suggestions to replace the current one and overall just some ideas. To clarify, we aren't suggesting having multiple kits (even though that is preferred) just some kit ideas we have in general and ones that could possibly replace the current kit.

    The main contributors for the kit ideas in this thread include two Ex-Wizard Game Insight members:

    Smaland47 @Smaland47 and KingOfWizards. @KingOfWizards

    Other contributors to the discussions include:

    @Vocaloiid and Augend. (Myself)

    Fire Kit Changes and Additions:

    First off, we want to increase the cooldown of Fireball to around 1.5-2 seconds. At the moment, players can constantly spam them with tiny intervals in between each use. Nerfing the cooldown will make players play a bit more careful and make you think where they're going to place the Fireballs rather than spamming them randomly. Still, we want to keep it low enough so it still has the fast-paced gameplay that most players enjoy. The cooldown would be 1.5-2 seconds (still haven't decided)

    Secondly, we want to change the visual effects of TNT, by changing it into a Netherrack block that would spread particles when exploding similar to how the Revealer's emeralds work in Sneaky Assassins. It would have the same gameplay besides being more visible for players to avoid if they notice it. In addition, we suggest changing the name to "Firecracker". The cooldown would be the same as TNT, 3 seconds.

    Thirdly, we want to change Whirlwind to fit the kit more, by changing it into an ability we call "Ignis Wheel". Ignis Wheel will rapidly propel players forward and would deal small damage (1 heart) to players they come into contact with. It would be exactly like Inferno/Bone Rush from the Blaze and Skeleton Horse kits in Super Smash Mobs. The cooldown would be 6 seconds.

    The final addition to the Fire Kit we thought up of is an ability known as "Phoenix". Similar to how a Phoenix explodes and is reborn with a flurry of red colors and a new coat, our suggestion is having the player make a distinct sound. After making the sound, the player will gain Slowness 5 for 1.5 seconds and Resistance 1 for 1 second. They will explode after 2 seconds and deal 5 hearts enemies if the players are a block away from them, 2 hearts to enemies if you are 2 blocks away and 1 heart if they are 3 blocks away. It will launch foes 10 blocks if you are in its range. Due to its relatively long startup with a moment of vulnerability, this ability will heal 6 hearts to the player. The cooldown would be 18 seconds.

    Fireball Hotbar Item: Blaze Rod
    Firecracker Hotbar Item: Netherrack
    Ignis Wheel Hotbar Item: Magma Cream
    Phoenix Hotbar Item: Blaze Powder

    Ice Kit New Kit Suggestion:

    Since we are going with a theme of 2 attack abilities, 1 tactical ability, and a healing ability, our first attack ability for Ice Kit is known as Ice Shards. Ice Shards would be 3 ghast tears that would be thrown in a slightly arcing line one after another over 1.5 seconds. Upon contact, enemies would take half a heart per hit shard. It would give enemies 1 second of Slowness 1 for each Shard that is hit, so if a player hits all three, their target would have 3 seconds of Slowness 1. The cooldown for this ability is 3 seconds. (To clarify the timer would start after the 3rd one is launched)

    Ice Kit's second ability would be Crystallization. The player would throw an Ice Block out, similar to the Revealer's emerald in Sneaky Assassins, and after 1 second it would shoot up an Ice Spike in a 3x3 area, dealing 4 hearts of damage. The cooldown for this ability is 6 seconds.

    The tactical ability for Ice Kit would be Frost Barrier. The player would throw a Packed Ice Block that would create a 9 tall 7 wide wall made out of Ice blocks. All players can break these with their fists. The cooldown for this ability is 9 seconds.

    The healing ability for Ice Kit would be Cryostasis. It's similar to the ability the Overwatch Hero, "Mei" uses. The player encloses themselves in a small, 1 by 1 Ice Pillar, healing rapidly. You would heal 1.5 hearts every second for 3 seconds, they can cancel the ability by shifting. If an enemy shatters the ice, the healing will be canceled, letting the player move immediately. The cooldown for this ability would be 11 seconds.

    Ice Shards Hotbar Item: Ghast Tear
    Crystallization Hotbar Item: Ice Block
    Frost Barrier Hotbar Item: Packed Ice Block
    Cryostasis Hotbar Item: Blue Stained Glass Block

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, we are willing to come up with more kit ideas if necessary.

    Always remember, Corrieum Brunneis.
    Posted Oct 11, 2018,
    Last edited Oct 11, 2018
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  2. Smaland47


    cool ideas i think we should add them good thread every body

    to even out the cycle of fire > ice < ??? though let me suggest a third thing

    hm. what to be.

    not water. that's hard to make spells for.

    earth? yeah, that works

    basic attack: bullet boulder
    throws a block of (cobble?) stone forward at high velocity. it has lower range than ice shards, but does a relatively large amount of damage. it also has a large hitbox.

    heavy attack: sinkhole
    throw an item(which?) at low velocity. small range. on landing, a distinct sound plays. after 1 second, a large hole is dug around it. any enemies in this hole get sucked into the earth and take major damag.e

    utility attack: particles ripple around you in a widening circle of 3? blocks radius.
    any enemies within that circle are knocked away 5-7? blocks. a small amount of damage is dealt.

    health: natures cycle

    sink into the earth and heal 5 hearts? its 2 am.
    Posted Oct 11, 2018
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  3. Vocaloiid


    As Augend said, we're open to any feedback possible for these ideas. Smaland47, Augend, and KingOfWizards did an amazing job putting all of this together, and we'd like to know any way it could be improved.
    Posted Oct 11, 2018
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