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[NANO] "New" Minigames for Quick Game

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by ChickenBoxl, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I wanna suggest some old minigames from the old removed game Bawk Bawk Battles.

    1. King of the Ladder

    Everyone is equipped with a stick with Knock back I on a small sky island, but nobody can get pushed out of the world or get killed.
    The first one, who reached the top of the ladder tower, wins!

    2. MINI OITQ

    Everyone is equipped with a bow and an arrow on a small place with little hiding places. Who gets shot by an arrow, gets insta killed. The arrow resupplies every 5 -15 seconds. The Last Standing wins the game!

    3. Kangeroo Jump

    Everyone has a very high jump boost. They must get as high as possible. There are many blocks which are randomly placed upside. There should be space where the players can jump through. I recommend that the blocks should be colorful wools. Nobody can fall out of the world. The highest player wins the game!

    4. Block Wave

    Oh no! A lot of Block Waves are running towards you (the players). You should avoid them or else you will get smashed out of the world. I think this is difficult because deadly block waves are not easy to create.

    I hope you will consider to add at least one of them in Quick Games (or as a solo game in Nano Games).

    Thank you for reading and if you remember any other cool minigames from the old Bawk Bawk Minigames which are not already in any similar form in Nano Games, pls introduce and share them here. :)
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
  2. I definitely think that some BBB games should make their way to Nano as BBB isn't playable anymore except through an MPS. To go through your list:

    King of the ladder // I could see this fitting right into nano. I would say it would be a better solo game in nano, rather than a quick minigame. It's not my favorite game mode to be honest, and I think other people in the community might tend to agree. That might be a reason why it wasn't added to nano in the first place. But it definitely fits the game rotation and I wouldn't mind seeing it implemented.

    MINI OITQ // I don't see this one being added. There's already the snowball game (forget what it's called) which is basically OITQ with different projectiles. The two would be a little too similar to justify having both, and I'd argue that the snowball game fits nano better as it's not a simple copy of another existing game. It adds a bit of variety in gameplay from the traditional OITQ, but is still quite similar. Though I like your take on making it different by "who gets shot by an arrow gets insta killed... the last standing wins the game" - meaning it's a ffa deathmatch. This could be cool, but with completely new maps. Instead of having the larger maps, being pit in a smaller circular arena with some, but minimal, obstacles could be a cool game.

    Kangaroo jump // I'd personally not like to see this game make a return to be honest. The game felt quite clunky to me. You'd jump too quickly for the height of the blocks above you, which were often very difficult to find a spot to jump through. This might just be me, I'm not sure. I'm sure that the team that put nano together relied a lot on community opinion, in regards to existing BBB games. I'm sure some of these games weren't added as the community largely didn't like a few of them.

    Block wave // I think this would be a great addition to nano, just as it is. I've seen in the nano community that people often suggest this be added. It's a simple fun little game that would be perfect for nano.

    Overall, nice post! I'd definitely like to see some new games introduced to nano, even if they're recycled from BBB.
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
  3. Hey!
    Honestly, I loved BBB so I would love to see some games come over from it. These were - for the most part - quick paced. Those that were a bit slower, such as Block Wave could simply have fewer rounds and last the length of the falling blocks mini-game currently in rotation. I'd love to see some of these games get revived into Nano, major +1 from me!
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
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  4. Would love to see these added.

    Without a doubt +1
    good luck,
    Posted Aug 21, 2019
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