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[NANO] New Game: Mineplex Minefield!

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by Infui, Sep 15, 2019.


Is this mini-game a good, or bad idea?

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  1. Hello everyone! I have a mini-game idea called Mineplex Minefield. In this game you have to run across the minefield without getting blown up by an explosion. The mine's appear from the bottom of the map, and you, as the player, have to run across the minefield without getting hit by an explosion. If you get hit by an explosion, you will respawn after 3 seconds. After you finish one lap across the minefield, you may go again, and try even harder, since explosions occur more once the game progresses. The person with the most laps will win the game!

    The maximum amount of laps you can finish is 5. And if 3 people get 5 laps somehow, than the first person whoever got to 5 laps first wins, second is second, third is well, third! In the game, you may sprint, but you must keep sprinting, if you walk, you will go back to the beginning. You cannot jump in the game, it would be too easy to win then. Once you have completed 5 laps, (if you have) your gamemode will change to spectator mode, and with that you will be able to cheer other friend playing on! Anyhow, I really hope that everyone reading this likes my mini-game idea, have a great day.

    Posted Sep 15, 2019

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