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In Discussion [NANO] Golf

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by skolton08, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. The minigame is pretty straight forward, it's just golf.

    It would take quite a bit of effort to keep making new maps as just replaying the same courses over and over would get quite repetitive and would give people the advantage of knowing the course and the optimal path to take. The ways I see it is a few absolutely massive courses with pitfalls and water or some sort of mini golf where there's a lot of variety but they're all short and sweet.

    There are a few ways to play, but I think this would be the most unique and fun one
    - You can make it so that you would hit in the direction and angle that you would like to launch and then possibly have blocks in your inventory to select the power to launch it. A mechanic that allows you to bank off of walls would be a necessity. It would allow for some pretty cool shots and introduce the possibility of some pretty cool obstacles.

    Obstacles are a pretty important part of making each course unique and have their own challenges. You could have massive trees that either slow or stop the balls so you would have to find a workaround or a windmill that forces you to time your shots.

    The scoring of the game could be done in multiple ways. The most reasonable way, at least I think so, would probably be to base it off of who made it to the hole in the least amount of shots.

    I just thought this up in the span of a night of insomnia, hope you guys enjoy it!
    Posted Aug 11, 2019

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