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Java Nano Games Update (09/30/2020)

Discussion in 'Update Changelogs' started by EmmaLie, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hello everyone! We're starting off the fall season with an update to Nano Games! We've heard you guys loud and clear with the request of Nano MPSs, bug fixes and brand new games! View the changelog below for more information!

    - Fixed treasure chest animations looking strange for 1.8 players
    - Adjusted the maximum player count and server resources allocated to MPSs.
    - Respawn protection is now removed if the player damages another player.

    Nano Games:
    - To celebrate the update there is a limited time mission to Win 5 Nano Games.
    - New Nano Games! Bomber, Slimeball, Splash Down and Frenzy!
    - Completely reworked Jump Rope.
    - Removed King Slime and Reverse Tag due to unpopularity
    - Added Nano MPSs. Available to Legend+!
    - Fixed cosmetics not working in Nano servers.
    - Added Gems Earned for Nano Games to the stats menu
    - Reduced the default timeout for Nano Games from 4 to 3 minutes.
    - Players are now transparent in Chicken Shoot.
    - Players that now win Dropper, Red Light Green Light, Knock Knock or Hardcore Parkour within 0.25 seconds or each other now place at the same position, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc...
    - The point value of ores in Ores Ores Ores is now sequential.
    - Players now have a Double Jump in Hot Potato, 5 second cooldown.
    - Hot Potato now has the detonation timer displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    - Reduced the time and velocity caused by crashing in Minekart.
    - Improved collision detection in Minekart.
    - Fixed an issue with the sheep in Minekart and always rotating correctly.
    - Increased the turning speed of the sheep in Minekart
    - Removed the noteblock song in Minekart
    - Fixed an issue with using the Reset Kart function to get ahead in Minekart
    - The carts are now guaranteed to be spread out in Musical Minecarts
    - Added 3 new Quick challenges
    - Increased the number of Quick challenges per game from 8 to 10
    - Fixed an issue with the "Extinguish Yourself" challenge in Quick leaving behind water
    - Removed "Pick a side" from Quick
    - Made several other changes to Quick challenges
    - Reduced vertical double jump power in Nano Wizards
    - Remove fireball destroying blocks in Nano Wizards
    - Several other games have had slight QoL changes but aren't worth mentioning
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  3. I made a thread asking opinions on the update before you could post the change log lol
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  4. cool update :)
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  5. Probably my favorite update so far this year, very nice work!
    Splash Down is my favorite out of the new games, really enjoying that one.
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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  6. NANO IN MPS!!? WOWZERS!! I can finally play it with my friends!
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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  7. Awesome update!
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  8. Awesome Nano updates! I cannot wait to try it out when I have free time. :)
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  9. Yay, finally an update for Nano Games. It's the first rather big update for Nano since initial release which is so great to see on the live network.

    I so like the new Nano MPS feature which was requested by players so much in the past, and we got that today even when Nano Games aren't directly on normal MPS along with other 'classic' games but goes separately. Also, I enjoy new Nano Games especially Splash Drop and Slimeball.

    Thanks everyone who helped with that update and our amazing Dev Sam aka Moppletop who implemented it! I hope players will like that update as well. Looking forward to seeing other players' feedback.
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  10. Thank god
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  11. Another great update by Sam, hope yall enjoy
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  12. These are some amazing updates! I love Nano Games, I play it a lot and I have definitely wanted some of these changes for quite a while, so it is great to see them being implemented. I'm about to hop on and go try out the new games as well, that seems exciting and I can't wait to see what they're like! Thank you to the development team and testing team for bringing out such a great update, hope to keep seeing more!
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  13. Very nice update. Shoutout @ Arcade Game Insights for helping make this happen
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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  14. finally yess
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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  15. Amazing update, the new games are super fun!
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  16. Absolutely love this update, a lot of these changes were greatly needed so props to the developers for pushing this out :)
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  17. We had fun testing this update, but I'll warn you all.. if you're ever in a Slimeball game with @Timmi6790.. don't let him guard the goal.
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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  18. Great update, really enjoying playing Nano now. All of the new games are great fun and easy to understand and the QOL updates are all great. Thanks for this update!
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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  19. Absolutely love this update! I am honestly in favor of pretty much everything added/changed to this update. I have yet to experience the new quick changes or the splash down gamemode so I can't really give an opinion on that just yet, but from what I have seen I am sure they will be good.

    I do have a couple suggestions regarding MPS's. I think that Copy Cat should be playable solo in MPS, and I think there should be a better way to change from a Games MPS to a Nano MPS and vice versa.
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
  20. Really excited for this! I am sure people will love NANO in MPSs and love all the new games! I really like the new jump rope, the return of slimeball, and frenzy :)
    Posted Sep 30, 2020

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