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Not Planned [Nano Games] - Idea

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Uchica Itachi, Jul 12, 2020.

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  1. Greetings, everyone!

    With the recent upload of MrBeastGaming, I had this particular idea pop into my head that may future be implemented into nano games. I was specifically thinking of a game where you must climb up a mountain with difficult obstacles may interfere with you and make your journey to the mountain much more difficult. Nevertheless, I'd like to be more specific with my suggestion.

    The map wouldn't be such a mountainous structure, it would rather be a slight pyramid shape with unique object placement to ensure it looks as it's a mountain. There would be stairs, yet the majority of stairs would be broken and/or crumbled. There would be numerous holes where players may fall into the void unexpectedly. Furthermore, there would be various obstacles to obtain the top of the pyramid / mountainous structure.

    (Edit:) This game would primarily function based off knockback and not damage. Players will have leather armor to ensure that they have enough hearts and health to make it to the top.

    Obstacles would include;

    - Untouchable dispensers firing arrows straight across from each other specifically designed to target players legs.
    - Unexpected stair crumble which will give players a short amount of time to save themselves, yet they must act quickly as possible.
    - Soulsand in the map to reduce players speed.
    - Possible fireballs which will shoot at a practical rate; nonetheless, it'll be as slow as possible to ensure players can see where the fireball is and then change direction.

    I understand the concept of this game may seem impossible and/or extremely challenging. Nonetheless, I believe our talented developers may be able to slow down these obstacles I have stated so players have time to change their direction and avoid these obstacles. I understand this game sounds unrealistic, however I picture it functioning differently and much smoothly than unrealistically running.

    This game could last a solid 60 seconds as I genuinely believe this will be a short, compact and fun game. This game is not similar to MrBeast's, yet it just performs a different function. If you need clearer describing, please let me know as I am curious to see what everyone has to think about this! <3

    (Edit:) I understand the usage of developer time and resources must be focused on the weaker sections of Mineplex. Nevertheless, as @LT Tombstone 77 stated, Nano Games is in need of more enjoyable games. I feel as if developers could find the certain time and resources to implement this in the future.

    ~ Pitato
    Posted Jul 12, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 12, 2020
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  2. Thread Moved To New Game Discussion
    I don't really have any input on the suggestion itself at this time, just moving it to a more appropriate section for you. Have a good day. :)
    Posted Jul 12, 2020
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  3. Hihi
    This sounds interesting to me - new NANO games are always pretty fun to try out and this one seems especially intriguing to me. I often get bored while playing Hardcore Parkour or Red Light Green Light and this sounds like it'd be an entertaining mix of the two. I went ahead and watched the video you're talking about, which didn't seem like a good NANO game at first sight, however with the additions you've suggested I think the general concept is about right.

    In terms of the map layout, I honestly don't think it should be restricted to a pyramid-mountain. Builders tend to be very creative in the way that they're able to change a map-setting in a way that would change up the gameplay but not necessarily make it worse (such as a two-layered Snake map, or a shortcut in Red Light Green Light). It would be a nice default map, but as long as players are competing in an obstacle course that's difficult to complete, it could be anything. For the actual game, I like the idea. I imagine it would be a combination of making jumps, trying to avoid that one broken stair ahead of you, and having random obstacles fly in your direction. On the other hand, there would have to be some algorithm to it for strategy (such as the falling blocks quick game, in which you don't run behind players to avoid the blocks).

    1. Arrows would be cool - I would assume they'd fly out of random directions as opposed to the same dispensers. I'd suggest increased knockback as well to make it harder to run through the arrows as if nothing happened. It might be better to give players some sort of armor that isn't particularly strong but allows people to complete the game without dying so easily.
    2. I like this a lot. I think it would be nice to make the maps that are more full of blocks (actual structure) than the video you referenced, but with narrow(er) sides as to have people being voided with arrows or other obstacles. But anyways, some variety with block deepness would be an interesting addition as sometimes when the stair crumbles you'd die, and other times you'd simply have a harder time keeping running.
    3. Always good for a game like this.
    4. Ehh, with a one minute duration this would make the game too difficult. The craters would be hard to climb over, etc.

    Things I'd suggest: parkour aspects of the map (jumping), perhaps some shortcuts, armor, map regen for people who have fallen behind. I like this game as less of damage-focused but more of parkour and knockback focused - so good armor I think, but not no damage at all to make people invincible. Considering you've suggested a one minute game, it'd have to be a pretty short and easy run to complete, meaning the biggest challenge people face is to keep running continuously without getting slowed down by an arrow or something.
    Posted Jul 12, 2020,
    Last edited Jul 12, 2020
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  4. Hey! I actually really like this idea. I like that it has more of a desert and Egyptian style, and differs from a lot of the other Nano Games. It has a nice concept, and a very unique one at that. I like the idea of climbing an object to reach the top and having to dodge obstacles to get to the top. It would probably be pretty faced paced, and I think the timeframe given would likely be enough. I think maybe the addition of fireballs is a bit too much, and would put a strain on players. It would definitely be harder to escape fireballs, and they would have a lasting effect, whereas if you get hit by an arrow, you’d still likely survive, although if you’re going for something where the arrows are an instant kill, then fireballs would definitely be too much. The only thing I see issue with is the overall concept of the pyramid. It might be hard to build something like that, and program all kinds of obstacles that you mentioned. It would likely take a lot of Development time as a result. It definitely would change things up though, and Nano Games could result use a new game. I think the game is pretty well based around parkour in a way, and that’s nice as there’s seemingly only really a few games based on parkour. Overall, the game could definitely work with a few modifications.
    Posted Jul 12, 2020
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  5. Thank you very much for the positive and beneficial feedback! I'm glad that this suggestion intrigues you and you believe it may be fun if implemented. Personally, I very much like your suggestions that you have provided me with. I agree that this game should focus mainly on knockback and I feel as if this game was to be processed as well as implemented, it should focus generally on knockback on not damage. Once more, thank you for the amazing feedback and I will make sure to use this to my benefit!

    Greetings! Thank you for the positive and beneficial feedback as well! I agree that this game could function properly with modifications. I'm entirely up to suggestions as yours as I would definitely like to expand my explanations regards to this specific nano game. I'll make sure to begin editing and fixing the thread to the best of my ability. Once more, thank you for the feedback.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 12, 2020
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  6. This game idea has been denied for the following reasons:
    • We unanimously agreed that it wouldn't be very interesting or fun to play
    • It would be either a set pattern that'd be easy to learn or it's random in which case you could end up just losing due to bad rng which isn't fun
    Not Planned >> Denied by Game Insights
    Posted Mar 30, 2021
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