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Processed Nano game /skip command

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Whisper The Wolf, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Great suggestion. I come to this problem myself when I play nano games.

    I agree with @whiteo his idea shows staff members the games that players don't enjoy so much to better develop the game.
    Posted Jul 21, 2019
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  2. I think that the server should focus on updating its gamemodes in order to keep the gameplay fun and always up to date. If they add something that brings players to skip games more and more frequently the number of gamemodes would probably need to be reduced again, causing more people to leave. -1
    Posted Aug 4, 2019
  3. Sorry for taking forever to get a response to this idea! You'll be glad to hear that Game Insights agree with the addition of a Nano Games /nbg style command.

    People dislike some games, so it seems reasonable to add an option to go to a different lobby to avoid it. This won't impact on other people since Nano Games can still run with only 6 or so players, so it's not as if it would realistically kill a lobby if many people used this command at once. And anyway, if a game is so unpopular that this command would end up with the lobby losing all its players as soon as it turns up, then that would be ample evidence to suggest removing or altering that game to make it more enjoyable. With that in mind, Game Insights couldn't think of any downsides to the idea, as it only affects you and won't actually skip the game for everyone else in the lobby (as many people in this thread wrongly thought it would).

    Processed - Approved by GI
    Posted May 14, 2020
  4. I feel like /skip would be a great addition. I hate some games like Mario Cart and Hardcore Parkore, and would love to be able to skip those games.
    Posted May 14, 2020
  5. Heyo!

    I don't play much Nano Games, but when I do, I do come across games that I don't enjoy. Something like this would be amazing, and I can't wait to see if it ever gets added. Thanks for the idea. Have a great week! :)
    Posted May 14, 2020
  6. Hey!

    I’m a huge fan of Nano Games and to me, this seems like a wonderful idea. There have many times (and I mean many) where I have left the lobby, just because of the game. With this new addition, I definitely feel that both me, and other players would definitely enjoy this! Overall, this is a great idea and I cant wait for it to be implemented!
    Posted May 14, 2020
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  7. Hi!
    I recently just started playing Nano Games, and I think they are plenty of fun. However, there are some games I don't enjoy. It would be nice if there was a skip command so we can move onto the next game!

    Great idea!
    Posted May 14, 2020
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