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My thoughts on Cake Wars as a whole

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by SnoopyGames, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Overall I think Cake Wars is a super fun game. I play it almost every day and I still enjoy it but I do think there are some things that need to be changed.

    The first thing is arrow prices need to go back to 12 bricks. My reasoning for this is because after the last update where it was lower people have started to bow spam a lot more making the game more annoying and less entertaining to play. It also helps the bow kit which I think is a bit too overpowered.

    Second, I think healing station should cost less nether stars. The first reason is barley anyone gets it until they have every other upgrade, plus the first tier is just a small 5 block ring of regen right around your cake with regeneration one which barley helps in most situations. I would say 8 stars are too expensive for a pretty mediocre upgrade while haste and protection are cheaper and sharpness is the same amount. Personally I think 4 stars for the first tier and 8 for the second would be a more fair price.


    I think the archer kit was to buffed in the last update. First off keeping your bow after death is a bit OP. As I said earlier lowering the price of arrows just makes bow kit even more OP as you can get even more arrows. Personally I think balancing the frosting kit was a good idea but I did not think that archer needed a buff at all as it a not an achievement kit and is able to break wool blocks.

    I think warrior is one of the most underpowered and useless kits. The only benefit of the kit is giving your three hearts after killing a player which can be useful sometimes in 2 v 1 situations where you are able to get both players low but besides that, the kit has no real effect. I think the kit should receive an iron sword to start to begin the game with. It would make the kit a lot better and more useable in a real game.


    Personally I think the border moves a bit too quickly for some maps. As soon as cake rot happens some maps are so close to the edge you lose access to the shop within seconds so if you just died before cake rot and had to buy things it becomes impossible. I think the old border speed was fine but I think the border should stay the same or move in closer to the middle island.

    These are a couple of my ideas please let me know what you think in the comments!
    Posted Jun 22, 2020
  2. Hello!

    I feel that the arrow pricing should be increased for what you said about the bow-spamming, which I noticed has increased prior to the price nerf. Regarding the Warrior kit, I feel that there should be another perk such as two seconds of Strength 1 as well as the heart increase when the kill occurs.

    With the boarder, I feel that it should be fast-paced because the game has already been happening for twenty minutes so it seems that the game is trying to end and begin the next.

    Good post!
    Posted Jun 22, 2020
  3. The healing station is definitely a late game upgrade to buy, and seeing it used more often as a strategy would be very interesting. However, I don't really know how to feel about that. I think we can all agree that we have some teammates that don't really know what they're doing, and I think this would be an incentive to spend their stars on more useless things. I can't say for sure what goes through their head, but I think it's along the lines of "Oh, I have 4 stars, and the only thing that I can buy is prot/haste, so why not?". I think the same would go for healing station.

    You have some good points, but from an archer's perspective (and one that you all probably hate), I never buy arrows. It's the most useless thing to actually spend your bricks on arrows when you could be getting armor. The thing is, you're assuming people buy more arrows. They could be, but me nor anyone else i know that plays archer kit buys arrows. I only need 1 arrow to bow someone off, and I get that pretty often. Still, I don't see why they ever lowered the price. I don't see a negative or a positive to increasing it. I'd be just fine if they increased the price back to 12, considering that players mostly buy bows late game when they have lots of bricks. Another thing, about the breaking wool blocks, I feel as if that can be removed. It's really nothing but annoying, and although it's a nifty feature It's not all that helpful. I think they could change some things about the kit, but there are always counters.

    On warrior kit, I definitely agree that it needs a buff. I also have mained that kit a lot, and it's really fun to wipe teams with. If I'm being honest I never thought it would need a buff ever, but with so many people wanting a buff for it I'll just join in. The thing is, warrior is skill based. It doesn't matter how much health you get on kill, if you're bad, you're never going to get use out of it. I think I'm going to make a forum post suggesting some changes on it that i personally think would be great.

    For some maps the border does definitely close in fast, and I agree that it gets really annoying when you need like 1 or 2 extra items. I think the border needs to be slightly pushed back on certain maps, because on some the border spawns right behind the shops. Sometimes the game is fun when this happens though, because if you're stacked and the other team isn't, it's basically a guaranteed win.
    Posted Jun 23, 2020
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  4. Hey!

    It is interesting reading your points, but I have mixed opinions on the changes. For the shop arrow price changes, I don't think it is necessary to raise the price of arrows. The meta is in a good place right now and it gives archery a place in pvp. Instead of just sword combat archery comes into the picture and changes the playing field. It forces people to be more careful when they want to rush and it slows the very fast-paced minigame. I wouldn't say it is "overpowered" because when at close range it becomes very inefficient. Even now people forget to buy arrows and some people just don't really like using a bow.

    I think that it's fair to keep your bow after death, it doesn't completely set people back. After death with builder and frosting, you still regenerate the kit's tools, these being blocks/plats and snowballs respectively. You regen arrows with archer and you should not have to wait for 12 bricks just to buy another bow. It's more balanced now and gives archer a position in the meta. Its a bit more annoying to deal with but you can easily and effectively counter it. As for the wool breaking, it only breaks one block for arrow and most people don't want to waste an arrow on one single block. I don't think this is necessary to mess with.

    I agree with buffing warrior. It is not as used as it should be in the current meta. I'm not sure how exactly it would change the meta or what playstyles would be the most effective, but on paper, it seems like a good idea. I would like to give this a chance if it's6 given proper and could be implemented correctly. I still think it could be overpowered in certain situations because you can rush very quickly and not have to wait for the five bricks to get an iron sword. You can rush much quicker and it will speed up the early game.

    With gameplay, I do semi agree with this. I think it should be slowed down a little bit, but not to how it was before. It used to be far too slow and only managed to extend the time of the game. It let players stack up way too much and by the time the zone came most people had full diamond armor. (At least in my experience)
    Posted Jun 23, 2020
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  5. Hello!

    I think that the idea of reducing the price of the healing station is great but cutting it in half isn't. It would be very interesting and cool if people used healing station as a new meta and strat but some people don't always know what they are doing or mistakenly press the wrong button and buying healing station over prot right now isn't great and would definitely bring in tension.

    The reduction of arrow prices was definitely needed in my opinion. Anyone using archer kit is most likely not to buy arrows as they already generate them and I don't know anyone who would buy arrows before late game unless they get a good bow from the islands. Arrows were practically useless unless you got them from the archer kit. The breaking of wool from archer should also stay as it is because it does almost no damage. cake defenses are mostly always endstone so arrows to break open cake defenses are impossible unless they have wool in which the team should expect such a situation. If you are placing down wool you most likely have spare wool and placing down another block wouldn't do anyone harm or buying wool which is only 3 bricks.

    Warrior kit should definitely get buffed but adding an iron sword would make it as you are describing archer kit right now and would make the early game super easy.

    The borders on some map are definitely annoying but buying in some last-minute items should be on you and is part of the game as slow borders definitely dragged out a game where there are 4v1s and people are just camping in trees or on high ground which is extremely annoying.

    Good post!
    Posted Jun 23, 2020

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